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Apr 20, 2009
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    1. DevilFin13
      The thread is closed. So it won't let me edit my post.
    2. finsincebirth
      I'm in. How does one win?
    3. finsincebirth
      Never have, but I would be interested.
    4. MonstBlitz
      Hey Machiavelli, got your message. I don't think I can do it this year. I had fun, but it's too big a time commitment.
    5. Desides
      If I'm Moriarty, you're Watson. Or Lestrade.

      Also I have no idea how this new job is going to impact my available hours.
    6. Desides
      You are determined, aren't you?
    7. SICK
      thanks buddy
    8. GridIronKing34
      What's your AIM handle? I forget... I'll stay on AIM most of the night and try to discuss the gameplan.
    9. GridIronKing34
      Usually what we did in the past was go strictly off of base salaries. So for example, Manning is due a $28M bonus in March but his base salary in 2012 (just throwing out a number) would be like $8M or something... so his salary would be $8M. From there I would go to NFL.com's team rosters and just add the players that weren't listed (whether as FA or under contract). After that I would look at the free agency list (usually I used theredzone.org but I am not sure if they are up to date) and take off any players that weren't suppose to be on there. And lastly the players that didn't have contracts, I would basically give them a $405K or $480K salary unless it was a big name... then I would try to do a little research and see what they would likely make based on the general contract they signed and what year they were in it. It's a rather lengthy process lol.
    10. GridIronKing34
      The ad agency liked it. I was essentially a middle man... working on a project for a client they hired lol.
    11. GridIronKing34
      My schedule has opened up a little bit now so I'll get some guidelines written up today and we'll split the teams 50/50.
    12. GridIronKing34
      Yeah I haven't even looked too much into it. I am gonna try to get a big video project I am working out finalized this week and then I'll likely spend the weekend compiling rosters. I'll get my plan of attack ready this weekend and I'll try to fine some people to help compile rosters because while I can do all the work myself, I prefer not lol.
    13. alen1
      Hard to tell on the video but that's what it looks like.
    14. sking29
      I responded on SR. Very sneaky sis.
    15. sking29
      Yeah your PM box is full. May want to clear that out so I can respond. :tooth:
    16. GridIronKing34
      Hahaha oh my... I hope no one recognizes I still like to play the old Pokemon Gameboy games occasionally lol. It's something I wanted to take into consideration. If we do use it, I'll add up all the salaries and find an average then make a decision on the salary cap factoring in the draft and free agency.
    17. finsincebirth
      Have you formed this league yet? Also did you like "let's kill hitler"?
    18. DevilFin13
      Yeah I'm in. I prefer Yahoo. But it doesn't really matter.
    19. DevilFin13
      Yeah I play.
    20. finsincebirth
    21. finsincebirth
      Hey, that forum still exist?
    22. DevilFin13
      Just if you see anything in a post you want to comment on.

      I'm having a hard time getting a grasp on Perry. He has the credentials, very conservative and has held executive positions. Romney can claim that too, though not as conservative. So to me its a toss up between those two. Bachmann seems too crazy and doesn't have much experience. I think you're right about the states they will carry. Maybe we will see something like what happened with Obama and Hillary where its not decided until later in the primaries.
    23. DevilFin13
      Yeah I can do that. And I'd love to get your feedback.
    24. GridIronKing34
      Thanks dude, much appreciated. I have the site on my bookmarked list.
    25. DevilFin13
      I changed the address to fit the title of the blog. Before I had it as daveverse.blogspot.com (for some reason). I changed it to davesverse.blogspot.com (added the s) since the title is actually Dave's Verse.
    26. alen1
      Haha it was a lucky guess but thanks man.
    27. DevilFin13
      Figures. Once I say he sucks he starts playing great. His OBP is higher than Heyward's. Come to think of it, Heyward and the rest of the team sucks.
    28. Vendigo
      My God, I actually am. No AIM tho.
    29. sking29
      No man not me.
    30. sking29
    31. sking29
      Well technically due to strength of victory the Broncos have to lose out so really I should only be rooting for Pitt. :D

      Also even though TENN beat Miami after searching through all the tiebreakers they have no chance unless they are one of two 9-7 teams left. All the tiebreakers screw them over due to a 4-7 conference record. So they need 7 of the 8 teams left besides them to lose at least one game and that is impossible considering that Miami, Houston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Jacksonville all play games in situations that guarantees that at least two of the teams ahead of Tennessee should finish 2-0. Poor Tennessee. :lol:
    32. Topdawg13
      What's up Mach....... :D
    33. alen1
      Dunno. Dunno if I'll be on tonight.
    34. alen1
      Not sure why. I'll be getting on in about a half hour. I've got to go do something and then I'll get on bro.
    35. alen1
      I wasn't on AIM?
    36. sking29
      You're never too poor for fire. :lol:

      And hold on a sec....
    37. sking29
      Turn on the heat?
    38. sking29
      Well I did say I might be online lol. Anyway what happened is that I didn't know for sure if some of my old high school friends who are back in town for Thanksgiving were going to keep our plans or not...turns out they did. So that's why I wasn't around.
    39. sking29
      okay I should be on later tonight.
    40. sking29
      Well I wasn't going to mention your name but I won't do it anyway.

      Like I said it'll be fine.
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