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Apr 20, 2009
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    1. 305
      1. your inbox is full. 2. Where the **** is schisno. Trying to get a trade done
    2. GridIronKing34
      Because **** you, that's why.
    3. BuckeyeKing
      Clear PM box
    4. sking29
      Had that badge for years but none of the perks since like 2009. You are a mod have it removed.
    5. Big E
      Big E
      Dude I'm pretty excited about my team. I think I put together a solid playoff team what do you think?
    6. Big E
      Big E
      So...is Jammer mine?
    7. Big E
      Big E
      lol Im not just gonna give them to you
    8. Big E
      Big E
      My inbox is clear. All I have is two late 7s.
    9. Big E
      Big E
      why the crap are you up?
    10. ToddPhin
      oh ok. Phew. THought I was gonna have to reach out and e-***** slap you for a moment. lol
    11. ToddPhin
      You & your friends think Hartline is worth 5-6 million/year?
    12. ToddPhin
      yes, I want San Fran #1 even more so than Miami, and considering there's only 1 non-Miami lottery GM with SF listed in his top 5 (305 has them 2nd) there's no reason I shouldn't get them just b/c another GM has a top 3 that are all listed #1 by 4 GMs (including Boik getting Seattle if he misses out on Mia). Not to mention UCF has a taken team at #4. If you don't have a certain team listed #1 then you simply shouldn't be given them ahead of someone who DOES have them #1. There's no logic to it.
    13. ToddPhin
      Mach, how was my interest in all the popular teams? I picked 3 that no one had as their top choice ya yutz. Keep San Fran as my top choice. I don't want to take Miami away from someone who has their heart set on them.
    14. ToddPhin
      TBH, if chances of getting San Fran are close to zilch then put me in the lotto. I don't want Miami first but I'd rather them than my 3rd or 4th choice. After that, you could put 10 teams in a hat and they'd all be about the same to me, which is why I don't understand the emphasis on a GM getting a team that's 1 or 2 spots higher on his list at the expense of others not landing their top choice. I'd understand not getting San Fran if multiple people had them #1, but it's quite frustrating to go from an uncontested top choice to a team that wouldn't matter to me if you picked them at random.
    15. ToddPhin
      That's fine. Either way I would've been one of the five not getting a top 3 considering my original top 3 was Miami, San Fran, Cincy. (and the only reason I had StLouis 5th behind Detroit was b/c I thought too many people would want them). I think it's kinda sh***y that I was the 4th person to sign up, have a top choice that no one else listed #1, redid my list to help you out by excluding the most popular teams, but will get stuck with a team that originally was either my #4 or wasn't in my top 5 to begin with despite settling for the rival Bills last year. Just give me whomever is left over again and I'll GM them, Mach. If me not getting my uncontested top choice is so that another GM can get their 3rd rather than 5th when in fact that GM could actually care less about it, I'll be quite annoyed about it.
    16. ToddPhin
      Here's my new top 5:
      Cincy, Seattle, San Fran, St Louis, Indy
    17. ToddPhin
      Does it really matter at this point? :lol: It's almost like we should be listing teams we don't want so that we have a better shot at getting them. :p I'm apparently not getting my uncontested 1st choice b/c UCF's top 5 throws a monkey wrench into everything, so I guess just give me my original 4th/5th choice Detroit.
    18. Big E
      Big E
      Yeh it did. the recovery has been slow, but its going well, all Ive wanted to do is sleep. Big Boob..Es?
    19. Laces Out
      Laces Out
      its all good man.....i was dead to the world at that point. thanks for making the pick for me as I need some TE depth
    20. Bdogtitan11
      Nah, I could use a TE and he was a 5-6 rd projection, so I'll take it lol
    21. Bdogtitan11
      Sorry, usually I get a pop-up when someone leaves me a message. Didn't know I had the compensatory pick. My apologies.
    22. Bdogtitan11
      Thanks a lot. I was skeptical how the pick would be perceived, so I appreciate that. Loved him in college, would easily be a second rounder if he didn't get hurt. And ACL's are usually 100 healed within a year or so nowadays.
    23. Bdogtitan11
      Pick is in. Sorry, was working on my draft pick recap.
    24. alen1
    25. alen1
    26. ToddsPhins
      I appreciate your sincerity my friend. It wouldn't bother me if I knew it was genuine in nature b/c I'm by far a sore sport.
    27. wookie
    28. ether79
      I did, thanks for the offer bud, but i dont think I can committ to that.
    29. ToddsPhins
      Anyone have Houston yet?
    30. Silverphin
      I'm trying to see if I'll have time, but I am thinking it over.
    31. Silverphin
      I might have accidently deleted it. What was it about?
    32. ToddsPhins
      don't their claws shred em to pieces?
    33. ToddsPhins
      I didn't know you had a pedo image. :lol:
    34. ToddsPhins
      Hey doctor dolittleboys..... are the Cardinals spoken for? I'd like to have them.... followed by the Lions.... and then the Raiders. :shifty:
    35. ToddsPhins
      you mean the one that's in your signature? Yeah, can you send it to me please. thanks.
    36. Fin-Omenal
      Yes sir, I shall be there.
    37. ToddsPhins
      You should get in line sooner next time. :wink2:
    38. DevilFin13
      Nope, never played. I think I get the basic idea. I'll probably be able to pick up on the specifics as it goes.
    39. DevilFin13
      Yeah that's fine
    40. DevilFin13
      Cool. Thanks.
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