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Discussion in 'Out of Bounds' started by The_Dark_Knight, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. The_Dark_Knight

    The_Dark_Knight Defender of the Truth

    Nov 24, 2007
    Melbourne, FL
    A shroud of darkness has fallen; a venomous infection…a pandemic of pestilence as bitter as the biblical poisoned waters of the Nile, a plague that has resulted in the downfall of thephins.com. This plague is disguised in the form of a single poster, an arch nemesis of civility who through megalomania and self absorption has committed the greatest of atrocities…the destruction of this once great site.

    You know who you are!

    His appetite for destruction knows no bounds. Thephins.com isn’t enough to satiate his appetite for destruction. His seeds of discourse and carnage have spread to other websites as well.

    To combat this infection, I do only what one can do. I shun him not in my words, but with my silence. My silence however is singular. It will take the silence of all to shun him….to drive him into the wilderness, returning him into the darkness and purge this pestilence.

    Night has fallen and only once dawn comes will the Dark Knight rise again…
  2. KeyFin

    KeyFin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 1, 2009
    I genuinely enjoyed that, but I believe "He Who Shalt Not Be Named!" was removed by the moderators. They're not allowed to talk about that due to privacy laws and all, but I did see Boik mention in another thread that we won't be dealing with that stuff anymore. I call it a Christmas miracle myself...all praise the great and mighty moderators for delivering us from temptation!
  3. Galant

    Galant Well-Known Member

    Apr 22, 2014
    I get the sentiment but I don't think this is the right approach nor that any one poster can ruin the forum.

    To my knowledge it's the forum policy that personal attacks and the like are not permitted. As such, complaints should be directed to forum admins/mods who can review and handle any issues.

    If someone is spamming posts (sincerely or not), again, it's a matter for the mods and users can help direct their attention to potential offenders.

    I don't think it creates a great environment on the forum when users start aiming posts at one another. If anything is going to be destructive of the forum it will be probably be personal, aggressive posts and threads.

    Ignoring someone, and/or PMing the mods seem the best way to handle bad or poor quality content. Attacking/insulting one another definitely isn't.

    Again, I understand the sentiment and have shared it. There's probably a sarcastic tone to some of my posts on here, so I'm not excusing myself from this, but, objectively speaking, if this sort of thing is or becomes an issue I think we might need to improve the way we handle it.

    Just my two cents.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
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  4. aesop

    aesop Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2008
    Won't see him no more.
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  5. Phins_to_Win

    Phins_to_Win Active Member

    Nov 16, 2013
    I think he is just young, and he let the negativity and bad season drag him down a bit. I had a couple good back and forth posts with him before he took that turn. I wish he could have taken a step back and re-adjusted his approach. I honestly think he could have been a good contributor to the site.

    However, I don't condone his(or anyone's for that matter) personal attacks on other posters. No matter how heated the conversation gets, its still a game.
  6. bigballa2102

    bigballa2102 Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2013
    So CAL
    I have no idea, what or whom happened :( im out of the loop.

    I agree people should just realize everyone on here has opinions and everyone has their opinion based of what stats they look at, its really not personal.

    The way I look at it is the internet has made a bunch of tough guys who in the spirit of a table conversation wouldn't say nor do half the same things.

    opinions are welcomed but no ones opinion is better than another's in the grand scheme of things everyone wants the same thing. Dan marino to find the fountain of youth, a dolphin superbowl....oh ya and the pats to lose every game.
  7. mor911

    mor911 pooping

    Nov 25, 2007
    Austin, TX
    You I also dont know what I've missed, but there seems to be madness in the air.
  8. ToddPhin

    ToddPhin RIP Phinsational Club Member

    Jul 6, 2012
    Wait, what'd I miss?
  9. KeyFin

    KeyFin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 1, 2009
    A couple belligerent posters were banned- one for attacking others, the second for defending the first guy (while also attacking others and telling the mods to F off). Some think the first guy was the second guy...or maybe they were real life friends or something. Sadly, we'll never know how that love affair ends.
  10. ToddPhin

    ToddPhin RIP Phinsational Club Member

    Jul 6, 2012
    ??? --> https://www.thephins.com/threads/ricky-here-is-my-issue-with-posters-here.92359/
  11. KeyFin

    KeyFin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 1, 2009

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