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Jun 25, 2016
Dec 7, 2007
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For My Hero JetsSuck

unluckyluciano was last seen:
Jun 25, 2016
    1. SICK
      he randomly posted : "wtf is this?"

      and i responded basically calling him a moron. both posts were deleted.
    2. Fin D
      Fin D
      if the link isn't showing up, hover over the area after the colon, it should be a link even if its blank
    3. Fin D
    4. jetssuck
      "reminds me of the cops episode where the dudes talking to the cop telling him he doesn't have any mary jane with a blunt behind his ear......."

      lol....I saw that episode, hilarious, I was in tears
    5. jetssuck
      Doing pretty good actually........ they put me on this new "magic cancer pill" and altho it doesn't work for everyone, it's been working for me and keeping things in check. Getting stronger everyday......... but also older, dammit. lol.........I just turned 50, hard to believe

      Hope you and your family are doing well
    6. jetssuck
      I miss you, SeƱor
    7. jetssuck
      oops........ cleared some room, try it again bro
    8. H.Moody
      Hey Bro, PHINATIC13 here from the 4caulksmen and FH.I need your help.I can't get signed in at FH.I've tried to request new password and such with no luck.I don't know if you're still "friends" with Jeff,but can you either give me his e-mail addy or let him know PHINATIC13 can't sign in at Finheaven. thanks man,I'll understand if your not able to do this me.I've even tried to register a new name with no luck as well.

      take care, Bill
    9. Phinperor
      I wanna B my L all over someones T's...
    10. PrepDogg
      I still hate you
    11. King Felix
      King Felix
      haha thanks bro. I know not very many people want to read a novel in the lounge
    12. King Felix
      King Felix
      nah i did it on purpose. to try and inspire others. i'm afraid no1 will read it lol
    13. King Felix
      King Felix
      bro i posted my story......agggggggggggh
    14. The_Dark_Knight
      Been doing ok. Riding in the Biker for Tots parade tomorrow in Las Cruces. Rode in the one in El Paso 2 weeks ago. You are in El Paso aren't you? For some reason, it seems to me that you are.

      Also getting ready to head to NC at the end of the month for an 8 week training course before heading back to Afghanistan again. At least I'll have a week off for Christmas so I can come back home and spend Christmas with the family.
    15. The_Dark_Knight
      Noticed you thanking me on my footballs posts. Funny how two people can disagree so much politically and yet agree on football, huh? :tongue2:
    16. Kanye West
      Kanye West
      Search Steve Derenberger
    17. Kanye West
    18. SICK
      im still nice to people :lol: We need to hang sometime! come to charlotte (its that easy right?) and ill buy the booze! and little ceasers
    19. SICK
      how are you bro? still livin the good life, eatin little ceaser 5$ pizza and watching movies? sometimes i wish i was single and able to just chill :lol:
    20. Fin D
      Fin D
      did you get my pm or did you not want to respond...stoopid
    21. SICK
      families good bro. iam slowly but surely moving out of the debt **** hole. i paid extra 400 bucks a month the last 10 months to rehab a defaulted student loan.....its back in good status, off my credit, i can get my tax return, and my wages are done being garnished so iam very very less stressed haha.

      still losing weight, went from 293 last april to my current 245. im so happy. and still losing.....how are you man?? hows the job?
    22. SICK
      hey buddy how are ya? havent conversed with you in awhile. been doing good?
    23. Phinatic425
      Okc is nasty! Westbrook, Harden, Durant...I wanna like em more but it is hard when they are wearin orange and blue.
    24. Phinatic425
      Yeah, Im from Seattle...I'm hoping they bring down the Hornets or something, I've heard a few rumors about that but I also have the Spurs.
    25. Phinatic425
      Are you from seattle?
    26. Phinatic425
      I like your sig...GO SONICS!!!
    27. PrepDogg
      Suck it.....that is all
    28. King Felix
      King Felix
      lol i paid you with the thank you button....."thanks" whore
    29. King Felix
      King Felix
      ay ***** go look at my math question thread
    30. Big E
      Big E
      lol...I hate you
    31. Big E
      Big E
      You're a fine man for a woman.
    32. SICK
      sounds like my thursdays........double if its christmas eve!!!!
    33. SICK
      he broke his leg at daycare. a bunch of BS....his cast comes off in 2 weeks tho thank god. been 3 weeks already. so hopefully it flies by. vacation is awesome haha. gettin paid to sit around all day. i love it
    34. SICK
      eh.....im on vacation, but its cold, son has a broken leg...and theres no money to do anything haha. so alot of mickey and christmas specials we recorded :lol: you?
    35. SICK
    36. Big E
      Big E
      Been ok B, how about you? Just getting ready for the holidays.
    37. DeDolfan
      You're Welcome !!!
    38. Fin D
      Fin D
      Awwwwwwwwwww.......how cute....you missed me.
      I've been working my *** off. Which is a shame, i had a great ***.
    39. Jeffrey
      Anytime! You seem like a chill person.
    40. GISH
      use this for your sig.

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    thanks to VO for the sick *** sigs.
    Charlie: If you're not as educated or as informed what you do is you start your own party and you yell the loudest.