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Aug 3, 2022
Nov 29, 2007
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Charlotte NC
financial specialist

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Lounge Moderator, from Charlotte NC

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Aug 3, 2022
    1. Puka-head
      Any interest in trading down to 1.10 or 2.1?
    2. ToddPhin
      You're up pappy.
    3. Boik14
      Hey did you get my PM's. Your inbox may be full but I accepted your offer.
    4. Big E
    5. finsincebirth
      Your inbox if full. Check your facebook.
    6. Mach
      your pick!
    7. Mach
    8. Thunderbolt89
      Hope you had an awesome Christmas. That sounds exciting moving to Orlando, hope you have a successful move.
    9. Thunderbolt89
      Happy Holidays Sick, hey I haven't been able to hear in awhile but are you still doing the radio show?
    10. jetssuck
      Got on some new high tech medication and have responded well so far.........thanks for asking bro, have missed you too Chris. Hope you and your family are doing well
    11. jetssuck
      Doin better......... been in the hospital. Have cancer dammit.......... arm is kinda messed up and feeling crappy mostly
    12. Kanye West
    13. Killerphins
      Thanks for asking Chris....I'm miserably well as always bro...... I hope all is good with yourself and the family.
      I REALLY miss your radio show!
    14. King Felix
    15. Phinperor
      If a chick ever told me to f***k her like she's Al-Qaeda!...I'd tell her that I'm declaring Jihad on her pussaaayyyy.
    16. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      there you go again...
      you may assume anything you send will immediately go unread & be deleted
    17. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      unread & deleted
    18. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      sent a message?
      sorry, can't read it
    19. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      Fellow Member Sick:
      obviously, you don't & may I suggest you do exactly that... use the ignore button

      your personal attacks are not amusing. they are uncalled for, reprehensible, cowardly & violate the rules of posting
      in my experience I've found, most personal attacks are symptomatic of personal problems
      I commiserate with everyone who is going through difficult times
      the economy is troublesome, people have family & marriage problems, health & anger issues... whatever
      an assortment of miseries can befall anyone of us @ any time. I hope you work through your obvious problems to a good end
      however, I think you should grow up. ask yourself:
      what kind of people take unwarranted cheap shots hiding behind the anonymity of the internet?
      your posting does not bode well as a positive indicator of your character or state of mind
      what comes around goes around, you are creating unpleasantness that generates unpleasantness where there was none
    20. jetssuck
      lol........hey I'm ok

      Life just got kinda busy on me, I'll be back in action soon.

      Talk to ya in the radio show chat later bro
    21. Kanye West
    22. unluckyluciano
      Yup still love me some little cesars and buffalo wings. Eh at least you have someone whose happy to see you no matter what you do haha, right now I actually have to be nice to people if I want them to hang around.
    23. Celtkin
      I am doing well, Chris; just busy trying to finish this degree. How have you been?
    24. djphinfan
      what up Sick, I think the dolphins are a good bet, to know that you are gonna see a great effort before the game start's is unusual..if we lose, then we'll still know where we need to go as a team..I think its a very telling game from a lot of different angles, {ronnie/contract, Henne vrs elite defense, how physical are we?}

      I think were catching them at an oppurtune time...cant wait to see where we stack up and if the past two showings at home were just a young team not knowing how to focus at home.
    25. dolfan7171
      Hey good to hear from ya!!
    26. Boik14
      Well then, seek help :)
    27. Boik14
      You don't blame being irish for having a bad temper, you blame being Irish if your an alcoholic.
    28. Boik14
      Thanks for the nice words bro. You're never a problem like that...I guess like everyone else when people push your buttons you get a bit wound up. In the end though I like having you around buddy.
    29. ATVZ400
      right guard... maybe in a couple of year Boomer and the boys can scout him lol lol
    30. ATVZ400
      He is going to Wilkes University in PA he is also playing football for them
    31. ATVZ400
      im good thanks some changes at work plus my son going away to college have kept me busy
    32. ATVZ400
      stopping by to say hello
    33. RickyBobby
      Wednesday sept 22 is set. so start pluggin
    34. RickyBobby
      hey Im not trying to rush you at all, just wanted to let you know he said yes he will do it. He wants me to set it up and them call him before it happens. So we need to find out what date and time will be best for the both of you. Im glad he is going to do this, its gonna be cool. **** just in the past few months you have had D.Gardener and now Vanilla Ice. Thats awesome bro, Im glad I could help
    35. RickyBobby
      Hey just got the reply and its all good get in touch with me when u r free so we can set something up 5617230058
    36. TiP54
      I saw you got an Iphone.
      Angry Birds.
      Best 99 cents ive ever spent, thats all im saying.
    37. sking29
      I was going to ask in the thread but didn't want to sound like an idiot since I haven't read the whole thing but are you guys going to continue the Madden league with Madden 10 or upgrade to Madden 11?

      I'm pretty sure you are the commish so I hope I'm asking the right guy. :D
    38. alen1
      Oh true. I got you.
    39. opfinistic
      Pic or it ain't true.
    40. opfinistic
      you complete me
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