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Jul 14, 2024 at 4:10 AM
Nov 30, 2007
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The true blue beautiful Beaver State
gentleman of leisure...

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Inglourious Basterd, from The true blue beautiful Beaver State

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Jul 14, 2024 at 4:10 AM
    1. ToddPhin
      :sad: about Atkins. Didn't realize he was already that old.
    2. Boik14
      Sorry bud, that thread turned in to a homophobe and religious zealots disaster.
    3. RevRick
      Hi, Mr. C. I have been reading about that conflict since I was a child. My Dad and four uncles went off to that war, three came back. I have been playing an operational level WWII in the Pacific Game since 1994 (actually since 1978 in the paper and chip version) and just have grown in knowledge about that conflict. But, I am just a hobbiest. The real folks have resources which could tell you which production run that aircraft came from and which squadrons it was assigned to, etc., etc.
    4. RevRick
      The two most basic difference is that the F4F is a midwing fuselage design while the F6F is a low wing design, and the landing gear from the F4F descend from the lower front portion of the fuselage just abaft of the engine, while the F6F landing gear is mounted in the wings. Others, the three scoops under the nose of the engine cooling air intake, a difference in the engine cowling itself, longer 'hood' between front engine cowling and cockpit on the F6F, a different angle between the two, different fairing abaft the cockpit and the rear fuselage. When all else fails, look at the gun location in the forward edge of the wing. F4F-3 had two guns in each wing closely spaced, F4F-4 had six, but the outboard gun was much further out on each wing than the inboard pair, while the F6F had three on each wing closely spaced together (looks very much like the gun spacing on the P-51D)
      1. MrClean likes this.
    5. ToddPhin
      clear out your inbox, pappy.
    6. RoninFin4
      Sorry, it's cleaned out now.
    7. ToddPhin
      thanks pappy. Thought you'd get a kick out of it. :)
    8. rdhstlr23
      Good to hear from you dude. I've just been busy. I moved to Chicago & got a little serious with a girl. Enjoying the off-season and have gotten excited again. I've been trolling through and doing more reading than posting. You guys post too much good stuff now. Plus, I'm pretty happy with things - Dolphins wise & life wise. I saw ToddPhins came back under a different name. Good to see him back. We had some great arguments/discussions. Looks like the forum has grown quite a bit. Great to see. I'll keep up, throw some fist bumps around, and re-up the VIP.
    9. sports24/7
      I've looked a bit before. Believe he's from Texas and I don't have any family I know of in Texas. I wouldn't really want him at 12, but if we moved down I could live with it.
    10. sports24/7
      Haha, a couple people have asked me that. Not that I know of. I like him a lot as a player though and if the Dolphins draft him I will no doubt get his jersey. Still hoping to find out that we are related somehow though.
    11. djphinfan
      Thank you my friend..saw some awkward things with him, thought he was someone else for a second..hope all is well in your life brother.
    12. ToddPhin
    13. Ohio Fanatic
      Ohio Fanatic
      yep, I debated on just keeping Simona avatar for consistency, but that's what happens when you play with your avatar after drinking. same way I ended up with Simona as my avatar
    14. Ozzy
      Thanks I'll definitley check it out bro
    15. Pandarilla
      She's a Bollywood actress. You can kind of tell the difference between latin and Indian by the nose, fyi...I don't know the name (Chandra something?). I'll post it by the pic when I find it...good vibes, huh?
    16. MrClean
      Thanks for sharing that vitalize. When we have a certain poster here telling us he knows more about playing OL than a guy like Keith Sims, it's the height of delusional arrogance.
    17. vitalize
      From high school football on up to the NFL, offensive linemen are taught that if their assignment gets his hands up, they have to hammer him in the stomach or diaphragm, just below the pads, dropping his hands.
      The weapon of choice is the palm heel strike - called a ‘shotei’ in the Japanese fighting arts - and it’s identical to the technique used in football, including the NFL. I’m a smaller guy, and I used it to easily break four inches of pine at a time - the 300+ lb behemoths can do a lot of damage with it, very fast.
    18. vitalize
    19. ToddsPhins
    20. alen1
      Apologies mate. All clear now.
    21. NaboCane
      Sorry Marvin, I'm afraid the dark grey background/white letters is the only graphics format at fh.
    22. ToddsPhins
    23. ToddsPhins
      Nope, no warning. just removed. It's all good; at least a few people had time to get a laugh over it. lol.
    24. ToddsPhins
      lol. I saw the pics. B/c midgets are half the size or real people, does your pic count as a 2some, not of a 3some? :lol:
      Regarding my "post", I would've made the same response to anyone beginning a post with "I was a cheerleader the past 2 years" b/c it's the perfect opportunity for an out of context remark, and it probably would've been fine. However, since it was a response to a person who's....... rhymes with hay, and because I posted a picture of a guy in a cheerleader outfit, it all of a sudden becomes a hate crime (lol), when in fact I could care less about his..... rhymes with alienation.
    25. ToddsPhins
      I'm in NC but I'd prefer to watch tennis than a Panther game, so TBH I'm more inclined to trust your opinion of Moore.
      PS: do you know you have a beetle living on your head.
    26. Vendigo
      If you clear up some PM space, I can answer to that little military discussion of ours.
    27. GridIronKing34
      On your location on your info, it says "Chad Henne'a" when I believe you mean to say "Chad Henne's"... just thought I'd let you know.
    28. ToddsPhins
      thanks for the display of protest my friend. My profile ban was lifted but unfortunately my IP address is still banned so I can only post from my phone...... which means I won't be posting very often.
    29. ToddsPhins
      hey pops. Clean out your inbox ya lazy bum.
    30. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      too hard on you the other day, overreacted
    31. azfinfanmang
      For a common cause, NOBODY is stronger than the common folks
    32. mroz
      hey bud, how you been? I hadn't wseen your name in some time! :)
    33. djphinfan
      good to be your friend buddy..
    34. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      Originally Posted by MrClean View Post
      As far as I know "The Orca 5" is the brainchild of "the 23rd". I suggested "The Sperm Whale 5", but it never got off the ground.

      In my honest opinion, this OL has done little of nothing though to deserve a nickname other than perhaps "The Potential Great Ones." The team really needs to win something meaningful, like a playoff game or two, before any unit on the team should get a nickname. IMO anyway. Kids. Whataya gonna do?
      sarcasm often sours the milk of human kindness.
      enjoy your 5" SpermWhale. get what you can out of it. have fun with it.
      I have no interest in what you play with, including your little SpermWhale

      and yes, it begins in the trenches. really.


      the Orca-5 will eat defense alive
      think about it, always good to think before you post
    35. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      your kindness is only exceeded by your knowledge of football
      spent some time IndoChina, Japan & the Philippines too
      spent nearly two years in the area with the military
      better to be freinds when posting the same forum:up:
      post often;post well.:nutkicker:
    36. Stitches
      Thanks. I am trying to be more even keeled and objective about things.
    37. alen1
      Long time no talk MrClean, hope everything is going well with you. :up:

    38. Big E
      Big E
      Are you really 98?
    39. alen1
      Thanks for the friend request.

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    The true blue beautiful Beaver State
    gentleman of leisure...
    I like Eastern Religion and cowboy movies. The yin and the yang, and the bang bang.

    football and weight lifting


    "Veganism is the sad result of a morally corrupt mind. Reconsider your life."
    ~ Ron Swanson