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Nov 29, 2020
Dec 6, 2007
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Almost Never Wrong

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Nov 29, 2020
    1. ToddPhin
      Yeah, Nkemdouche seems like a douche. Ole Miss can have him. Saw the pic of Treadwell, but look at the ring he's wearing. Looks like an SEC Champ one. Elijah Daniel is a punk. He's trashing Clemson to other top recruits b/c we backed off of him after his commitment b/c he's a hoodlum with possible grade troubles who probably wouldn't have made it at Clemson. That's why Florida rejected him IIRC. Everything about Ole Miss's recruiting stinks ATM. #1 WR, #1 JUCO DT, #4 DE, likely the #1 DE. Huge jump going from 12 total 4 star recruits from 2010-2012 (barely 4 star at that for most of them) to 11 4 star recruits so far this year (excluding Nkemdiche).
    2. ToddPhin
      BTW, what the hell is up with all these recruits looking at Ole Miss this year? Half their damn staff is comprised of inexperienced Arkansas St coaches. If these kids are so interested in Arkansas St coaching, why not skip the Ole Miss middle man and just head to Arkansas St? :lol:
    3. ToddPhin
      Yeah, we're supposed to take the Ole Miss guy's word that dad's residency had nothing to do with football. hahaaha
    4. ToddPhin
      Thanks for gettin back. That's what I thought, too. Just seems too convenient, especially with mon refusing to visit Clemson and saying she didn't know anything about Clemson nor care to despite Robert being committed there. Plus he initially didn't tell his parents. Sounds like a family in on the fix if I've ever heard. Seems like mom & dad accepted a handshake at Robert's expense. What a dysfunctional family. Mom seems like an utter self-serving *****. Plus there's the BS talk by mom about wanting Robert at Ole Miss so he'd be closer to home after they move to Oxford once dad gains residency? If "closer to home" were truly an issue then why didn't she force Denzel to play at UGA or Ga Tech where he would've been close to home? Perhaps the fix started with Denzel? Not to mention mom basically lives in Africa. Shenanigans made all the more amusing by her being a state legislator of Nigeria, con capital of the world. LOL
    5. ToddPhin
      You're in the medical community in Mississippi, so I have a question for you. What are the chances Robert Nkemdiche's father (an International Med Grad) gains acceptance to Ole Miss's Residency Program on his own merit w/o making his prized recruit son a package deal?
    6. the 23rd
      the 23rd
      it is what it is
    7. Kanye West
      Kanye West
    8. Bottle Nose
      Bottle Nose
      KB... aren't you the fellow from Mississippi State? If not, please disregard this . In the small world category, just found out from Wikipedia that Jason Ferguson is from my Mother's home town of Nettleton, MS. Now, if the dolphins can get a player from my Father's home town of Shubuta...
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