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Apr 2, 2021
Dec 9, 2007
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Apr 2, 2021
    1. Sean
      5.67M, perfect #2 CB
    2. Sean
      If you want Harrison, I'm not going higher than 4M with having to franchise Clady and all. Are you interested in Richard Marshall at all?
    3. UCF FINatic
      UCF FINatic
      We got one of the leagues best LT and definitely want CJ, what else can we add to make it happen?
    4. GridIronKing34
      Whats your schedule look like this and next weekend? Trying to figure out a good time for the draft for our keeper league.
    5. GridIronKing34
      Just a reminder that I re-activated the GM League Keeper League. Let me know if you forgot your ID and I'll let you know what it is. Here's the link to the league: http://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/league?leagueId=68561

      The draft will be on September 4th, 2011 at 9:00PM EST. You will be allowed three keepers that you must set before the draft. I will be clearing the rosters on September 3rd so don't forget to set those keepers!! If you are not interested in being apart of this again, please let me know so I can find your replacement.
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