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Jul 14, 2024 at 12:54 AM
Nov 28, 2007
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Jun 14, 1978 (Age: 46)
New York

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Season Ticket Holder, Male, 46, from New York

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Jul 14, 2024 at 12:54 AM
    1. Boik14
      Its possible. Ill see what kind of offers I get and what spots I need to fill.
    2. ToddPhin
      thanks. You'd be surprised at how many were interested in Irvin. Had I held out another day or two I might've traded he and my late 2nd for a mid 1st. You still gonna move one of the receivers? I can't afford it but was just curious.
    3. ToddPhin
      Well, I have a general idea of what you'd give up to win him, so in my mind, if I know I don't have the funds to stay in the game for the long haul then I don't have any business playing it.
    4. MrClean
      I thought the freethinkers held their own quite well in the Sam thread. :) Thanks for letting it remain active for as long as you did anyway.
    5. Boik14

      **** guzzling gutter ****
    6. ToddPhin
      hahaahahaha. LMAO.

    7. Boik14
      yeah but you wanted a stud rb and I would have lost there
    8. ToddPhin
      worst. champion. ever. :lol:

      scores 197 points to win it and lucks out with yet another top opponent having a massively off weak for the 5th straight week. First he gets 172 pts from LAfins, then 199 from KYFins, 184 from MattJr, 197 from me, and now 194 from you. What sacrifice did he make in his previous life to receive this gift?! lol. Plus the Gronk trade was something I myself initiated and all but had to beg him to accept.

      BTW, if you would've taken Foles from me when I told ya, he would've started Roethlisberger today and you would've won the title. :P
    9. Boik14
      I know. The guy is already talking on Facebook.
    10. ToddPhin
    11. ToddPhin
      :lol:...... yeah, especially after a 5-5 start. That's just annoying. Hey how 'bout that potluck Boykin TD. :pity: Kick his *** seabass.
    12. ToddPhin
      surprised you didn't start Moreno today bubs. Pulling for you to win this one as it would pain me to see CIH backdoor his way into another championship courtesy of the trade I gave him after starting the season 5-5. Must be nice to face an average opponent score of 183 the past 6 weeks, eh.
    13. Boik14
      I just did a little while ago. NFL.com doesnt give me the full site on my phone I just found out today and I couldnt exactly access that on a work computer lol. Unless of course you have a good job lined up for me after I do that :lol:
    14. ToddPhin
      Hey Matt, can you process that little trade today that FinD and I just did?
    15. Jt0323
      Yeah Owners need to keep their mouth shut. How do you expect people to pay to go to games, if you don't even believe in the team, and you are the owner. Fans can say those things, but owners can't. Atleast the Mets got the last laugh against Mo.
    16. Jt0323
      Stupid Mets! :cry:
    17. Phins_Fan_87
      hey, how do i get into that club lounge? thx
    18. Sean
      Clear inbox bud!
    19. Big E
      Big E
      Make me an offer buddy.
    20. Boik14
      Sounds like a plan. Understand you dont want Mathews even though its a clear need imo. I have a small list of players I wont trade (unless Im blown away): Sherman, Wilson, Steve Smith (since I need wr's), Thomas, and Wagner. let me know who interests you and we'll go from there...
    21. wakeupitsfootball
      I can post now. And I don't want Ryan Mathews lol. GridIronKing is going to send my updated roster later tonight, once I take a look at my team, numbers, all that stuff, I'll hit you up.
    22. Boik14
      Well rosters and cap hits officially get released after the SB, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the team...Check out the GM League forum and let me know your thoughts when you can PM (after I think 5 or 10 posts
    23. CRL
      So, where exactly do we go from here?
    24. CRL
      I am most definitely wanting to be a co-GM with you!
    25. ToddPhin
      shaddup. Glass houses, man. Glass houses. :lol:
    26. ToddPhin
      Is this one of those times where you actually didn't do anything at all and I'm left searching 10 minutes trying to figure out what the hell it was you did? lol
    27. Kanye West
      Kanye West
      Hey man I was wondering if you could just either tell me how to delete my account or do it for me...I dont know if thats something you control or something i can do.
    28. Big E
      Big E
      ok now that I see the writing on the wall lets talk about Mendenhall lol
    29. Stringer Bell
      Stringer Bell
      No worries. Hope you are well!
    30. MrClean
      Now that he is gone and with the Cards, many Packers fans are really ragging on Daryn Colledge. So, I was just curious, if you would not mind checking him on PFF the last 3 seasons to get an idea how bad or not so bad he really was.
    31. Boik14
      Thanks alen! :)
    32. alen1
      Happy Birthday man!
    33. King Felix
      King Felix
      since you're not on aim....deangelo williams is doubtful....mcfadden here i come!!!
    34. SICK
      but...i get a bad temper, when iam drunk lol
    35. SICK
      i blame being irish :lol:
    36. SICK
      just wanted to let you know, you volunteering to moderate this forum, is very appreciated by me. And im glad to have you as a friend! Have a good weekend bro, and thanks for all you do. even though i cause a problem every once in awhile :lol:
    37. The G Man
      The G Man
      Thanks for your help in the LL. And, thanks for the friend request. I'm honored. :knucks:
    38. Boik14
      Thanks Mike! :hi5:
    39. like2god
      Happy belated birthday brother. Hope it was a great one. :)
    40. djphinfan
      Hey BK, i have you on my friends list of avatars
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    Jun 14, 1978 (Age: 46)
    New York
    How I found the site:
    Instead of winning lotto there was a link to the website :)