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Your prayers desperately needed please.

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by PhinsRock, May 17, 2012.

  1. PhinsRock

    PhinsRock Premium Member Luxury Box

    My job working at CarMax, as much as I like the company and quality of our cars, I'm just not making enough money. Barely covering the health insurance! Sending out my resume and posting it on 50 job boards by a company I'm paying a small fee to do it.

    Tomorrow my wife is being laid off from her job, because the jerk president of the HOA my wife's property management team serves doesn't like my wife. He admits she's the best Social Director they've ever had, then goes and replaces her with someone less experienced who makes half her salary.

    Without her income, we are in some real serious trouble.

    I have no doubt in my heart that God will provide our needs, but this is the worst possible scenario I could think of. I have some money left in my IRA but have already used 70% of that keeping us afloat these last 5 years since I lost the VP-Ops job due to the housing crash in 2007.

    So I ask you, my friends and "family" which is how I feel about all of you, for your prayers that a miracle happens to keep us from living on the street in a few months. I love you all, you ARE family to me, and I am grateful to be able to come to you with this request. Please also ask God that He fill me and my wife & daughter with His peace that passes understanding.

    Thank you and God bless you!
  2. Dol-Fan Dupree

    Dol-Fan Dupree Tank? Who is Tank? I am Guy Incognito. Club Member

    Dec 11, 2007
    good luck man!
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  3. cdz12250

    cdz12250 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    Coconut Grove
    You are correct. Your faith in God is well placed. Trust that you and your family will be pointed in the right direction. Fear is normal but you can get past it.

    Don't sit passively waiting for someone to see your resume and call you. You and your wife should attack careerbuilder.com, Craigslist, Monster and similar sites. Don't be too choosy. Keep an open mind. There is something in all of those listings that you can easily do, given the way you write, that will sustain you temporarily until you find something more permanent.

    Don't be too proud to seek help. You have been paying taxes all these years so you can be carried through this temporary emergency.

    Consider reinventing yourself by acquiring a new set of skills. Takes time but it's doable,

    It could be much worse. My parents, my brother (aged 4) and I (aged10) arrived in this country in 1961 with no money and not speaking the language at all. My parents were both professionals, and took menial jobs to survive. We did. With the help of God you will most probably not have to go to that extreme. Stay mentally flexible and you will be carried through this difficult period.

    Best of luck to you, brother.
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  4. Ohiophinphan

    Ohiophinphan Chaplain Staff Member Luxury Box

    Again, you are in my prayers. Best wishes my friend.
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  5. gunn34

    gunn34 I miss Don & Dan

    Jan 5, 2008
    Oviedo FL
    Hoping everything works out for you and your family.
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  6. Fin D

    Fin D Sigh Club Member

    Nov 27, 2007
    That blows bro.

    Reduce your expenses immediately, that will let what you have in savings float longer until something breaks open for you. Don't let pride or feeling defeated stop you from making money in jobs below your abilities or using welfare. Schedule time for a little fun here and there cause without it the stress of this horrible situation can kill you...literally. Remember that stuff is just stuff, what's important is your wife and daughter and as long as you have them you have everything you need to get through this.
  7. SICK

    SICK Lounge Moderator

    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    Best wishes bro! I'll be thinking about you and your family!!
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  8. dolphindebby

    dolphindebby Season Ticket Holder Luxury Box

    Nov 26, 2007
    Best wishes for you and your family phinsRock.
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  9. PhinsRock

    PhinsRock Premium Member Luxury Box

    Thank you so much to all of you. I already see God's hand at work in my life, 1 day before my wife's last day Thursday, we got a surprise notice my Toyota Camry Hybrid loan is finished. That's a year sooner than I thought, but praise God I was wrong. That's $430/month less we have to pay and I plan to drive that car for the rest of my life. I read a website finding out I do NOT have to replace the timing "belt" ever since it is a chain on this model car. People left many notes on the site about their experience with their 2007 Camry Hybrids.

    The worst complaint I saw was if you don't drive the car for 30 days, you may need to jump the starter battery. The crazy car is so sophisticated it "thinks" and does "checks" on itself all night and day when it's not being driven. I kid you not the day I bought it 5 hours after parking it in the garage I went to get something from the "overflow Fridge" in the garage and the car went click, click, clack, tick. I was stunned and asked the car out loud what it was doing. My wife heard me and yells out "Who are you talking to?" I had to reply "to the car". She alluded to the fact she now knows I truly am nuts, which she's suspected for years I'm sure.

    Back to the car; the best note someone left on that website was "Look, I drive my 07 Camry Hybrid as my taxi in the tough streets of Manhattan, I have over 350,000 miles on it and have only had to change the oil and put new tires on once in a while". I happily told my wife I will drive this car the rest of my life. I get 37.5+ miles per gallon in the city and over 40 mpg on the highway. When I got the car I was still VP-Ops making 6 figures before the housing crash lost me my job, so I went online and ordered my car "custom" with EVERY accessory you can get, special technologies, leather seats, sun/moonroof, hands free blue tooth cell phone I only need to touch a button on my steering wheel to answer/make a call, which shuts down the extra fab stereo and you hear the other person through the stereo, totally hands free and safe, I even got the special Navigation system which you can touch a button on the steering wheel with your thumb and say "Chinese Restaurant" or "ATM's" and little flags go up where each one close by is located. You can then touch the button and get reviews, make call for reservations and even learn the name and reviews on the restaurant. I still LOVE that car!!! And now it's mine, don't owe a penny on it!

    See, God is already lowering my costs and will supply me and Jacqui BOTH new jobs that pay better and God will not allow us to fail.

    Seriously my good friends, thank you so much for all your loving concern and prayers. Being a (unpaid) Minister, I firmly believe in prayer and God's incredible love for you and me both. Jacqui even has a very good job interview Monday which would make her earn only $50,000 a year to replace the $55,000 she made at the last job. I am certain God intends for her to get that job.

    I knew I could count on my "thePhins.com" family and cannot express how grateful I am to all of you. It's been a very tough 5 years for us and we are still waiting for the foreclosure on the home which has been going on 2 years next month. I thank God for blessing ALL of you for being my "family" here and for your loving support.

    God bless you!
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  10. finyank13

    finyank13 Reality Check

    Jan 6, 2010
    Sucks.....may the best of luck come to you...

    Time to grind, get another job....
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  11. PhinsRock

    PhinsRock Premium Member Luxury Box

    GREAT NEWS: Jacqui interviewed Wednesday for the exact same job at a similar 55+ community and got the job! We are still scraping by but God has kept us from falling and in a few months I should be able to share with you a new job I've been asked to be VP-Sales of a new company that won't be able to afford me for a few more months but it would be an outstanding job, the long-term pay could be more than 6 figures/year eventually in a market that is ripe for what we are about to offer. So God is putting things into place for is in ways only He could. All praise, thanks and glory to God!

    Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and your prayers. I love my family here on this site, and so many of you showed me that goes two directions. Thank you!
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  12. MonstBlitz

    MonstBlitz Nobody's Fart Catcher

    Jan 14, 2008
    Alexandria, VA
    Congrats to you and your wife both! Back to your note about your car, that's great. Not having a car payment is a beautiful thing. Too many people buy cars before they actually need to buy cars and regret it when times get tough. Not having that debt will go a long way to get you through till you're both established in your new jobs.

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