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Why wouldn't we out TUA in late game?

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Dorfdad, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. ExplosionsInDaSky

    ExplosionsInDaSky Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2011
    I'm in total agreement with you on the past 15-20 years. We've made bad choices. Passing on Brees twice, passing on Aaron Rodgers, drafting Dion Jordan instead of Lane Johnson, drafting Charles Harris, not keeping Raheem Mostert...The blunders go on and on since the turn of the century for sure! I just personally think that we don't need to rush things with Tua. He may or may not be the answer to our quarterback situation that has haunted us since Marino left...But just because he's not playing right away doesn't mean that he's a bust.
    We may have caught lightening in a bottle with Fitzpatrick similar to the way the Cardinals did with Kurt Warner back in 2008. So by that logic, it would be foolish to just "throw Tua in there" if we are clearly going to ride the hot hand of Fitz for the season. Quarterbacks have a very long shelf life in the NFL and there have been a lot of instances where they have found success later on in their careers. Rich Gannon was a career backup and journeyman before settling in with Oakland in his late 30's. Doug Flutie with Buffalo is another example. As a matter of fact, Drew Brees didn't even really play his rookie year with the Chargers because Doug Flutie at 38-39 was their starting quarterback that year for the most part. Letting a guy sit for a year isn't all that unheard of and I just think you need to relax on this matter until we actually get to see what Tua can do. I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed at ALL if he sits out the entire year behind Fitzpatrick. If we start winning games and putting together a run, then you can forget all about Tua seeing the field this year and it will have absolutely nothing to do with him being a bust or horrible person, and more to do with Fitzpatrick just playing at a high level. The whole idea is to win in this league. If the Bearded One has decided to go out of this game with guns blazing then we probably need to ride with him until he's out of bullets. Right now, he's playing better than over half the quarterbacks in the league. Why change that?
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  2. Two Tacos

    Two Tacos Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Possibly. Yes, I think all Dolphin fans hope that. If Tua gets no starts this year it most likely means this season went pretty well.
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