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We are the fans we have the right to complain.

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Dorfdad, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Dorfdad

    Dorfdad Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2007
    I would like to state prior to posting this article that I grew up rooting for the Dolphins, lucky for me it was during our days at the top of the NFL food chain. I never suffered the emptiness other NFL fans felt. We were always in the HUNT for the Superbowl. That was until Don Shula retired and we began our slide.

    I love this organization, the history, and even some of these knuckleheads were employed. But as we have begun our slide from dominance to mediocrity to today were we are at the lowest point in franchise history.

    I know some of you are eternal optimist and see good in everything, while some of you think this team is utter crap and ***** and moan about every play. Some of you are real NFL fans and understand that ROME wasn't built in a day, while other expect overnight success based on the GM or coaches name.

    The thing is this is the ultimate TEAM game. Not like baseball or NBA or any other sport where one player can put the team on their shoulders and win the game themselves.

    that said, I think we have you have the right to complain about this team. For the last several years we have been asked to be patient. We have had some horrible front office moves, brought in the wrong players for our system and had no solid view of what this team is going to look like.

    We have had to endure multiple head coaches, a rotating Quarterback situation, horrible offensive line structure, an aging defense, and lack of depth at every position on the field.

    We are still being asked to pay increasing costs for our patience in the way of ticket prices, rising direct TV costs, posters, uniforms, and anything else marketed towards the fans, and while this is the way of the NFL in general were talking about our fan base.

    So when it comes to complaining I think we can all agree that we all had very good optimism coming into this season. Not that we were going to win the Superbowl, but that we were on the right track that the stupid mistakes of the past were going to be gone.

    The preseason showed a lot of promise and we were tricked. We took some unscripted and un defensed plays and thought we were going to be a much better team than last year.

    We were wrong. We let ourselves be tricked, but damn it if this team has under preformed for the first two games.

    Our defense looks slow and horrible. It seems our corners are small and ineffective against anyone with some speed and bulk. yesterday we looked like kids against men.

    Our offense is not respected at all, and while Chad pennington is a great scholar, and a good teacher if he isnt able to make down the field plays to free up our running backs, we need to try something different.

    Of course all our wideouts suck as well. Our #2 pick from last year is a horrible route runner, and unable to get any separation. You may say give him more time but 18 games later I see nothing that makes me want to draft him again..

    Ronnie and Ricky would be better suited on an offense that did not have 8-9 man fronts facing them every down..

    The coaching has been suspect as well. The penalties are atrocious. Bone headed plays coming from frustration and lack of talent.

    Granted we are going through a rebuilding process but as a fan I'm tired of being asked to wait. I'm tired of seeing the team I love get laughed at by the media and other fans. I'm tired of waking every Monday being in a miserable mood because of my wasted Sunday.

    Fans need a way to vent and *****ing and complaining is just a means for that frustration. Next Sunday we will all be there again suffering through and hoping for some miracle switch to be thrown and that this franchise will start to turn the corner that seems to be expanding with every game.

    I'm not against anyone *****ing ***** away. It does not make you a bad fan, an uneducated fan, or a terrible person your just a fan that sick and tired of the crap that's been showing up in a Dolphins uniform week after week.

    Sorry for the rant but this is my way of dealing with our current situation.
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  2. texasPHINSfan

    texasPHINSfan New Member

    Dec 14, 2007
    Bellevue, WA
    hear hear. i agree with most of what you said. they perform & play because of us, the fans. we pay their salaries & everything.... ergo we have a right to complain when they play like crap.

    which they did on sunday.

    i still fault the coaches. i haven't seen such an ill-prepared team in years. even cameron & saban had better-prepared teams. pathetic.
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