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Two night games, two losses, too far to drive.........

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by LikeUntoGod, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. LikeUntoGod

    LikeUntoGod Season Ticket Holder

    Nov 23, 2007
    Gainesville Florida
    I have season tickets but I can only drive from Gainesville down to Miami a couple of times a year. I picked the last two games to go and it has been hard in many ways.

    I watched the game off of the DVR today(and I regret that I deleted it).

    I'm not going to go into all that has happened. I'm too tired in many ways.

    There is one alive and well horse I will beat one more time. And that is the one about pass action passes. Or I should say play action passes and Rob Ninkovich. Henne's total lack of a decent play fake helped Ninkovich's interceptions and his sack.

    But it is not just Henne's fault because the running back NEVER ACTED LIKE HE HAD THE BALL.

    I go back again to Brad Smith in the Spread Option. His READ and fake of the dive play sucked Wake into trying to make a tackle on the running back which sprang B.Smith for a long gain. But the running back on that play ALSO CARRIED OUT A BALL FAKE.

    Another important part of this (for use in the Wildcat) is the READ part of the play. As a very old Wishbone QB the first option is the fullback dive. That play is a read, the QB puts the ball into the running backs stomach on every play and then decides to leave it in or pull it out and carry on the rest of the play. Whatever his choice he still carries out the rest of the play.

    I still put this 110% of our coaches. They are not making Henne make good ball fakes and are not telling the running back to semi act like he has the football.

    The important thing here is that a play action pass is counter productive without a good fake because the QB has to take his eyes off of downfield and 90% of the time he zeros in on only one WR . Add that to the fact that Henne stares at the player that he is going to throw to and you have disasters in the making. Or in this case, interceptions.

    The other thing I want to whine about is the Patriots drafting two pass catching TEs and we did not look for even one. My fellow Gator Aaron Hernandez was a freaking steal and went about 5-7 picks before we took A.J.Edds. I know I'm biased but I would have also taken Jermaine Cunningham over Koa Misi and I have no idea why we took a defensive end in the first round.

    Before the draft I saw pass catching TE, OLB and FS as our biggest needs and we whiffed on the pass catching TE. the one thing that Sparano was supposed to know was the offensive line but I'm not sure what that has done for us.

    Thus ends this rant. It is hard to play Madden with these Dolphins and they are getting ready to be downgraded with the next update. I'm tired of having only 3 WRs and only one slow TE to throw to.

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