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Thyroid cancer concerns...

Discussion in 'Outreach Forum' started by Colorado Dolfan, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Ohiophinphan

    Ohiophinphan Chaplain Staff Member Luxury Box

    Incision looks very, very good. Within a year it likely will not even be noticeable unless someone is very, very close. Any word on whether she will need any follow on cancer therapy?
  2. Colorado Dolfan

    Colorado Dolfan ...dirty drownin' man?

    Won't know for sure until she meets with her endocrinologist in December. Might need radioactive iodine but nothing saying it'll be necessary at this point...
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  3. bigbry

    bigbry Huge Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    Just read this thread.

    Sorry man.
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  4. dolphindebby

    dolphindebby Season Ticket Holder Luxury Box

    Nov 26, 2007
    My thought and prayers are with you.
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  5. Colorado Dolfan

    Colorado Dolfan ...dirty drownin' man?

    Good news! Radioactive iodine not necessary at this point. Still has low level "markers" but the doc says it may be due to her surgery being relatively recent.

    Will check again in six months and determine course. If all goes well, she'll have yearly visits to the endocrinologist just to keep tabs and check her thyroid hormone and calcium levels for any necessary adjustments to her medication!
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  6. Ohiophinphan

    Ohiophinphan Chaplain Staff Member Luxury Box

    What a great Christmas gift! Blessings to you all!
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