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Team Blogs From Displaced Fans

Discussion in 'Other NFL' started by anlgp, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. anlgp

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    First question you might have is "What's a displaced fan?" Well. I'm a displaced fan. I live closer to Washington, Philly, Pittsburgh, NY, Baltimore, etc than I do Miami - yet I'm a Dolphins fan. So what I want is say you live in or around "Dallas". You might enjoy following the Cowboys outside the Dolphins because they're the local team. Or whoever it might be. Put a blog or two up here that you think is a real decent blog that we can put into our bookmarks or RSS feeds to keep up with the lowdown across the NFL.

    This is an Eagles blog:



    I hope to get a blog or two for each NFL team here. It can help me (and/or you) get a feel for what the pulse of the fan is and what they've done in the offseason. Moreso than say, ESPN or NFL.com can..

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