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Plaxico Burress has retained the services of a Prison Coach??

Discussion in 'Other NFL' started by late again, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. late again

    late again Senior Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    This is so funny in so many different ways.
    ....."Burress has retained a prison consultant to give him the lowdown on life in the big house. "We are consulting with an expert in the field who will address and advise us, Mr. Burress and his family, on what to expect while incarcerated, and how to use his period of confinement as productively as possible," said the attorney, Benjamin Brafman."....

    What do you suppose they'll talk about?....
    For instance are there etiquette protocols when offered the choice of KY or Vaseline? How about if someone else drops the soap? Is it proper to retrieve it for him if he's you friend? Or do you just (literally) watch his back as he gets it himself?
    Or how about this one? If you decide to engage in sex while in prison does it mean you're gay? Or does it depend on whether you're pitching or catching?
    Also is it fair to assume that the so-called "expert in the field" is an ex con? How else would you get a job like that? How many years of experience does one need to be considered an "expert"?

    Okay..one more question.
    Which is more wierd -
    1. a Prison Coach
    2. a Pet Therapist
  2. m ino

    m ino New Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    i first misread this post thinking that plax was going to be a coach for the prison football team..you sir have made my day.:hi5:

    i would think a pet therapist is more wierd due to the fact that a pet can't verbally tell you what they were thinking . a prison coach would come in handy teaching you proper bending techniques,how to use your hands,how to spot the fish and so on. but what is wierder are the people that hire pet therapist..really? you think your dog has a issue that makes him poop inside your house?you think it's trying to tell you something like..your too lazy to take me for a walk every now and then?
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