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Peter Kipers Final Mock Draft Round 1 to 3

Discussion in '2013 GM League Forum' started by schisno, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    It’s been an exciting offseason thus far, not only did I see every single owner go insane and fire all their GMs but that wasn’t even the craziest thing I’ve seen, especially with the public blood feuds and bizarre transactions between teams. Everyone and everything were passed around like they were named Hilary Clinton during her college years.

    Now we find ourselves on the eve of my favorite part of the GML offseason, the draft. It’s where we predict who will be the future of a franchise, or a complete and utter bust like ninety-five percent of these players should expect to be… or Oakland’s picks at least.

    Now I bring to you the greatest undertaking of any GML journalist. They said it couldn’t be done and that I was crazy, or lazy if you listen to my brother the lesser Kiper. If you’re listening to La Canglazer or McShay then you don’t have one iota of intelligence to understand how exact this mock draft is. It is so exact that every GM dreads it and has already changed their picks to avoid being obvious.

    This mock draft is so exact that I have predicted not only one round, not only two rounds, but three rounds. Why waste any more time, let the genius of Peter Kiper be released; #releasethekraken, #epicKiper


    #01 - Pittsburgh Steelers
    CB Dee Milliner, Alabama

    Brock Osweiller was drafted to back up Peyton Manning last year and learn under his tutelage. Well one year under Manning was all he needed according to the Steelers because now he is the man behind center for the black and old. Traditional thinking would have you believe they will draft Geno Smith or another quarterback but the new Pittsburgh GM is anything but traditional and elects to take Milliner first overall.

    Crazy you say? It’s happen before in the GML, and the cornerback picked that year was Patrick Peterson. That turned out well, didn’t it? Dee isn’t the prospect that Peterson is but he is still a good player who is smart and hits hard, he just lacks the elite speed and fast twitch muscles of Patrick Peterson. Expect a quarterback to be drafted in later rounds to replace Garrard as the backup.

    #02 - New England Patriots
    DT Shariff Floyd, Florida

    The Patriots have kept their o-line together for the most part and can avoid drafting one of the big three tackles. Instead they want to add a marquee name to the defensive front consisting of mostly character actors. Yes the Pats have a line that can be considered the Steve Buscemi d-line of the league. They are absolutely wonderful in their small roles but can’t carry a film.

    After trading away Vince Wilfork, the Patriots go back to their Florida well and snatch up a big, thick framed low to the ground tackle that has one of the quickest first steps I’ve seen in a lineman. I swear every time the ball is snapped it’s like a silent lunch bell goes off. Luckily for the ever evolving, or devolving Pats as their new GM puts it, Floyd will be a key defender for years to come. The best part his head isn’t the size of a goomba from the Mario Brothers movie.

    #03 - Oakland Raiders
    OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M

    Typical we should expect bust when the Raiders roll around with their pick. Except this year they are too scared to take a gamble. Evident by their lack of activity in the trading market or free agency and do the expected here and select a franchise left tackle. Like the Dolphins did, because you know it took the Browns to the playoffs, or the Dolphins.

    Just like when you don’t know what to serve for dinner, you make a roast because it’s a safe choice. Maybe the Raiders will surprise us and grab their quarterback of choice in EJ Manuel. Ok, maybe they aren’t that kind of crazy or trailblazer.

    #04 - Detroit Lions (from PHI via CAR)
    OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan

    When the Lions new GM was introduced I wasn’t expecting much, but a trip back into the Millen Era of running things wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned. You get rid of your franchise quarterback, receiver and defensive tackle to hold four first round picks and rebuild is a word batted around. I think this is more the levees bursting. Detroit all of your car manufacturers have bankrupt and you’re all just rabbits on the eighth mile minus any gratification with Brittany Murphy.

    So the Lions start the rebuild process by adding their franchise left tackle in Eric Fisher. He is more athletic than Joeckel and has a higher upside. Also in two games against top competition he allowed zero pressures or sacks. This is a safe choice for the Lions as they start off in their new year zero.

    #05 - Detroit Lions
    DE Dion Jordan, Oregon

    After addressing one side of the ball the Lions take care of the defensive line by adding the athletic freak that is Dion Jordan. He should be able to wreak havoc from day one and should be more disciplined and likeable than Suh ever was. They could use another defensive tackle but still have two picks left. I believe Jarvis Jones is in place, but the Lions are happy having Sam Acho as their edge rusher and need someone to free up Brian Robinson who may be listed as a linebacker but will be moved back to defensive end where he prospered opposite Jared Allen. I expect Robinson to remain productive opposite Jordan. If not I know a promoter that will help his boxing career if he wants to try that.

    #06 - Miami Dolphins (from CLE)
    WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia

    There are so many ways the Dolphins can go, much like their private life. I heard their particular GM rules with an iron fist, where that fist is located is your guess. Now they’ve gone out this offseason and spent a bit of money on free agents and already have depth in key positions like the defensive line. I was ready to give them Ryan Nassib here so they could finish their trifecta of Ry-Backs but that won’t get them to the main event or make any sense. Instead they draft the multidimensional weapon out of West Virginia.

    Some say he’s small, but makes up for it with amazing speed and ability as a return man. Don’t worry Dolphin fans, they aren’t drafting him strictly for that ability. Hopefully they’ve moved on from that mistake. Instead they bring in a slot man who should take pressure off Torrey Smith and cause some mismatches and give the Dolphins something they lack, a receiver who can gain yards after catch.

    #07 - Detroit Lions (from ARI)
    QB Geno Smith, West Virginia

    In a bit of an upset a quarterbacks college teammate is taken ahead of him. The number one prospect at his position finally finds his home with the Lions. He has great accuracy and put together one of the most impressive streaks statistically in college football this year, but will it be enough?

    Technically he is set up to fail since he won’t have Calvin Johnson to throw to, but look on the bright side, he won’t be seeing too much of the turf, from the left side at least. Hopefully the Lions don’t ignore adding some weapons for Smith as he enters his first year. My prediction is that he’ll suffer Harrington Disease.

    #08 - Cincinnati Bengals (from BUF via TB)
    OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma

    I wish I could say the Bengals go best player available here but it would get a little redundant by adding more to their defense. Do you really make Star Lotulelei or Jarvis Jones situational players? No I didn’t think so. What they need to do is add a tackle to bookend one of their weakness, the offensive line. So weakness is a stretch. The Bengals were fortunate enough to have the cap space to add veteran free agents and put them in position not to rely on the draft to build their team. A lot of GML teams were wishing they had the flexibility the Bengals got to enjoy.

    #09 - Baltimore Ravens (from NYJ)
    DT Star Lotulelei, Utah

    The Ravens lose their heart this year as Ray Lewis rides off into the sunset, and how does Baltimore replace him? A player that has a little trouble with his heart, Star Lotulelei is the best player available and still a top ten talent regardless of medical conditions.

    This team hasn’t had the easiest time as they had to battle for Michael Vick’s services and traded away their Superbowl MVP. Some fans are crying poor personnel choices, but I’m not here to say. The Ravens have good drafts period and it all starts with the most versatile and athletic tackle in the draft. He’ll be Ngata before he got paid.

    #10 - Tennessee Titans
    LB Jarvis Jones, Georgia

    The Titans were able to make a small splash in free agency and avoid forcing to draft by position. Instead they get the best player that fits a positional need by having Jarvis Jones fall into their lap. A great edge rusher, the Titans add someone who can get to the quarterback from the linebacker position.

    Though they did overspend on middle tier defensive backs they’ll avoid taking a safety this early but might want to consider another corner with some size to offset some of Jerraud Powers deficiencies.

    #11 - Houston Texans (from SD via NYJ)
    OG Chance Warmack, Alabama

    There are a few holes that the Texans have and one of them is on the offensive line where they’ve got placeholders. There may be a win now mentality in the league but you also have to give yourself the best chance to stay healthy all season and maintain strong play throughout. There is a reason some of these veterans found their way to the Texans offensive line.

    Warmack gives Houston a road grater that will maul opposing defensive lines. An athletic pass catching tight end is in play as well be if his name isn’t Kyle Brady don’t expect him any earlier than the mid-twentieth picks.

    #12 - Cleveland Browns (from MIA)
    WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee

    Do you know how you win games? I’ll tell you how, by scoring more point than the other team. I’ll also tell you how to not win games, by being the Browns. Most scientist in the world wonder what black holes are made of, I mostly say offensive players from the Browns because that side of the ball looks to be nothing more than a vacuum this year.

    I expect the Browns to take advantage of their position and select the hottest name in the draft for receivers. Sure he hasn’t always played with top competition but he has the physical traits coaches dream of, and prove he can match up to whatever level talent he is playing against. He should also help Weeden develop quickly before he’s out of the league like Chris Weinke.

    #13 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from TB via BUF via WAS)
    S Matt Elam, Florida

    Looking up and down the Bucs roster there are some glaring holes. Two of the most noticeable happen to be quarterback and in the defensive backfield. I heard the Tampa Bay GM likes his Gators and Elam is rated high enough that he should be a first round pick, whether it is high enough to surpass Kenny Vaccaro remains to be seen.

    All you need to know is Elam can lay the lumber harder than most players in the draft, but will be a liability against the pass. Barber keeps on going even though he’s old enough to father some of his teammates… multiple teammates if he was Travis Henry. This pick is definitely going to come down to either Elam or Vaccaro.

    #14 - Baltimore Ravens (from CAR via DET via JAX)
    CB Desmond Trufant, Washington

    Wait the Ravens get another pick in the first, and so close to their last? We’ll stay on the same side of the ball as the last pick but find the second corner being taken off he board. Corey Graham played extremely well in the latter part of the season but depth is always needed in a pass happy league. Especially when the production from the offensive side of the ball is questionable.

    Trufant gives them a true cover corner and displayed some of he best skills at the position leading up to the draft. Some say he’ll be better than Dee Milliner as they both mature. The Ravens love extremely tall corners but Rhodes doesn’t have the skills the Ravens covet with their third corner, or possible starter.

    #15 - New Orleans Saints
    DE Ezekial Ansah, Brigham Young

    Remember this, the Saints are switching to a 3-4 and need some players that fit the scheme. Ziggy may be a little raw but his high ceiling and potential will be enough to tempt the Saints into taking him with their first pick. Look at the damage he’s been able to do in the college game and at the practices leading up to the draft.

    He has the frame to add on more size and unlike your typical 3-4 ends he will be able to shed tackles and get to the quarterback like he was playing end in a 4-3. The Saints may be quiet during the offseason, but come draft time they’ll surprise you.

    #16 - St. Louis Rams
    S Kenny Vaccaro, Texas

    The Rams GM reminds me of Art Shell coming back to coach. Older than the rest and looks a little absent minded out there. I kid, I kid. He just loves to hate me for spoiling his obvious picks. Looking at the safeties on the Rams they could use an upgrade. I like TJ Ward but Jim Leonard is past his expiration date much like the GM himself.

    Kenny gives you a player that can handle the middle of the field and cause troubles during passing downs. It all makes sense, but the Rams might want you to believe otherwise.

    #17 - Kansas City Chiefs (from PIT)
    TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame

    Sure Moeki is a nice tight end but he’s not the kind of player Eifert is. The Chiefs need additional playmakers and Eifert can cause some nightmares lining up beside the tackle and running over the middle or splitting out wide. The Chiefs are smart enough to realize that and can’t pass up the best tight end in the draft.

    #18 - Dallas Cowboys
    DE Barkevious Mingo, Louisiana State

    Anthony Spencer, Jay Ratliff, Marcus Spears, sobriety, they are all gone from the Cowboys. They couldn’t afford to keep key players and much like the Cowboys GM’s kidneys the team itself has fallen under neglect. They need to address the massive lost on defense and start with Mingo who should offer another pass rushing option opposite Ware.

    They should consider a quarterback because between Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez that is more suckage than you would get out of the Biggest Little Whore House in Mexico. Arriba.

    #19 - New York Giants
    LB Kevin Minter Louisiana State

    The Giants have been busy, not only do they have a quarterback who puts the “Eli” in elite, they have some nice young pieces to take over at key skill positions like David Wilson. However they could use some fresh blood on defense especially at middle linebacker. Chase Blackburn has shown he can play from time to time but he isn’t the difference maker Kevin Minter can be.

    Minter is highly intelligent and anticipates on defense better than any at linebacker. He definitely has the brains that the Giants coaches want. Eddie Lacy is also in play as an insurance policy, just in case David Wilson reverts back to what he was in the early par of the season.

    #20 - Chicago Bears
    CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State

    I want to say tight end, but the need at cornerback is just staring at me. Kelvin Hayden is better suited as a nickel or dime corner. Rhodes will make himself a favorite in Chicago as he is a solidly built corner. His height makes him an asset and his ability to jam receivers on the line will play a big factor into his game.

    Other than finding a real franchise quarterback, the Bears should focus on choosing the best player available to them from here on out. Yes I said it, Cutler is not a real franchise quarterback and I will live by these words, Jake Plummer for life.

    #21 - Denver Broncos (from CIN via MIN via BUF)
    DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M

    The Broncos have made some lateral moves this year, usually pouncing on a name player they like more when they have a capable player on their depth charts. Enter Moore who the Broncos recognize and like. It’s an easy decision for them.

    #22 - St. Louis Rams (from WAS)
    TE Zach Ertz, Stanford

    Some late moves in free agency have helped the Rams avoid unnecessarily drafting for needs, but they want to double up on their tight ends which is so en vogue. Ertz and Kendricks make the Rams GM a little wet from the amount of drooling he’s doing because he will then be able to proclaim the duo as if they were Jesus and Jesus’s twins playing the position. They’re going to turn those balls into touchdowns, not nearly the miracle that turning water into wine is, but we all know this GM tends to have a little too much wine after dinner.

    #23 - Minnesota Vikings (from MIN via NYJ)
    WR Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech

    The only thing uglier than a Viking blood feud is the Vikings receiving unit. Actually the Vikings were hoping for Demond Trufant at this point but it was not meant to be. Instead Patton provides a long armed receiver who quickly accelerates and has a number of moves that can beat defenders. Maybe Minnesota is best served moving back and picking up additional picks in the second or third rounds.

    #24 - Green Bay Packers (from IND via DEN via BUF)
    RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama

    Did you know the NFC North owns over twenty five percent of the picks in the first round? Even with those statistics the Packers remain head and shoulders above their division rivals. The one thing they have been lacking in recent seasons is a dominate run game. So they nab the third Alabama running back to go in the first round.

    Lacy has a complete game and is a much better between the tackle runner than Ingram, and has shown better hands than Richardson. This is a clear win for the green and gold.

    #25 - Seattle Seahawks
    DE Bjoern Werner, Florida State

    It seemed Werner was destined to be drafted in the top ten but miraculously falls to the Seahawks near the bottom of the first round. They have had a lot of positives this offseason in terms of advantages in building a team and know that you can’t have too many pass rushers. Sure Werner has had his motor question but on a deep defensive line like the Seahawks he’ll have to prove he deserves playing time and that will be motivation enough to prove everyone wrong.

    #26 - Green Bay Packers
    S Jonathan Cyprien, Florida International

    Craig Dahl isn’t enough at strong safety, so they tab one of the hardest hitting safties in the draft. He may be from a smaller school but his athleticism and play had turned heads and moved up into the first round.

    #27 - Jacksonville Jaguars (from HOU via NYJ via BAL)
    OL Barret Jones, Alabama

    Though he’s injured right now Jones can play multiple positions on the line and fills one specific need for the Jaguars… center. So far on their roster the position seems to be empty, so you can be sure they have Jones on their board. Of course some of the best center prospects fall into round three. I suspect they won’t settle for any of the other prospects and give Alabama yet another first rounder.

    #28 - San Francisco 49ers (from DEN)
    QB Matt Scott, Arizona

    I just want everyone to know that the 49ers have been studying tape. After their months long video sessions they realize that Alex Smith offer a safe player who won’t make the dynamic plays that took them to the Superbowl. So they pull out a shocker and take the best read option quarterback they can find.

    After everyone picks their jaws off the floor it should be noted Scott has one of the quickest released for a quarterback and actually sees the field well. He is able to make plays with his feet and will leaving people scratching their heads of whether the value is right for this pick.

    #29 - New England Patriots
    WR Terrence Williams, Baylor

    The Patriots need to add a playmaker at receiver after losing Wes Welker. Williams was able to succeed without Robert Griffin and shows some big play ability. He has a big body and good hands, it will be a wonder if the Patriots go any other position. Then again the Patriots GM doesn’t care about winning… period.

    #30 - Detroit Lions (from ATL via JAX)
    LB Arthur Brown, Kansas State

    With their final pick in the first round they add a physical player who shows great instincts and can track a ball carrier down. A much needed playmaker at linebacker the Lions find balance in their picks, but still need a receiver. If these four picks pan out the Lions may be better of, then again they didn’t recover until Millen was out of power and might not do the same until a new GM is found next year.

    #31 - San Francisco 49ers
    CB David Amerson, North Carolina State

    After shocking the world with their first pick the 49ers look to add depth behind Carlos Rogers and Rodgers-Cromartie. They reach a bit for Amerson but he has the height and length needed for the position and has the competitive nature that Jim Harbaugh absolutely loves. A match made in heaven? He’s definitely a guy that will be able to replace Rogers in the middle of the season.

    #32 - Green Bay Packers (from BAL via NYJ via MIN via BUF)
    OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina

    Dallas Reynolds may have started for the Eagles last year but he certainly was shaky. The Packers grab the second best guard in the draft with Cooper and rest easy knowing Aaron Rodgers can discount double check safely in the box before making his throws. Their general manager has shown himself to be a savant come draft time and with these picks fill needs with top players.

    - - -

    I know some of you have been shocked with some of the draft selections I’ve divulged, but believe me, my inside sources make very few mistakes. I know what you’re thinking, why aren’t there more quarterbacks taken or running backs. Well these GMs feel they are smarter than that and can get value as we go into the next couple rounds.

    Of course I agree, most teams are set at quarterback, the Cowboys not withstanding. For the most part I fully expect a run on cornerbacks, recievers and running backs in the upcoming round. Of course we get to see teams that aren’t the Packers or Lions for the first time as well.


    #33 - Cincinnati Bengals (from JAX via TB)
    CB Johnthan Banks, Mississippi State

    It’s been a while since we talked about the Bengals. Last we left them they addressed some needs on their offensive line but with most of their depth shored up they look to adding even more depth to their team. Johnthan Banks is another solid sized corner who’ll give insurance if Talib’s off field issues catch up with him.

    He has good ability to pick the ball out of the air with topnotch focus and instincts that could make him one of the better ball hawking corners in the league, and may be versatile enough play some safety.

    #34 - Kansas City Chiefs
    WR DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson

    Outside of Dwayne Bowe the Chiefs have been unable to find a reliable receiving threat. Baldwin has yet to live up to expectations so the Chiefs attempt to add another outside threat with Hopkins who has the ability to stop and go smoothly and change speeds. The Chiefs are happier with their defense than they could be with an offense that struggled to score any points.

    #35 - San Francisco 49ers (from PHI via SD)
    DL Sheldon Richardson, Missouri

    The 49ers picking again so soon and continue to address their shallow defensive depth. Losing a lot of rotational players hurts,, especially on the defensive line but they add in a dynamic lineman who can play inside or out in the 3-4. One of the more athletic prospects at defensive tackle, if he gains some weight he could be used as a nose tackle but might be better served taking up space at end.

    #36 - Detroit Lions
    WR Keenan Allen, California

    A safe pick, but a definite need as there is a void in the receiving unit. Allen is the most polished hands catcher of this years group and game ready. His ceiling isn’t nearly as high as other players but will give Geno Smith a big target. If anyone is going to win the National Championship it’s going to be Detroit, then again they might get steam rolled by Alabama.

    Yes the Lions are the Notre Dame of the NFL, scratch that… of the NCAA.

    #37 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from OAK via CIN)
    WR Markus Wheaton, Oregon State

    Did I mention there was going to be a run on receivers in round two? Well he it goes as Wheaton delivers on the speed. The best straight line speed receiver of the group, both he and Percy Harvin should be able to stretch the field and cause some openings underneath for the tight ends. The Bucs know if they wait the pool of receivers is going to get shallower.

    They still have a way to go in fixing a once strong receiving unit, but hopefully they feel the combination of Elam and Wheaton more than makes up the low cost contract of Vincent Jackson.

    #38 - Arizona Cardinals
    DT Johnathan Hankins, Ohio State

    That offensive line is ugly but there is too much value to pass up here and other than Tyson Alualu there is a need for some beef in the middle. If you throw Calais Campbell and Hankins on the same side of the line I don’t think the quarterback will be able to see over the eclipse of his o-line and the Cardinals d-line.

    The Cards GM makes the right move here and holds off on adding another runner even though there are health concerns with most of the halfbacks on his roster.

    #39 - VACANT (CLE supplemental draft, Josh Gordon)

    I would like to take this time out to thank the Cleveland Browns for being the Browns, because I don’t have to pick another offensive player for them which they aren’t able to add. Will the Browns score any points this season? Will their GM be able to show his face after another abysmal failure of a year? All on the next sixty minutes.

    #40 - Jacksonville Jaguars (from NYJ via BAL)
    LB Manti Teo, Notre Dame

    With a strong need for linebackers Teo was a big factor on Notre Dames defense, well except in the National Championship. His measurables and athleticism has come under scrutiny during the combine but if you watch game tape he can play. He is a solid player and will not come off as flashy or impactful like Brian Urlacher was early in his career. Instead he’ll be a steady AJ Hawk middle linebacker. If you ask me it’s an upgrade over Heath Farwell, I think he’s part of 3MB.

    #41 - Tennessee Titans
    QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

    There are some rumblings that the Titans GM isn’t happy with Locker as his starting QB and Rusty Smith doesn’t leave him with confidence if Locker was to go down. Luckily for them they are able to steal the most polished pivot in the draft. Nassib can make the difficult throws you want at this level and holds well under pressure. Not as mobile as Locker he’s still not a statue in the pocket either.

    There’s a lot of talent left on the defensive side of the ball but they have a play maker in Jarvis Jones and are more than happy adding a potential starter behind center.

    #42 - San Francisco 49ers (from BUF via SD)
    DE Margus Hunt, Sothern Methodist

    There’s a sense of De Ja Vu going on. It seems the draft is only going to comprise of four teams this year. The plucky Niners continue to add another body to the depleted defensive line. They get one of the other raw prospects in Hunt. Though a little raw he is athletic and could develop into a JJ Watt destructive type player at defensive end. They also upset the Seahawks as they were hoping this fine specimen landed in their laps.

    #43 - Seattle Seahawks (from MIA)
    LB Alec Ogletree, Georgia

    It’s not like the Seahawks need any more depth at any particular position but they love a value. Imagine the management team of extreme couponers, and you can imagine them cashing in their club points and snagging a bargain like Ogletree who can come in play inside or outside linebacker for them in any scheme they want to imagine.

    Highly touted and highly valued the Seahawks hurry out of the express line with the deal of the day.

    #44 - Jacksonville Jaguars (from TB via STL via SD via BAL)
    LB Jamie Collins, Southern Mississippi

    Here come the Jaguars again, and they decide to double dip and solve the problem at outsider linebacker by adding a very muscular linebacker with great straight ahead speed. Collins possesses great change of direction as well and offer the type of rusher the Jaguars haven’t been able to lock down.

    #45 - New York Jets (from CAR via PHI)
    WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee

    The Jets have a lot of smaller receivers and Stephen Hill didn’t exactly prove ready to be a starter on the outside, so New York’s new GM dips into unknown territory for him and select a receiver in the early rounds. Hunter has been a solid receiver for the Vols, but is a notch below teammate Patterson. Still Hunter can prove to be a solid starter in time.

    #46 - VACANT (NO forfeit due to bounty program)

    I want to thank the Saints for transgressions against the hardworking players of every other team. Remember when taking part in illegal activities, DO NOT keep track of money in a ledger. They really Caponed themselves here, now que the slow motion baby pram.

    #47 - St. Louis Rams (from SD via MIA via BAL via NYJ)
    CB Jamar Taylor, Boise State

    The Rams made it rain on DeAngelo Hall and gave Dmitri Patterson a fair contract but like so many other teams St Louis will look to add some more depth to eventually replace an overpaid veteran. Taylor is better in zone and gives the Rams a dependable corner who will make the right plays because we imagine Hall might choose not to make those plays from time to time.

    #48 - Buffalo Bills (from STL via BAL via JAX via SF via GB)
    WR Robert Woods, Southern California

    After collecting two first rounders the Bills trade back for several in the second round but have trouble deciding where to use them as there are no PFF numbers to fall back on. Unfortunately his wife didn’t allow for a dart board for the Rams method isn’t feasible here.

    After some deliberation they settle on Robert Woods who is a better athlete than some of the most recent USC receivers. However we don’t expect Woods to change the fortunes of Trojan pass catchers in the league. Instead he will make a unspectacular number two but the Bills will force onto the fan base his PFF numbers in limited plays to prove how good of a starter he is… without starting.

    #49 - Dallas Cowboys
    DT Jesse Williams, Alabama

    Losing the likes of Jay Ratliff hurts so the Cowboys take another big body that is considered one of the strongest potential nose tackles in the draft. He should take up a lot of double teams, dare as I say just as many double fists as the GM himself. Will he be sober to make this pick? Not likely.

    #50 - Miami Dolphins (from PIT via DEN)
    RB Montee Ball, Wisconsin

    It’s been about forty-four picks since the Dolphins picked Tavon Austin and they are still unsettled with what they want to do with their running back situation. Lamar Miller looks like he could be a lead back but Daniel Thomas is looking like a Ron Dayne type power back, that’s right one who runs with a lack of power.

    To push Miller they bring one of the more accomplished backs in all of college football. A lot of skeptics say he’s not that dynamic but he will work well as a one cut back who can find the lane and turn up. The Dolphins will be more than happy to start the run on tail backs. Then again Chris Clemons didn’t exactly set the world on fire as part of the defensive back unit that was equal to Miss Daisy.

    #51 - New York Giants
    OT DJ Fluker, Alabama

    The Giants were able to resigne Will Beatty to hefty contract after opting to bring back Victor Cruz with a franchise tag. They have some interesting options for right tackle but might feel like they have to upgrade the right side. Taking a cue from Adrian Peterson’s big season with the Vikings they decide on their own mountain of a tackle by selecting Fluker out of Alabama. Paired up with Chris Snee the addition of Fluker will open up some holes for David Wilson.

    #52 - Chicago Bears
    DE Datone Jones, UCLA

    The Bears are excited that the UCLA product has dropped so far, but there has been value at every pick so far due to the depth of the draft. Considered a first round pick Jones gives the Bears a future replacement for Julius Pepper and a much better backup behind Peppers and Wooten than the likes of Kyler Moore.

    I know he’s a bit of a tweener but the Bears would be smart to bring a quick burst athlete like Jones to the team and try him at linebacker as well.

    #53 - Washington Redskins (from WAS via BUF)
    DT Kawann Short, Purdue

    The Redskins must have been drinking too much Coke Zero since signing that advertisement deal because a tumor would explain the reasons for cutting Barry Cofield and trying to sign Ricky Jean-Francois to nearly the same salary. This tells me they want to get younger with a defensive tackle who can line up at end as well. If they decide to save their free cap space they can bring in Short for less money they would on the untested Francois.

    Short is a big bodied tackle who has a long wingspan and can knock down balls. He has taken on a lot of double teams but need to get a mean streak. Hopefully the Redskins put down the can of Coke, or bag (hey some people take it differently) and draft Short.

    #54 - Baltimore Ravens (from MIN via CIN)
    QB EJ Manuel, Florida State

    What you can tell about the Ravens quarterbacks is that they are athletic and run well. Although Vick has been trying to be more of a traditional quarterback, his backup Dennis Dixon is still more of a run first pivot. So it only makes sense the Ravens bring in an athletic quarterback with a high upside.

    Manuel will frustrate with some of his decisions but he’s got a strong arm and the legs to escape a collapsing pocket and defenders chasing him down. This is a must because the duo of Vick and Dixon is as reliable for a winning season as JP Losman and Trent Edwards.

    #55 - Pittsburgh Steelers (from CIN via TB via DEN)
    WR Ryan Swope, Texas A&M

    The Steelers haven’t had a pick since taking their man Dee Milliner at number one, which meant they missed out on drafting some talented defensive players that would have helped alleviate the advance age of players like Brett Keisel. However looking at their receivers they have Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders and not much else beyond that.

    They love speed and a receiver who turned some heads and helped his draft stock is Ryan Swope who may prove to be the next speedy slot to garner national attention. Who should I compare him to, Wes Welker? Danny Amendola? Jordy Nelson? Brandon Stokley? Nah, I’m not going there. He’s an efficient route runner who has a second gear, which he proved at the combine and gives the Steelers even more speed at receiver.

    #56 - Buffalo Bills (from IND via MIA via SD via JAX via DEN via GB)
    LB Khaseem Greene, Rutgers

    If you tell the Bills they need to fill a position I’m sure they’ll just print out some PFF numbers to state otherwise. I’ll say otherwise like a need to create some competition at the linebacker position and why not do that with the ability to allude blocks with his rare athleticism and speed.

    Not to mention he is one of the better open field tacklers at linebacker, he will offer something that O’Brien Schofield or Chris White can offer.

    #57 - Green Bay Packers
    DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina

    With a switch to a 4-3 the Packers need more depth on their defensive front rotation. Right now they have a solid number of defensive ends up look shallow at tackle with only three players signed at the position. Williams has some great moves like his swim, but will deal with consistency issues early on. Williams is still a big upgrade over Jerel Worthy who is another young player. They need another big body to anchor the middle of the line and it wouldn’t make any sense if they decided to skip on a tackle here after adding talent elsewhere.

    #58 - Miami Dolphins (from SEA)
    LB DeVonte Holloman, South Carolina

    Prior to the draft the Dolphins were happy with their linebackers but looking at how less athletic they are compared to some other units in the league they decide to add a player who works angles wells and picks upon both the pass and run quickly. He comes off the edge better than someone like Burnett or Misi. They made sure they could add points to the scoreboard but will now look to add pieces towards the back of their defense. Next up? Cornerback.

    #59 - New York Jets (from HOU)
    OG Justin Pugh, Syracuse

    The Jets are a little questionable on the inside of their offensive line, especially if they are thinking about plugging in Vladimir “DaBust”Casse. So it’s only natural to pick up the best combination of speed and athleticism. The other thing that sells the Jets on Pugh is his experience as a starter of all his games for three years.

    If the Jets can’t read the signs then they might as well throw in the towel because Flacco needs some protection and Steven Jackson would appreciate some holes to run through.

    #60 - Houston Texans (from DEN via TB)
    TE Gavin Escobar, San Diego State

    Tamme is a nice tight end but he isn’t the hybrid pass catcher you see torching up teams down the seam or in the red zone like Jimmy Graham or Aaron Gonzalez. The Texans add another wrinkle to their offense by taking the Escobar who is a big body and will cause match up nightmares in the red zone.

    Good at getting separation from linebackers covering him. He will be better suited lining up in the slot than the traditional position beside the tackle. He’ll need to work on his blocking but there is a reason teams are specializing tight ends these days.

    #61 - New England Patriots
    CB Jordan Poyer, Oregon State

    The Patriots still need to fix their passing defense, especially now since they were unable to resign Talib who improved a terrible pass defense when he came over in a trade. Jordan Poyer offers a tough, physical corner who is more than happy to play in the run game as well. He struggles they can always make the conversion to safety. He should be better than any other corner the Patriots have drafted out of the second round so far.

    #62 - San Francisco 49ers (from ATL via JAX)
    TE Vance McDonald, Rice

    The 49ers look to add a replacement for Delani Walker and no Hoomanawanui is not some cheap free agent replacement, he just provides the “O”s the coaches need when drawing up plays. They bring in a Tight End who is an aggressive blocker with long arm and big hands that allow him to snatch balls away from his body. He fits the mold of 49ers Tight End.

    #63 - Buffalo Bills (from SF via GB)
    S Bacarri Rambo, Georgia

    They gained two first rounders after losing Jarius Byrd, and then turned those picks into several second rounders however they still need a ball hawking safety. Rambo provides them with a similar type of centerfielder who locks on the quarterbacks eyes and to get a jump on the ball. He is highly intuitive and an aggressive tackler who will deliver some knockout hits, one thing Byrd didn’t do enough of if any. Brings a little meanness to the backfield.

    #64 - Tennessee Titans (from BAL)
    RB Giovanni Bernard, North Carolina

    The last pick in the second round brings to the Titans a different type of runner than Marshawn Lynch. Bernard is a more compact runner but still runs with power and has the patience to find the hole. The first back to back thousand yard rushers for the Tarheels, Bernard can also help on punt returns.

    - - -

    The second round felt a lot like the first row, a lot of repeating faces. It’s like going out for a girl for one night and getting sick of her face, and then being forced to wake up every morning with said girl. Then you realize you’re married to her, or if you’re lucky you’re just Bill Murray in Ground Hog’s Day.

    Hopefully the next round gives me some deviation, then again I’m not that lucky it’s how I got my job. I wonder if Glazer would be willing to take over the rest of the way…


    #65 - Kansas City Chiefs
    OT Kyle Long, Oregon

    Both offensive tackles on the roster are better off on the right side meaning that Long might see time at left tackle from the first day of the season. The only knock on that is the scheme the Ducks used didn’t have their offensive lineman hold blocks for too long. However Kyle Long has the family genes and is a big man who is light on his feet and with the experience to play Left tackle or left guard he should fit in with the Chiefs who can develop him into their blindside protector. They may hide him behind Donald Stephenson this season as well.

    #66 - St. Louis Rams (from JAX via TB via BUF)
    RB Johnathan Franklin, UCLA

    No I won’t be giving the Rams any more defensive backs but I will address their running backs. Yes, they might have solved their problem by adding Bradshaw but for a twenty seven year old back he has the body of one well past thirty. He might not be the same dynamic back the Giants used in conjunction with Brandon Jacobs. So the Rams bite the bullet and bring in a back that has NFL speed and can make defenders miss in small spaces. Franklin gives the kind of runner St Louis hopes to get out of Bradshaw. If Ahmad can’t provide that there’s nothing wrong with handing the ball to Franklin.

    #67 - Arizona Cardinals (from DET)
    CB Darius Slay, Mississippi State

    The Cardinals have had trouble luring defensive backs to their team unless they throw double digit millions at them. So it only makes sense that they add to heir cornerbacks through the draft. With only their second pick so far they decide on a more than capable corner in Slay.

    He has an advantage with recognizing routes which shows his intelligence, but the knock on him is the lack of experience playing high level opponents. Maybe he would be better off playing against the Cardinals. Possibly an immediate starter but we’ll have to wait and see during training camp.

    #68 - Oakland Raiders
    QB Matt Barkley, Southern California

    The Raiders has had a history with USC quarterbacks. There were rumors that Mark Sanchez would wind up in Oakland but with their cap situation it wasn’t meant to be instead he forms the burrito brothers in Dallas with Romo. Meanwhile in Oakland a quarterback who suffers a big fall because of an awful senior season now gets to take over Matt Leinart’s role as Carson Palmers back up until he becomes the next heart breaking quarterback for the Raiders. I fully expect Andrew Walter potential with this pick.

    #69 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from PHI)
    QB Mike Glennon, North Carolina State

    This has been a strange draft for quarterbacks but then again this is a weak crop and most teams have chosen to fix areas of weakness that will see immediate impacts instead of waiting on one of these problem filled quarterback prospects.

    Glennon gets compared to Flacco, but he is definitely more like Drew Bledsoe who can take a team into the playoffs with the right makeup around him. Even if he has a canon for an arm he still struggles to make the right decisions but funny enough has been seen to deal with stress fairly well. This is an upgrade over what the Bucs have now under center.

    #70 - Miami Dolphins (from CLE)
    DE Sam Montgomery, Louisiana State

    Someone forgot about this man. This is definitely too far of a drop for one of LSU’s most productive defenders. He projects as one of the best pass rushers in the draft and could make the transition to outside linebacker. The Dolphins opt not to pass on the best player left in the draft and out in Arizona there are tears wetting the ground.

    #71 - Arizona Cardinals
    DE Alex Okafor, Texas

    The question with Okafor is, do you have a better run defender on your hand than a pass rusher? The answer yes, oh and Arizona is still a little teary eyed over losing out on Montgomery but Okafor was projected just as high… he just happens to not be the rusher the Cardinals want.

    This continues to be a rough offseason for the Cardinals but they’ll take solace that Bruce Arians will help the Cardinals to a hard fought third place in their division. This is what happens when you’re a have not… or Ohio State fan.

    #72 - Tennessee Titans
    S Eric Reid, Louisiana State

    The Titans could use some depth at safety and add a smart defensive back who can read and react quickly, he is a solidly built downhill prospect who has a pop in his hit. Could be just as good as any LSU defensive back in the past few years.

    #73 - Cleveland Browns (from BUF via TB via BUF)
    RB Andre Ellington, Clemson

    It’s been a long time since we heard from the Browns, no I’m not talking about since the start of free agency. It was sixty one picks ago I talked about the black hole that traditionally is the Browns offense. So they add a dynamic playmaker at running back who is actual measured smaller than he really is. They’ll still be able to use him out wide or in the slot and out of the backfield. I predict he’ll be as productive as CJ Spiller was in his first two seasons, but will develop into a back with breakaway ability.

    #74 - Miami Dolphins (from NYJ via JAX via BAL)
    WR Da’Rick Rogers, Tennessee Tech

    I looked to see if there were any highly rated Iowa players but alas not this year, then I thought you know what the Dolphins didn’t have a chance to call up Chris Chambers to play for them again. Ok I’m not saying Rogers is a Chris Chambers clone, given time he could actually be a solid number one. He would be what Julio Jones is to Roddy White, except the Dolphins number one can stretch the field.

    Now that I mentioned Chamber you might see the Dolphins hold a press conference for his signing, but maybe he’ll think with his head for once and take this small school prospect with a high ceiling.

    #75 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    OT Terron Armstead, Arkansas-Pine Bluff

    When you go out and give big money to Doug Free despite the year he had you know there are some questions on your offensive line. However that can be fixed if an amazing athlete from a small school pans out. The Buccaneers are more than happy to make some waves and bring in a player who doesn’t need playing time right away. We may be looking at Mike Glennon’s future best friend.

    #76 - Baltimore Ravens (from CAR via SF via JAX)
    OG Larry Warford, Kentucky

    There’s some recognizable names on the Ravens interior offensive line, but I usually recognize them for not being very good and if you don’t want your athletic running quarterbacks constantly outside the pocket you may want to consider adding to the line and strengthening the unit. Warford will give them a steady presence and build another strong guard that will leave for more money in the future. This team sure knows how to farm offensive guards.

    #77 - New Orleans Saints
    LB Nico Johnson, Alabama

    New Orleans has so many holes on defense that they could find themselves sinking and submerged. A switch for the 3-4 can take a number of years to fully incorporate but it’s even harder in the first year when you lose picks for a scandal. This team needs a true thumper at middle linebacker and Nico Johnson can fill that role. Of course not the prospect that Don’t’a Hightower was Johnson fills more the Brandon Spikes role on the Patriots. Hopefully they don’t get caught for tapping in on other teams during the draft or the 3-4 might take even longer to install.

    #78 - Washington Redskins (from SD via BUF)
    OT Dallas Thomas, Tennessee

    Jason Smith couldn’t even find his way to starting for the Jets last season and is on of the Redskins reserves at tackle and could find himself starting if Jared Gaither becomes unreliable. Trent Williams is a pro bowler on the left side so it’s a must to have the right side be just as strong. Thomas can be developed to take over for Gaither over the long term. The Redskins are at a point where they should be looking to develop players to extend Robert Griffin’s career.

    #79 - Seattle Seahawks (from MIA)
    CB Tharold Simon, Louisiana State

    Champ Bailey is in the later stages of his career and that price tag he carries around might make him expendable after this season, so it’s only logical for the ‘hawks to grab a replacement. Simon is a smart player who has been knocked for a lack of fast twitch fibers but I don’t believe it. This is going to be your typical Seahawks steal at corner, especially when he fits the mold of a big defender. The rich get richer… or die trying, I heard that’s what uncle Pete has tattooed on his chest.

    #80 - Minnesota Vikings (from STL via WAS via JAX)
    QB Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

    What an offseason of turmoil for the once proud Viking clan of Minnesota. They lost one of their biggest players and I do mean big, but have done a good job of turning a weakness and revenge into a strength in the defensive backfield. Now they have to fix the most glaring problem… the one at quarterback. McElroy is a third quarterback at best and Joe Webb needs to go back to receiver or tight end. So it’s only wise to replace a quarterback who failed to throw for over 60 yards in 4 games with a future stud.

    Wilson a stronger arm than Ponder and can make the throws Ponder can’t. The one thing that the Vikings will love about their new quarterback is his toughness, he will get hit stand back up displaying his tough non-verbal leadership. He will stare down the barrel of a gun and make any throws he needs to. Minnesota wants a man that is Vikings tough, and I can’t think of anyone better than Wilson at quarterback.

    #81 - Denver Broncos (from PIT via DEN via MIN)
    CB Tyrann Mathieu, Louisiana State

    The Honey Badger fits the talented troubled soul that the Denver Broncos GM doesn’t mind gambling on. He’s a lot shorter than you’d want a corner to be but has the skills to keep up with receivers, however he won’t win any jump balls. He might be small in stature but has made a big name for himself, which will lure the Broncos GM like his name was Gollum.

    #82 - Dallas Cowboys
    TE Jordan Reed, Florida

    Jason Witten is old, the Cowboys might mistaken that sentence for Jason Witten demanding Old E in the Dallas locker rooms, or that Jason wants to play for the Colts. What that really means is that Witten can still put up the numbers the Cowboys need more than Hanna backing him up since Hanna is more of a blocking tight end. Reed gives the ‘Boys another receiving option that offers a big body to make third down catches.

    #83 - New York Giants
    RB Stepfan Taylor, Stanford

    Another power runner out of Stanford much like Toby Gerhart, Taylor has a lot of wear on his tires but gives the Giants that low to the ground plodding back they like to use in tandem with their quicker backs. Ok so Taylor isn’t that kind of plodding back but he will bring the boom to Wilson’s quickness. He also works well catching out of the backfield so can be used for multiple downs if Wilson has a down sophomore year.

    #84 - Cleveland Browns (from CHI via MIA)
    OT Oday Aboushi, Virginia

    Remember when Joe Thomas provided a rock at Left tackle, well he’s gone and after adding a couple dynamic offensive pieces the Browns need to reestablish their offensive line. Mitchell Schwartz will more than likely see time on the left side now, and with the addition of Oday they’ll have a tackle who can play on either side. Oday isn’t as strong as you would want a right tackle but can get stronger, eventually his athleticism will beg for him to get a shot at the blindside.

    #85 - Miami Dolphins (from MIN via PHI via SEA)
    S Phillip Thomas, Fresno State

    Adding more depth to the Dolphins safety ranks, Thomas is a hard hitter that can make plays to open up the game. He is an interesting prospect as he doesn’t have the ceilings of other safeties but in the right system can be a major banger especially in the run game.

    #86 - Cincinnati Bengals
    OL Travis Frederick, Wisconsin[/b]

    Frederick was part of the same line that boasted Kevin Zeitler and Peter Konz who have proven they belong in the pros. Frederick falls into the same mold of a center who might be better as a guard at the next level. The Bengals would benefit from grooming Frederick to be their next starting right guard or center for the next decade.

    #87 - Cleveland Browns (from WAS)
    DT John Jenkins, Georgia

    One of the biggest bodies in the draft, Jenkins should have gone earlier but fall into the Browns laps. They are happy to add such a massive specimen to the middle of their defensive tackle rotation and could immediately push Soliai for the starting role.

    #88 - Carolina Panthers (from IND)
    OT David Bakhtiari, Colorado

    Carolina makes their first appearance in the draft, and the first of two appearance on the greatest mock the world has ever seen and what do they do? Look for Jordan Gross’ replacement seeing as that man’s body is breaking down. Once upon a time Gross was anything but… gross, however now he might be better off going back to the right side of the line.

    Bakhtiari will the first man off the snap and deals with bull rushers with great skill, he lacks the height you want but his long arms make up for that. He is also bottom heavy and has good balance. Not close to the athlete that Nate Solder was coming out of Colorado, but as deceptive quickness.

    #89 - Tennessee Titans (from SEA)
    WR Chris Harper, Kansas State

    Harper has good speed and body control, because of his experience as a quarterback his IQ as a receiver is higher than those of his peers. He might have a lack of production but that is more about Kansas State’s offense then it is about Harper as a receiver.

    Not necessarily a need, the Titans have had several picks to deal with weaknesses on the roster and decide to treat themselves to a player who has worked hard and become the number one receiver for his team showing dedication to his craft.

    #90 - Buffalo Bills (from GB)
    LB Kiki Alonso, Oregon

    We take a dip back into the linebacker prospects as the Bills fill out their inside position with more depth by adding the third highest rated inside linebacker. Alonso is more athletic than a typical inside linebacker and could make the move to the outside which will benefit the Bills.

    Mason Foster won’t have to worry about his starting spot, but both players together should cause a lot of problems for teams in the upcoming season. The Bills only have a few spots open and this will be one of their better picks.

    #91 - Carolina Panthers (from HOU)
    RB Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State

    Jonathan Stewart looks every bit deserving of his draft status, but other times looks like one of the biggest busts you’ve seen play the game. Felix Jones isn’t any better as he never broke away as a starter instead ceding that to Murray in Dallas.

    Bell offers the Panthers a big bodied power runner who actually has good one cut ability. He doesn’t have that break away speed from a number one back but offers a different set of skills that will help the Panthers. He also has good hands coming out of the backfield and can actually perform the jobs of both Stewart and Jones. His leaping ability also shows the athleticism he possesses that will help him at the next level.

    #92 - Green Bay Packers (from DEN via MIA)
    CB Robert Alford, Southeastern Louisiana

    This is just like the national media, there are thirty-one other teams in the league and all I hear about is the Packers. Well they have a deep team and this offseason proved a little easier to add the depth to take them back to the playoffs. I suspect a quarterback is in play here so they can develop another player they can trade away for a higher price. However they add a fifth cornerback who’ll have time to develop. He had a good showing at the Senior Bowl and could be the diamond in the rough that many teams try to unearth.

    #93 - New England Patriots
    C Brian Schwenke, California

    Adding some depth behind Ryan Wendell, Schwenke has a good low base and uses his leverage against bigger players. He has only had one year as a starter in the middle of the line but doesn’t have to worry as the Patriots have been known to develop lineman. He has more than enough talent to be as good as Dan Connolly or Dan Koppen.

    The Patriots are in a rebuild mode of sorts, but this is one of the key moves that will leave their future bright enough that they may be able to make the playoffs. Hopefully Mallet is the answer behind center.

    #94 - Atlanta Falcons
    LB AJ Klein, Iowa State

    The Falcons have made the move to try and win this year by giving up on another decade of starts by Matt Ryan, instead Tom Brady will take the Falcons back to the Superbowl with one of the most impressive offenses in the league. However their defense could use a tweak especially adding more depth at linebacker.

    Klein is a tackling machine with solid technique and will help Smith’s corp make sure no one gets away, or the very least behind them. A couple big plays last season burned the Falcons and with Klein’s sure tackling should help avoid some more big plays.

    #95 - New York Jets (from SF via DEN via HOU via DEN via BAL via STL)
    TE Dion Sims, Michigan State

    What helped Joe Flacco in Baltimore were his Tight Ends as he developed a rapport with Dennis Pitta, unfortunately the Jets traded away Dustin Keller and now have to replace his production from the Tight End position. Enter Dion Sims who is a big body that is hard to bring down, he will gain the yards after catch the Jets need. He has a great combination of strength, speed and athleticism and will be a good target for Flacco, just not on the level of Keller for a couple seasons.

    #96 - Baltimore Ravens (from BAL via NYJ)
    LB John Simon, Ohio State

    The Ravens take the road back to having a dominant defense like years past, so far Baltimore has added some fantastic pieces but with John Simon they add the best motor in the entire draft. There is no quit in this man. His will to succeed and blue collar work ethic will make him a favorite of the Ravens fans.

    He is too small to be an end at the next level but a move to outside linebacker will benefit him. He will have to get better in coverage but has good fundamentals to build on. He’ll contribute as a role player and come up through the Ravens system like Ellerbe and others that have moved on. The Ravens could be a very scary defensive team in a season or two.

    Some fans have been pestering me about compensatory picks, sorry to tell you all I don’t do compensatory picks. They just cheapen my wonderful skills as the leading GML analyst.

    Just remember that this mock is 100% accurate. It is so accurate that 0% of the picks will be made because those no brain GMs will be scrambling to prove the smartest man in all of football wrong. It’s sad really. Until then I am still the King of Kipers.

    One last question for you that I pulled out of the old wonderlic test here at GML Headquarters…

    How much glaze can a canglazer glaze if a canglazer can glaze glaze? Just ask the Commissioner he knows a thing or two about dealing with glaze…
  2. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    Walter wasn't bad, but the team around him was awful. We had nothing to help him with.
  3. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    Then it is settled, Oakland shall be renamed the Trojans.
  4. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    Baltimore has my 2nd round pick. I signed Dennis Pitta and my line isn't ugly its COMPLETE!

    Also you intrigue me. Maybe I'll do rounds 2-3 but **** writes ups.
  5. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    I'm retiring Peter Kiper from doing anymore long as mocks. Done. Finished.
  6. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    Walter played for ASU though.
  7. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    Bro we need a 7 round mock due tomorrow. Go go go go go go. Then a full scale UDFA predictions.
  8. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    I was referring to Palmer - Leinart - you drafting Barkley
  9. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    why bring up Walter in relation then?
  10. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    Barkley = Walter in Oakland :fry:
  11. Paul 13

    Paul 13 Chaotic Neutral & Unstable Genius Staff Member

    Dec 3, 2007
    Jason La Canglzer @glazedonut

    -I hear the #Rams are to sign Ahmad Bradshaw

    -The Rams GM actually thinks Deangelo Hall can play free safety, we'll see

    -What does the Rams GM have up his sleeve? Something isn't right about these tea leaves.

    -AJ Jenkins is their #1 now
  12. Paul 13

    Paul 13 Chaotic Neutral & Unstable Genius Staff Member

    Dec 3, 2007
    There is no way Mingo gets passed me at 16... nor Teo at 22. Just saying.
  13. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007

    My condolences.

    Looks like I don't need a CB.
  14. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    Peter Kiper @kingkiper
    smoke screen, trust me when I say my sources are the ones to believe not some message board goon
  15. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008

    only against the Rams as your third place in the division has been mentioned :shifty:
  16. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    Well at least I'm not last. I'll take that as a victory for me.
  17. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member Retired Administrator

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Its funny when people try and predict what Im going to do next when half the time I dont even know what im going to do next :madscientist:
  18. schisno

    schisno Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    you and every other GM in the league
  19. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    You will go LB.
  20. JMHPhin

    JMHPhin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 27, 2007
    GTFO of my war room spy!
  21. Ophinerated

    Ophinerated Preposterous!

    Apr 1, 2008
    Love your commentary for the Patriots! Spot on, the rats are already abandoning ship!
  22. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member Retired Administrator

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Really? I mean at some point thats likely but usually its BPA. I could just as easily go tackle, WR, or TE. Or CB.
  23. VanDolPhan

    VanDolPhan Club member Club Member

    Nov 26, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario Canada
    I'd be surprised if Barret Jones goes in the first. Simply because I can't see folks here investing in a Center early in this league ;p
  24. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    Centers doesn't usually go early. Jones isn't even that good he is just versatile.
  25. Ophinerated

    Ophinerated Preposterous!

    Apr 1, 2008
    Prepare to be bewildered and amazed!
  26. VanDolPhan

    VanDolPhan Club member Club Member

    Nov 26, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario Canada
    The more the merrier. Every person that drafts a center or one of these poor excuses for a draft QB in the first just makes me smile :)
  27. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    I don't know, I think at some point they become BPA.
  28. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    Yes but I wouldn't reach for a center. There really isn't a center that is going to command a top 64 pick.
  29. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    There's a few around that cut off I like, but I also think I like trench players more than others here.
  30. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    It was pretty surprising the amount money thrown at the oline this offseason. Draft is quite deep. Quality linemen throughout every round. I have a feeling there are going to be plenty there in round 3 that have a good chance going early 2 maybe push round 1.
  31. VanDolPhan

    VanDolPhan Club member Club Member

    Nov 26, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario Canada
    People neglected their OL's quite a bit early on. It became noticeable when cut signings started and crappy guards were going for $4 million.

    Everyone thought I was nuts for going in hardcore on a matchable tender...but that $16 million was only $3 million more then the top guard pulled.
  32. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    I still think you're crazy :lol:
    Boik14 likes this.
  33. VanDolPhan

    VanDolPhan Club member Club Member

    Nov 26, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario Canada
    Sure, but now I have 4 out of 5 OL guys who are solid run blockers when I had a pure pass protecting line before. Add in 3 guys who are all home run hitters at RB....and yah. Let the league go to passing/pass defense. I'll eat up their undersized linebackers and pass rushing DT's ;p
  34. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    because that's working so swell in the real NFL?
  35. VanDolPhan

    VanDolPhan Club member Club Member

    Nov 26, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario Canada
    As much as the league keeps moving to a passing game...those teams still don't tend to win Superbowls. San Fran got there via it's #3 defense/#4 rushing attack. Baltimore got there by it's rushing attack and Flacco playing amazingly mistake free football. I mean really...no interceptions? Wow.
  36. Nappy Roots

    Nappy Roots Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2007
    Did this mock just really say the Bears had not only a need, but a glaring need at corner? Lmao
  37. Mach

    Mach Cap Dude

    Apr 20, 2009
    SF also had one of the highest passing numbers too. But look at where teams rank juxtaposed to playoff teams. High correlation to pass D and pass O.

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