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Pennington or Sparano

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by plc001, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. plc001

    plc001 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Jun 22, 2008
    Sparano is obviously responsible for play calling, but does Pennington have the ability to audible? How much freedom does he have to change the play. I know the announcers suggested that Pennington saw an all out blitz and changed the play at the line of scrimmage to a Ronnie Brown run up the middle on the 3rd and 5 call with around 5mins to play.

    Also the two minute drill. It's gotta be almost impossible to coach that poorly. That has to be failure to execute.

    I seems if Pennington gets rattled this team collapses. For the final two minutes, it seemed as if we were playing Atlanta again.

    I wish I knew who choked, Pennington or Sparano. Is it even possible to tell? BTW, all this is moot if Ted Ginn makes a very common reception in the end-zone.

    Any insight?

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