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Parcells, Dimitroff in the draft spotlight

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by ATVZ400, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. ATVZ400

    ATVZ400 Senior Member

    Mar 22, 2008
    parts unknown, NJ

    So here you have Parcells and Dimitroff. Starting right at the top, Parcells was essentially sitting at the worst kind of No. 1 slot in the draft. He’s coming a year after a quarterback went No. 1 overall, and staring at a crop of upper-tier talent with no true No. 1. However, Parcells signed Long to a five-year, $57.5 million deal that included $30 million in guaranteed money – an eye-popping figure for a rookie offensive lineman. It’s a deal that makes Long the league’s highest paid offensive lineman before he’s taken a single snap. Let that sink in. Long has far outdistanced the seven-year $52.5 million deal signed by the Seattle Seahawks’ Walter Jones in 2005, as well as the seven-year, $52.8 million deal inked by Orlando Pace in 2004. Which means, in effect, that Parcells is signing player who would merely be a top 10 pick in a talent-rich draft to a No. 1 overall deal that is similar to the one given to a “marquee” quarterback last year.
  2. Bpk

    Bpk Premium Member Luxury Box

    ugh. Don't like when it's put that way.

    I have been surprised that many have touted the contract as a win-win, because we paid less OVERALL than last year's number one, but a win for jake because it's less years.

    How the heck is that a win for us? Look, if you sell a guy 5 apples for $5, then I come up and convince you to sell me two apples for $4, have I "WON"? No! I paid $2 per apple!

    so, the reality is, we're paying Jake more per year than JaMarcus gets (a QB). Bill may have WANTED to bust the rookie salary slotting (supposedly) but he settled for the PERCEPTION of a victory, while really giving in to the economic realities of the game.

    Am I upset, no, actually. This is just the way it is. I think it's stupid that the NFL continues to overpay unproven rookies, but the entire SYSTEM needs an overhaul and for now we had to pay our guy the current market rate to get him into camp and into a Phins uniform.

    Heck, in two years other OTs will be earning more than Jake again, anyways.

  3. phinphever

    phinphever Punk, Make My Day!!

    Dec 20, 2007
    Ocala, FL
    I agree atleast he will be in camp and no hold outs, This system needs to be fixed.
  4. PhiNomina

    PhiNomina White-Collar Redneck Club Member

    Dec 21, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    I am confused on which player we were supposed to take who wasn't going to demand that contract and has already played a down in the NFL.

    We had the #1 pick - the money was already spent because we couldn't trade out so we selected the guy we thought helped our team the most.

    No matter who the selection they were going to be the highest paid at their position - it is the nature of the draft right now. I agree it is crazy and unfortunate that we got stuck with the #1 in a year devoid of a true "superstar" prospect but I struggle to blame Parcells for the lack of the elite prospect.
  5. NaboCane

    NaboCane Banned

    Nov 24, 2007
    The media is causing all this moaning and wailing and hand-wringing over "the contract", but the simple fact is that the amount of money in the deal was the amount necessary to make the deal - no more, no less.

    Yes, it's appalling that long will be the highest-paid lineman in the league without taking a snap. It's patently wrong.

    But that's a systemic issue, not the fault or doing of the team or the player. It's just reality.

    The league should have instituted a rookie scale years ago, but it didn't and to my knowledge, there isn't even a real proposal on the table anywhere to begin talking about one.

    That's for the league to address when they choose to; whenever they do, it will be too late for the Dolphins - they'll be on the hook for $30M guaranteed to a guy who will most likely end up being the starting Right Tackle when it's all said and done.

    But don't fault Parcells, Long or his agent - they did what the system is designed for them to do in order to do business.
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  6. MonstBlitz

    MonstBlitz Nobody's Fart Catcher

    Jan 14, 2008
    Hornell, NY
    We did the best we could do being stuck in that spot. Time for a rookie salary cap.
  7. slickj101

    slickj101 Is Water

    Dec 21, 2007
    If Jake Long is starting at Right Tackle, we've pretty much just admitted the fact that we screwed up our 1st pick and spent it on a guy who we thought was something he isn't.
  8. Bofin

    Bofin Member

    Apr 22, 2008
    exactly correct, i would love to have seen parcells somehow "stick it to the system" but in reality any thing of the sort is risky and gambles with our product. they functioned the best they could in the existing environment, thats that. i hope long is our left tackle for years to come
  9. FanMarino

    FanMarino Season Ticket Holder

    Nov 24, 2007
    If it was the next Franchise QB ala Peyton Manning would we still be griping about it? I dont think we would. Its the fact there was no clear cut No1 and a player who can be a game breaker. LT is a huge position. We arnt even sure Jake Long is a future 10yr LT which goes to show the weakness of this yrs draft. There are major or should i say POTENTIAL weaknesses with every top 5 pick. Face the facts, we havnt got a dead cert with our pick (at LT anyway) but weve got the BPA who is projected to be a stud at RT at least which doesnt add up to his big money deal but hes heading to LT spot anyway according to Soprano so lets at least see how the kid works out and give him a chance to become the next Richmond Webb.
  10. NaboCane

    NaboCane Banned

    Nov 24, 2007
    You're right, there seems to be no amount of money that seems unjustified for a QB.

    But the dirty little secret about huge QB contracts that few know is that in the majority of cases, QB's with large cap numbers will often give up money so that the team may sign players to surround the QB with talent, in order to win.

    Peyton Manning has done it on a couple of occasions that I know of, likely more.
  11. slickj101

    slickj101 Is Water

    Dec 21, 2007
    Look at Tom Brady. One of the best QBs, was getting payed nothing so that he had a talented team.

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