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On The Record: My Thoughts On The Miami Dolphins

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by anlgp, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. anlgp

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    On The Record: Miami Dolphins Season

    -The Team

    • The Dolphins will have 9-10 wins this season.
    • They will sweep the Bills
    • They will split with the Jets and the Patriots

    -On Offense

    • Our interior run game will not improve as well as we would have hoped.
    • Donald Thomas will remain healthy and be what he is projected to be.
    • Our WRers will surprise some folks more than the run game will. Reason being MIA is an expected run team. We may run the spread pretty well.
    • Less WC even with the PW option due to remarks made about PW later.

    -On Defense

    • Sean Smith will be the better corner back of the two at least in his rookie year if not for his career.
    • The defense will generate a decent pash rush and hide the weakness we may or may not have in the secondary.
    • McDaniels was worth the 7th rounder.
    • Soliai may be our answer at NT. If not the search continues perhaps a waiver wire pickup/trade/draft next year.


    • ST is an issue
    • Third down is still an issue on both sides of the ball, but will be improved from last year.
    • PA Passes / Screens may kill us for a while
    • Pat White may need some time .. or may not make it at all (but that will be after this season and perhaps the season after that if that is the case as they'll surely give him time to develop)
    • I still like Chris Clemons
    • Sparano, Ireland & Co say that "the two years of two picks at a position (ie. WR/CB this year and DLine last year, etc) are coincidental though they're obviously not afraid to do it". I think it is how they like to draft.
    • I will buy a Sean Smith jersey eventually. If they are not available I will create one.
    Just wanted to put that out there now so I can see how I do at the seasons end.
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