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ok this is bull crap.

Discussion in 'SoapBox - Rants forum' started by Aquafin, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Aquafin

    Aquafin New Member

    Jun 16, 2011
    the poor house
    I have been a dolphin fan a long time and i turn to sports stations and papers to find out out dolphins stuff. and ever since Parcells and his clowns came to miami the media always downplays Miami 's sucess and always comes up with ways to put the dolphins down .

    here are the excusses that media ,former players and coaches will give for the people we want to not to come here.

    #1 i never thought Peyton would go to Miami , because they are in the same division as the patriots and jets. REALLY FOLKS, REALLY? news flash we have always been in the afc east . I never heard this crap when Wanny , Jimmy and Shula were our coaches so why are we hearing this now ?

    #2 no matter what fans think of the media a teams fans dont want to be that team that everyone snickers at. players dont want to come tomiami and coaches because they dont want to face Brady , the jets, and Bills, are you kiddiing me.

    since when is it good for fin fans to sit back and pretend that Miami is a good orginazation. and pretend that all is well.

    #3 the media is currently talking about how every team except Miami that they could see Manning comming to.

    why are dolphin fans making excusses for not becoming a better team. the people defending Ireland need to takea closer look at how we are getting less and less repsect from everyone.

    what the media says shouldnt mean squat , but the truth is since the Tuna and his helpers have landed here we keep getting less and less repsect and Miami looks worse and worse.

    perception is everything because coaches and players dont want to go to a team that is out of favor with the public ,

    how can any decent fin fan expect to win when we are creating more holes and losing out on good coaches and players. Please dont kid yourselves just because Fisher and MANNING WENT ELSEWHERE dosent mean they will be un successful.

    what i am saying is we are still in the afc east and we have always been in the afc east but more and more people are using the excuse we are in Brady's division.

    i am fed up with being looked down upon by near everyone and its not good for a team to keep getting bad press.
  2. Big E

    Big E Plus sized porn star

    Nov 29, 2007
    Bloomington, IN.
    What successes? lol 1 playoff appearance ? 3 losing seasons? What part of that is successful?
  3. jjlovecub

    jjlovecub New Member

    Jan 9, 2011
    Agreed +1
  4. hazed819

    hazed819 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2010
    We WILL be unsuccessful we were unsuccessful last year with a better team as of right now. So if nothing changed, scratch that we traded our 1 sort-of star player so we are as of now worse off. I hope things change but as of right now prepare for a debacle of a season
  5. PhinsRDbest

    PhinsRDbest Transform and Transcend Club Member

    Jan 5, 2010
    the next dimension
    Let them live in their bubble. I wish I was still that optimistic. It's all good.
  6. cdz12250

    cdz12250 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    Coconut Grove
    When New Orleans was the NFL toilet, fans used to go to games with bags over their heads and refer to the team as the "ain'ts", but they still went. Now the worm has turned. I expect the same eventually and am still a fan in the meantime.

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?uyxcn0
  7. JMHPhin

    JMHPhin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 27, 2007
    What? All I see is an unsupported rant. While this is where it goes still an emotional out burst IMO. What causes players coaches to want to come to a team? A track record of solid moves solid decisions. Ross is an unknown as an owner, he is visible so that APPEARS to mean meddlesome. Is he? the problem I have is perception is turned into reality by fans. how? because somehow if Mike and mike say something its gospel. Florio the toad says it in a farce of a blog says it it must be true. Missteps? Sure. Think back to 99 or 98 when Kraft bought NE and they hired BB away from teh jets, who honestly said then that what they had done at THAT time was brilliant? BB and NE were criticized for how it all went down. Theyw ere considered jokes, then 2 yrs later Bledsoe gets hurt and Brady era begins and wala they are geniuses.

    They won, because they got leqadership and qb play. Philbin hasnt coached a down and they invested in a qb.

    Manning turned down 12 teams, 7 never got a conversation. Where did Manning go? Denver, why? um Fox is a very close friend, Elway is pres and is a legend. Comfort and trust. Who does he know with teh fins? Noone. Fisher? we made final 2 out of 6 teams, what was teh diff? ireland, yes Ireland but not for teh reasons you think or portray, because Stl had no GM so Fisher could have a say in who he wanted and teh say over personeel, here he wasnt getting it. You can whine that is wrong all you want, but that is teh structure of the majority of teams includiung the steelers and giants 2 very successful teams.

    It comes down to Ireland, there is a distrust and a dislike. Understandable, in teh past he has been abrasive and standoffish. But he has done pretty well in teh draft, noone hits all, all miss some, the key is to hit on enough. We have talent, we need a qb. Is Tannehill it? I believe so but he has to be coached. He is more ready than most think but still needs groomed. As talent goes his ceiling is as high as Luck and Griffin, the diff is his unknown is greater.

    Patience is at an all time low and they certainly havent earned blind faith. All I am saying is that certain things in the past cant change and somethings at this point arent going to. It isnt that all is ok and teh media is this or that. It is the moves they are making make more sense if you look at it as Tannehill was a guy they targeted all along. The FACTS are that the media doesnt spend enough time on Miami to know all teh details and they piggy back off each other and the dolphins are not alweays forthcoming so perception becomes their enemy. but reality says they have a good core and teh rest of teh draft could fill it in

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