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NFL Draft: Thomas heads an iffy crop of wideouts

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by ATVZ400, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. ATVZ400

    ATVZ400 Senior Member

    Mar 22, 2008
    parts unknown, NJ
    Nine years ago, North Carolina State's Torry Holt clearly was the top wide receiver in the draft. Last year, it was Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson — hands down. So who's No. 1 now? It seems nobody wants the honor.

    — Louisiana State's Early Doucet, who some regarded as college football's top receiver entering the '07 season? He didn't work out at the NFL Scouting Combine after tweaking a hamstring at the Senior Bowl, then ran a ho-hum 4.56 at his pro day.

    — Michigan's Mario Manningham — he of the 72 catches and 12 TDs last season for the Wolverines? There were recent reports that he failed two drug tests at Michigan.

    — Limas Sweed of Texas? There still is concern by some over wrist surgery in mid-October.

    — Malcolm Kelly of Oklahoma? He didn't run at the combine because of a thigh injury, then criticized his school for having him run his pro day 40 on FieldTurf instead of AstroTurf. (He ran slower than expected, 4.68 seconds.) Veteran NFL scout Tom Marino says Kelly's case takes the cake.

    "A guy running 4.68 does not mean anything to me," said Marino, who now works as an analyst for Scout.com.

    There are many star NFL receivers, past and present, who didn't have dazzling 40 times. Jerry Rice, Anquan Boldin and Michael Irvin come to mind. But Kelly showed up overweight, then complained when his 40 time wasn't up to expectations.

    "That turned me off, and I think that turned off NFL teams," Marino said. "The guy's a very talented receiver. I think he's a No. 1 receiver. My problem with him is: What are you getting? Another malcontent wide receiver? He's blaming everybody but himself. He's the guy that ran."

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