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NBA 2015 Teams You'll Be Watching

Discussion in 'Other Sports Forum' started by Galant, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Galant

    Galant Love - Unity - Sacrifice - Eternity Staff Member

    Apr 22, 2014
    Based purely on this past season, which three teams caught your eye and/or will you be keeping an eye on heading into next season (not necessarily the best, but perhaps most improved).

    1 - Dallas Mavericks - I've a feeling the Mavs are going to do much better. I think their performance against San Antonio (and their heart-breaking loss in Game 7) will have stoked a fire underneath them. Ellis was excellent, Vince showed force, and with their pace and a fire in their bellies I think we might be looking at a strong performer next season. Interesting to see if Dirk has the same desire that drove Duncan this season.

    2 - Chicago Bulls - Again, for me, this year was about teams with heart. I think the Spurs won because of their determination and drive following last year's loss, and I think this year we saw Chicago do wonders via sheer force of will. I don't think they achieved what they wanted to, or felt they could and so I don't think that fire has stopped burning. Hopefully, with a good off-season, they can come out stronger, and that Chicago team will not be one to take lightly.

    3 - New York Knicks - Obviously the fate of this team next season hinges on what Carmelo does. However, if he stays, with the new coaching/front office setup in place, I think New York could be in to build a solid contender. I've never been a Knicks fan but after so many years I can say I'll be glad whenever they get their first ring since the 70's. Again, if Carmelo stays I believe it will demonstrate an internal commitment and belief which will speak volumes to the whole squad, and even if they aren't full on contenders this next season, I think, on the top end, we could see them do something like Chicago did this past season.

    4 - Raptors/Nets/Wizards - Of these three I think the Nets seemed to cause the most commotion but I'm not sure I'm a believer yet. I think any of these three could go up or down, so I'll wait for one more season to see which of them, if any, start to demonstrate consistency in improvement.

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