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My Offseason Dream Plan (long post from a french dolfan)

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by fastball83, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. fastball83

    fastball83 Active Member

    Dec 10, 2007
    Hey dolfans Sorry for my poor English,
    Here is my dream for the nexts months : moves on FO, Coaching Staff and Roster.

    FO :

    Mr Ross must decide who’s in charge and in charge of what !
    I mean he must clear who will search the next coach and who will study futures draft pick.
    My opinion is Tannebaum will be the leading searcher for the next HC and Hickey will study draft prospects (perhaps it’s just me but hickey is not too bad for the draft, IMO many of his draft picks from the next two years contributes now ).

    Coaching Staff :

    My HC dream would be a Bill Cowher or a Mike Shula hire (Cowher is my first choice but seems a long road to return…..but perhaps if Ross give him all the power and the money he want he will accept to return + he is a fiery guy, and so like not so much coach had won super bowl with 2 differents teams perhaps the challenge could interest him).
    Shula is my only other choice because of the Shula link with the dolphins and because many month away I rooted for his hire because he’young and seems to be a very good offensive coach ....... so he could be here for a decade at least (and god know we need much stability in dolphins staff).
    OC : My choice will surprise many here but if our future HC is agree with that and if Dan Campbell accept to be our OC, I will go with him, he’s a good guy, his loyalty can’t be put in doubt and he would do anything he can for this team if we retain him + he fit the offensive pound power we need.
    QBC : I will go with Zac Taylor here, he’s young, and like Campbell he just need to learn and I am perhaps the only one to think that…..but IMO RT seems to have improved much since Zach Taylor is the OC…so lets him work with RT.
    DC : If Bill Cowher is the HC I have total faith in his judgment, so I let him choose his guy, if Mike Shula is the HC, I would choose the best defensive mind available to help him.

    Roster Moves :

    I would restructure Tannehill (because I am sure he will be a very good QB in the future with a solid OL, so I want him here for long term and Iam 100% sure he would help the team too for playing with solid guy around him and win.......see the heat exemple here) after that I would do the same with Suh, Albert, Wake, Cameron and Grimes because IMO they are core roster players with Landry and Parker and I want all here for long term with a solid roster around them.
    If one of them don’t want restructure……..cut him and good bye it’s the moment to show team mentality first and to show leadership.

    FA :

    I would not go after a great one OG (if he’s injured that mean return to this year failure) but IMO it’s better to go after 2 solid OG, + I will go after 2 solid CB (with Mc Cain duo and Lippett) we will be fine and in this case we could move Grimes in FS spot (I think his ballhawk ability would be great here).

    Draft :

    I would trade down and pick Jaylon Smith (LB) + Conklin (OL) and I would give what it take to do that and for the later picks I would go FS and speedy OLB

    Thanks to give me your opinion on that plan all dolfans
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    LUDUPORCU New Member

    Feb 15, 2015
    At the start of last off-season, I felt that just THREE positions would actually do MORE than just get us into the Playoffs...it would actually make us a serious contender.

    First, I thought that if we just had a remake of THURSTON and KRAMER (top Gs from LOMBARDI's PACKERS), that would cure the G problem. Because even if our present starting Gs were just "back-up" quality, that'd give us 4 acceptable Gs, 2 of which were legit Starters. And then, almost magically, MATHIS of PHILLY (I believe) became a F/A, and I was just giddy!!!

    I should have KNOWN BETTER!!! Because WITH ALL THAT CAPROOM, stupid MIAMI did next to nothing (an offer that was more of a joke or an insult than a for-real offer) and MATHIS WENT ELSEWHERE!!! And week after week after week after week after week etc..., we watch R TANNEHILL pay the freight: our$90 Million Man looks like a "tackling dummy"!!!

    As for MLB, MIAMI went the "el cheapo" route, signing a real question mark, who turned out to be nothing more than spit-on-toast (expletive deleted). And of course, MIAMI did zippo about MLB in the Draft to remedy this.

    So we still have the same needs that we did on the first Day of the 2015 NFL calendar. MARVELLOUS!!! Vintage MIAMI DOLPHINS stupidity...VINTAGE!
  3. KeyFin

    KeyFin Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 1, 2009
    The problem is that there's not two great CB's just sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring, so you're going to pay a premium. For example, Finnigan started this season for another team and played pretty solid....not the best numbers but better than Grimes. So it's a big gamble there that may not produce anything. I think we're better off turning to the draft for that. For the guards, however, I think you have to go with veterans and I think Albert needs to be replaced as well. He's hurt more than he's not.

    To me though, our biggest hole is at linebacker. If you can't stop the run then you can't win football games, so MLB would be my priority. And on the flip side of that, I think you take a QB in round 1 as well. So that's a lot of picks and a lot of needs...we're not going to be contenders next year.
  4. Phoenician Fan

    Phoenician Fan Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2013
    You are assuming that there is always water in the free agent well and the draft. This just isn't true. Some years there just aren't any real solutions for certain teams.

    This is not a good year for free agent guards. It looks like the only thing a team like the Dolphins could do is overpay for FA's who just aren't that good or who are way past their prime. EX. Alex Boone is a solid player but he is pushing thirty and has been looking for a big pay day for several years now. The same with stopgaps like Mathis.

    In years past Jared Veldheer and Clint Boling were available on the free agent market and I banged the drum like crazy for them. They were good players at reasonable prices. Dolphins could have moved Albert inside to OG and perhaps prolonged his career.

    Bottom line: Pray for a new owner and at least a new FO. The current staff is clueless.

    There is one guy, and only one IMO, who could change the Dolphins organization for the next 16 years. Carson Wentz.....the next HOF QB to enter the arena.
  5. SICK

    SICK Lounge Moderator

    Nov 29, 2007
    Charlotte NC
    Please god get us NFL guards. I have seen better blocking from division 3 lineman than Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner, and to think our FO put their money on these travesty of football players. We MUST improve our interior Oline, and our linebackers. We can get a lot of those in FA and get DB help in the draft if we do it right.

    The failures of guys like Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, Aikens, Turner etc are over. Get competent, smart, athletic guys to come in and compete and we complete our team.

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