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"Lemme Give It A Shot" Draft Grades

Discussion in 'Draft' started by NYGallday521, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    Nothing personal guys, based on my own Big Board rankings.

    Part 1

    AFC East

    Buffalo Bills:
    4.099 - Bryce Petty, QB, Baylor (Value: -38)
    4.100 - Kurtis Drummond, S, Michigan State (Value: -79)
    4.101 - Tyler Sambrailo, OL, Colorado State (Value: 27)
    4.102 - David Cobb, RB, Minnesota (Value: 29)
    4.103 - Ramik Wilson, LB, Georgia (Value: -49)
    4.104 - Ben Koyack, TE, Notre Dame (Value: -51)
    5.138 - Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State (Value: -56)
    5.149 - Marcus Hardison, DL, Arizona State (Value: 53)
    5.158 - Josh Robinson, RB, Mississippi State (Value: -26)
    5.159 - Markus Golden, DL, Missouri (Value: 83)
    6.165 - Cedric Reed, DL, Texas (Value: 17)
    6.179 - Vince Mayle, WR, Washington State (Value: 56)
    6.COE - Ladarius Gunter, CB, Miami (Value: 35)
    7.199 - Alani Fua, LB, BYU (Value: 12)
    7.COH - Dres Anderson, WR, Utah (Value: 14)
    Total Value: 27
    Grade: B+
    A combination of reaches and value that really excelled as Schisno hit the 5th round. Taking Markus Golden so late was a huge value grab that I was really fond of. I also was a huge fan of both David Cobb and Marcus Hardison. I thought Drummond and Betty were big reaches there but considering the limited value of both QB and S, I can understand the reasoning. Overall, a very good draft that most NFL teams would probably be jealous of.

    Miami Dolphins:
    1.003 - Kevin White, WR, West Virginia (Value: -1)
    1.025 - La'el Collins, OL, LSU (Value: 7)
    2.047 - Danielle Hunter, DL, LSU (Value: -50)
    7.COI - Mark Glowinski, OL, West Virginia (Value: 23)
    Total Value: -21
    Grade: C+
    Analysis: The biggest takeaways for this draft was Miami acquiring a franchise WR and potential mainstay along the O-Line. White and Collins were great picks but taking Hunter weighed this class down. I'm not a huge fan of Hunter; I prefer production over potential. Two or three years from now, we could look at Hunter as a game-changer at DE but right now, I'm not a fan. Glowinski represented good value at the end of the draft for a Line that needed it.

    New England Patriots:
    1.007 - Danny Shelton, DL, Washington (Value: 0)
    3.085 - Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA (Value: 31)
    4.125 - Arie Kouandjio, OL, Alabama (Value: -127)
    7.218 - Titus Davis, WR, Central Michigan (Value: 54)
    Total Value: -42

    Grade: C
    Analysis: This is another class that is weighed down because of a single pick so I won't hold it against GIK considering I liked all his other picks. Shelton at 7 is right where I fitted him and he looks to be someone like a BJ Raji if he stays healthy, something Raji has failed to do. Hundley was excellent value and my third favorite QB in this draft. The opportunity to learn behind Brady is scary for the rest of the East. Titus Davis was one of my favorite sleepers in this draft and the fact that he was still there at 218 was mind boggling. However, I don't see Kouandjio as anything more than a late round flier, much less a 4th round pick.

    New York Jets:
    1.015 - Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia (Value: 6)
    2.050 - Justin Hardy, WR, East Carolina (Value: 5)
    3.087 - Steven Nelson, CB, Oregon State (Value: 48)
    6.183 - Bobby McCain, CB, Memphis (Value: 100)
    6.187 - John Crockett, RB, North Dakota State (Value: 31)
    6.188 - Chris Covington, DL, Rice (Value: 85)
    7.194 - Jean Sifrin, TE, Massachusetts (Value: 27)
    7.207 - Antwan Goodley, WR, Baylor (Value: 48)
    7.COF - Jerry Lovelocke, QB, Prairie View A&M (Value: -5)
    Total Value: 345
    Grade: A-
    Analysis: I will try my best to not to be biased since this is my team and clearly the huge value rating is a result of drafting according to my board, but I think we had a solid draft. Gurley will be the best RB to come out since AD if he can remain healthy. Keeping the pressure off Peyton was a common theme in our draft so adding Gurley, Hardy, Crockett, Sifrin, and Goodley should hopefully do just that. Hardy was a little high for some people but with the huge run on WRs and considering I like him a lot, we thought he was an apt pick. Nelson, McCain, and Covington represented massive value so we could not pass that up even though CB was not a big need. Lovelocke is a huge project who might not be drafted but has the tools to succeed given time.

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  2. BuckeyeKing

    BuckeyeKing Wolves DYNASTY!!!!

    Dec 6, 2007
    Meh I'll live with it. I like Hunter, Great against the run and still coming on as a pass rusher.
  3. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    Part 2

    AFC North

    Baltimore Ravens:
    1.021 - Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota (Value: -28)
    1.032 - Andrus Peat, OL, Stanford (Value: -12)
    2.036 - Nelson Agholor, WR, USC (Value: -14)
    3.090 - Jeremy Langford, RB, Michigan State (Value: 16)
    5.148 - Zach Zenner, RB, South Dakota State (Value: 5)
    5.COD - Geneo Grissom, LB, Oklahoma (Value: 0)
    7.CON - Bryan Bennett, QB, Southeastern Louisiana (Value: -25)
    Total Value: -58
    Grade: C
    I can understand the sentiment going Maxx Williams in the first round but I did not believe any TE was worth a first round pick this year. Andrus Peat is another prospect that I did not like very much; he has the ideal body type and skill set but he lacks the meaness that makes me question whether he can be a productive Left Tackle at the next level. Nelson Agholor is someone rising up draft boards right now and could be a first rounder even in the next 8 days but I think hes a little slim and has too much trouble with larger, physical corners. Langford and Zenner, especially the former, represented excellent value and I really liked those two picks. Not a bad draft, just a few reaches early.

    Cincinnati Bengals:
    3.074 - Preston Smith, DL, Mississippi State (Value: 15)
    3.096 - Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary (Value: -31)
    5.145 - John Miller, OL, Louisville (Value: 46)
    6.186 - Mike Hull, LB, Penn State (Value: 44)
    7.209 - Imoan Claiborne, S, Northwestern State (Value: 19)
    Total Value: 93

    Grade: A-
    Despite the limited number of picks, this draft really hit it out of the park in my opinion. Preston Smith in the third was my favorite pick; I think he'll be very solid in the NFL and will be a second rounder come May 1st. Tre McBride was a bit of a reach but again, with receivers coming off the board so fast, I can understand. Miller is one of my favorite interior lineman, a huge presence who will physically dominate whatever poor defender finds himself in his way. Great value in the fifth there. Hull, from Linebacker U and Claiborne were also nice value picks late. Very good draft overall.

    Cleveland Browns:
    1.002 - Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State (traded from Tennessee) (Value: 1)
    2.033 - TJ Clemmings, OL, Pittsburgh (Value: 0)
    2.053 - Chris Conley, WR, Georgia (Value: -117)
    3.088 - Anthony Harris, S, Virginia (Value: -46)
    3.COA - D'Joun Smith, CB, Florida Atlantic (Value: 25)
    5.151 - Jordan Taylor, WR, Rice (Value: -71)
    5.COC - Leterrius Walton, DL, Central Michigan (Value: -6)
    6.184 - Corey Grant, RB, Auburn (Value: -78)
    6.185 - Ellis McCarthy, DL, UCLA (Value: 11)
    6.192 - Neville Hewitt, LB, Marshall (Value: -94)
    7.204 - Brian Vogler, TE, Alabama (Value: -90)
    Total Value: -456
    Grade: C-
    Analysis: This value number is a little deceiving because a lot of it comes from late round fliers and the true value of getting the best prospect at one spot better is hard to evaluate without some type of formula. Getting the best QB in this class and a raw O-lineman to help protect him was great work here but I felt picking Chris Conley was a big reach. He ran fast at the combine but he lacks route running ability, middle-of-the-field toughness, and proper concentration to be much more than a Day 3 pick for me. I saw Anthony Harris as a reach where Damarious Randall, Derron Smith, or James Sample were all still available. I really like D'Joun Smith and thought that was good value, along with Ellis McCarthy, who could be a Day 2 pick in the NFL draft, but a lot of picks, like Jordan Taylor that high, missed the mark for me.

    Pittsburgh Steelers:
    1.027 - Owamagbe Odighizuwa, OLB, UCLA (Value: -4)
    2.056 - Carl Davis, DL, Iowa (Value: 15)
    3.084 - Nate Orchard, OLB, Utah (Value: 44)
    4.098 - Josh Shaw, CB, USC (Value: -28)
    4.110 - Jesse James, TE, Penn State (Value: -94)
    4.118 - Donovan Smith, OL, Penn State (Value: 28)
    5.152 - Dezmin Lewis, WR, Central Arkansas (Value: 1)
    6.178 - Tyler Varga, RB, Yale (Value: -22)
    7.214 - Xavier Williams, DL, Northern Iowa (Value: 11)
    Total Value: -49
    Grade: B-
    Analysis: A lot of this grade comes from the selection of Jesse James in the fourth. For the most part, I really liked that Stitches found great value with Carl Davis and especially Nate Orchard. Double O is just about where he should be although I think Josh Shaw could be a positional enigma much like Taylor Mays. Rounding out this class, I though Donovan Smith was a really solid value grab, he will make a steady starting Guard and Dezmin Lewis has the potential to be a special player at the WR spot. Varga had a nice Senior Bowl and I like the tenacity of Xavier Williams.
  4. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member Retired Administrator

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Your board should be burned. Peat and Maxx Williams as mid 2's? Have you lost your mind? Lol. Not a surprise considering we hardly agreed on anything except that we are both stubborn.

    FWIW, I have Peat as my best LT prospect in the entire draft (partially because I think Scherff may end up a guard), and Williams as the best TE. I compare them too DBrickashaw Ferguson and Jason Whitten. That's not mid second round value to me.

    Also, Zenner and Bennett were traded
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  5. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015

    I was thinking the same thing lol. To me, Williams is too much of a negative blocker and isn't fine-tuned in terms of route running to be compared to Jason Witten. I will be honest regarding Peat, I'm not quite sure what to make of him. He's too much of a boom or bust guy to me to rank him very highly. He could be the next Jon Ogden or Jon Martin. He has the tools but he needs to show more aggression when he comes to the NFL. We'll see man.
  6. sports24/7

    sports24/7 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Where are the rest of the grades?

    You don't mean to tell me that you actually have a life and can't sit on your computer all day long researching and evaluating a fake league's draft like I did, do you? :tongue2:
  7. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    Haha I'll doing one or two divisions per day so I'll probably post another in a few hours.
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  8. Fin-Omenal

    Fin-Omenal Initiated

    Mar 25, 2008
    Thee...Ohio State University
    Melvin Gordon (-217)
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  9. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    Part 3

    AFC South

    Houston Texans:
    1.016 - Alvin "Bud" Dupree, LB, Kentucky (Value: -1)
    2.051 - Jordan Phillips, DL, Oklahoma (Value: -78)
    3.082 - Tony Lippett, WR, Michigan State (Value: -27)
    4.COC - Tyrus Thompson, OL, Oklahoma (Value: -92)
    5.129 - Gerod Holliman, S, Louisville (Value: 4)
    5.131 - Corey Robinson, OL, South Carolina (Value: -60)
    5.144 - Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland (Value: -36)
    7.210 - Greg Mancz, OL, Toledo (Value: -13)
    Value: -303
    Grade: D+
    Analysis: Dupree here was a fine pick, Holliman was good value down in the fifth, I think Diggs has decent potential, and I really like Mancz as a solid backup to start his NFL career and could transition to starter. However, I found there were a lot of reaches, particularly the two O-Lineman. I thought Thompson was very raw and lacked technique to be taken that high and that Robinson lacks meaness and good footwork to be efficient right away. I'm also pretty low on Jordan Phillips, I think he's a Ra'Shede Hageman clone; huge size but his motor runs hot and cold. I'm not a fan of those types of guys and therefore, I have Jordan Phillips as a Day 3 prospect.

    Indianapolis Colts:
    1.006 - Vic Beasley, LB, Clemson (Value: -6)
    1.026 - Landon Collins, S, Alabama (Value: 2)
    2.064 - Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana (Value: 1)
    3.067 - A.J. Cann, OL, South Carolina (Value: 5)
    3.094 - Henry Anderson, DL, Stanford (Value: -30)
    4.107 - Davis Tull, LB, Tennessee Chattanooga (Value: -98)
    4.120 - Daryl Williams, OL, Oklahoma (Value: 9)
    5.134 - Jamison Crowder, WR, Duke (Value: -2)
    6.164 - Jeremiah Poutasi, OL, Utah (Value: 46)
    6.189 - Darius Philon, DL, Arkansas (Value: -111)
    7.202 - Robert Myers, OL, Tennessee State (Value: -93)
    7.215 - Shaquille Riddick, LB, West Virginia (Value: 13)
    7.219 - Terrell Watson, RB, Azusa Pacific (Value: -80)
    Value: -344
    Grade: C+
    I will cut Todd some slack because a huge portion of that number comes from late round selections. I'm not quite as high on Beasley as some others, I think he will have issues setting the edge and consistently competing against the Tackles of the NFL. But I don't think its a very bad pick. Collins, Coleman, and Cann were all pretty straight forward, good picks at about where I had them ranked. Henry Anderson I might have underrated a bit, he can be a solid 3-4 DE. I'm also not as high on Tull on others, he had a really nice combine but I think he isn't anything very special. Two good picks in Crowder and Williams and then a great steal getting Poutasi in the 6th. However, my biggest issue with this draft class was Darius Philon. My ranking for him comes from the following Matt Miller quote "
    Combine interviews may be the most important part of the event for players, and three teams I spoke with have since told me that Arkansas redshirt sophomore Darius Philon was the worst interview of the process for them. He reportedly came off as immature, uninterested and even combative." Other than that, I think Myers and Watson are fine selections but there were better value at both positions. I also liked Riddick in the 7th.

    Jacksonville Jaguars:
    1.008 - Dante Fowler, LB, Florida (Value: 5)
    2.040 - Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami (Value: 11)
    2.054 - Clive Walford, TE, Miami (Value: -32)
    3.081 - Anthony Chickillo, DL, Miami (Value: -10)
    3.083 - Jeff Heuerman, TE, Ohio State (Value: -85)
    4.128 - Rob Havenstein, OL, Wisconsin (Value: 41)
    5.141 - Adrian Amos, FS, Penn State (Value: -36)
    5.142 - Bobby Richardson, DT, Indiana (Value: 42)
    5.143 - Craig Mager, CB, Texas St. (Value: -19)
    Value: -83
    Grade: B-
    This draft class included two players that I liked a lot and hoped to steal in the 6th/7th round (Bobby Richardson and Rob Havenstein) so I was crushed when the Jags took them. Good on them. Taking the most versatile defensive player in this draft at 8 was a coup and then getting Dorsett at 40 was a one-two punch of value. As I mentioned previously with Maxx Williams, I didn't think TEs this year were special and I thought Walford was a slight reach in the second but I really didn't like Heuerman. I don't think he'll be a reliable receiver and he has some injury questions. Rounding out, I found Amos and Mager to be slight reaches in the fifth but overall, this was a pretty good draft class.

    Tennessee Titans:
    1.017 - Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin (Value: -20)
    2.041 - Tyler Lockett, WR, Kansas State (Value: -38)
    2.052 - Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami (OH) (Value: 5)
    6.161 - MyCole Pruitt, TE, Southern Illinois (Value: 55)
    6.182 - Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DL, Southern Mississippi (Value: -7)
    6.191 - Sean Hickey, OL, Syracuse (Value: 18)
    Value: 13
    Grade: B+
    That's right Fin-O! I don't hate you draft class! Other than two initial reaches for me (I don't need to explain Gordon again and I think Lockett is too smaller to be a difference maker) this draft had a lot of value. Rollins and Nunez-Roches were picked right around where I had them ranked, so I liked both of them. MyCole Pruitt was one of my favorite TEs in this draft and I was *this* close to selecting him. I think Pruitt will be a Day 2 guy come May 1st. I think Hickey is underrated and has good potential to be, at worst, a rotational, backup OL. A really nice draft, other than Melvin Gordon ;)
  10. ToddPhin

    ToddPhin RIP Phinsational Luxury Box Club Member

    Jul 6, 2012
    Thanks for the nice write-ups, NY.
    For future reference though, keep in mind that the last thing you can trust this time of the year is what teams tell a draftnik about a player's interview, especially a guy seemingly flying under the radar.

    Indy's draft was based solely on GM ToddPhins' draft board and film study so it'll be interesting to see how the Colts draft pans out compared to your draft grade that's based on you own board. :)
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  11. RPG Giants

    RPG Giants New Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    Ottawa, On, Canada
    A little harsh on the Texans no?
    While I appreciate the time this must have taken I can’tsay that I agree with some of the comments or grades but without knowing ourneeds or goals a difference of opinions is expected in any draft formatespecially in the later rounds.
    Phillips (-78) in the middle of 2nd round is right wherewe feel he should be as we had him #2 ranked NT and 37th overall in fact he isranked no lower than 50 overall on any site I can find, besides there were nota lot of quality NT in this draft.
    Diggs (-36) in the middle of the 5th we feel was steal, I had a late 3-4th round grade on him, I also think Hardy in the 2nd was a reach (at least to me)

    Thompson (-92) at the bottom of the 4th, yes he is rawbut he was drafted to be a back-up and earn the swing tackle role, we had himranked 13th best Tackle and 139th overall as yes a project player.
    Robinson yes was a bit of a reach but the huge man is adepth addition and with a move to RT or even inside to guard, potential goodvalue in late rounds, OLine depth was a need for us.
    The rest of the summary was not that far from what we had
  12. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    Like I said, I graded based on what I had for each player. A lot of people have Phillips in the late first to mid second but I don't think he's that special, his motor runs hot/cold and I think he won't be an impact player or even a starter. I respect your draft and the decisions you made, how I graded is a result of how I set up my board.
  13. sports24/7

    sports24/7 Season Ticket Holder Club Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Grading drafts is such an inexact science. It's really all about what the grader sees. That's why I don't think you can really get upset with any of the reviews. I respect his method for grading. Everyone has their own. Personally, I don't think there's such a thing as a reach from the 5th round on, though. At that point you're taking a chance on someone. For that reason, if you're taking a big negative in those rounds vs a nice positive in the early rounds, it's tough.
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  14. Stitches

    Stitches ThePhin's Biggest Killjoy Luxury Box

    Nov 23, 2007
    Katy, TX
    Yea, I don't mind the grade I got. I grade myself higher, but I can understand where you or he are coming from. Jesse James for example was taken too high according NYGallday, and that's fine. In a vacuum I'd have liked to take him later, but he was the best TE I had left, and I just missed out on two others I wanted earlier in the draft, so I wanted one who I was comfortable with as a #2. And I have watched every game of his career, and read a lot about him as well, so am comfortable with how I feel he will do and where/when I took him. I don't mind if someone felt he was a reach and dinged me for it though, it isn't like draft grade means a player will definitely be bad or good.
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  15. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    I agree, which is why its hard to grade some drafts when the first few rounds are positive and then, according to my board, there are "reaches" later on.
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  16. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    Sorry for the delay, after the site went down I kind of lost track.

    AFC West

    Denver Broncos:
    1.010 - Randy Gregory, LB, Nebraska (Value: 5)
    Value: 5
    Grade: B+
    Its hard to grade this draft class, since it isn't really a class (considering his two 6th rounders weren't signed). However, Gregory at 10 is a coup in my opinion, I'm not worried too much about his failed drug test; I think he has a better chance of being Warren Sapp than Josh Gordon. He shows great effort, has a rare first step, and has a ceiling arguably as high as anyone in this draft. I think this is a player worth trading up for and, although the NFL Draft might not reflect the value of getting Gregory at 10, I think in a few years it will be clear.

    Kansas City Chiefs:
    1.018 - Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State (Value: -9)
    2.049 - Devin Funchess, WR, Michigan (Value: 15)
    3.080 - Jaquiski Tartt, S, Samford (Value: -24)
    4.115 - Alex Carter, CB, Stanford (Value: 17)
    5.146 - Mitch Morse, OL, Missouri (Value: -17)
    6.177 - Zach Hodges, LB, Harvard (Value: 83)
    7.208 - Joey Mbu, DL, Houston (Value: 30)
    7.COD - Trenton Brown, OL, Florida (Value: 17)
    Value: 112
    Grade: A-
    Clearly the biggest take away from this grade is that I'm very fond of Zach Hodgers. He definitely is a tweener but I think he will develop into a solid starter. He has good speed, can convert speed to power but he will need to bulk up. Moving on, Jaelen Strong was a slight reach that early in the first but he should be a solid no. 2 WR in the mold of Eric Decker. Funchess was good value in the middle of the second but I think Funchess and Strong are similar types of receivers. Tartt was a slight reach in a Safety class that lacked star power and Alex Carter is a nice value selection that could possibly make the move to Free Safety. Mitch Morse was a slight reach in the 5th but grabbing Mbu and Brown in the 7th more than made up for it. Overall, a very good draft on the part of the Chiefs.

    Oakland Raiders:
    1.003 - Leonard Williams, DE, USC (Value: 1)
    1.014 - Devante Parker, WR, Louisville (traded from Indianapolis) (Value: 4)
    2.037 - Denzel Perryman, LB, Miami (Value: 5)
    2.062 - Benardrick McKinney, LB, Mississippi State (Value: 1)
    4.111 - Frank Clark, DL, Michigan (Value: -140)
    5.150 - Josue Matias OL, Florida State (Value: -69)
    5.154 - Max Valles, LB, Virginia (Value: 0)
    6.168 - Thomas Rawls, RB, Central Michigan (Value: -90)
    7.195 - Shane Carden, QB, East Carolina (Value: -46)
    7.COG - Quayshawne Buckley, DL, Idaho (Value: -54)
    Value: -388
    Grade: C+
    This draft class knocked it out of the park with the first four picks and then was watered down with a lot of reaches. Getting the best defensive player in the draft at 3 was a great steal and then a very favorable trade for DeVante Parker that provided Oakland with a true No. 1 WR. Perryman and McKinney were fair selections, albeit both have some issues in coverage. Max Valles was a nice fifth round pick that was right where I had him on my board. However, after that, I had some issues. Frank Clark has serious character red flags, as does Thomas Rawls. They have talent but I worry about their ability to stay on the field or their willingness to be coached up. I guess the goal was to make this like the Raiders of old? I don't think Josue Matias is any special and probably benefited from being on an outstanding FSU line. Its hard to call 7th rounders reaches so their combined -100 weights down the value a bit.

    San Diego Chargers:
    2.061 - Paul Dawson, LB, TCU (Value: 13)
    4.126 - Jarvis Harrison, OL, Texas A&M (Value: -2)
    5.139 - Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford (Value: 27)
    5.COE - Andy Gallik, OL, Boston College (Value: 46)
    6.170 - Lorenzo Doss, CB, Tulane (Value: 39)
    6.172 - Blake Bell, TE, Oklahoma (Value: 33)
    6.181 - Chris Hackett, S, TCU (Value: -27)
    7.203 - Tyeler Davison, DL, Fresno State (Value: -58)
    7.216 - Austin Shepherd, OL, Alabama (Value: 51)
    7.222 - Neiron Ball, LB, Florida (Value: -69)
    7.223 - Tony Washington, LB, Oregon (Value: -20)
    7.COJ - Bo Wallace, QB, Ole Miss (Value: -49)
    Value: -16
    Grade: B
    Analysis: This pick had a lot of value selections considering that Sean only had one top 100 pick. Dawson was a nice pickup at 13 and, being a Jarvis Harrison fan, I like his selection at 126. Montgomery, Gallik, Doss, and Bell were all awesome picks with double digit value to them. Montgomery is worth at least a 5th round pick alone considering he compares favorably to Cordarelle Patterson and should be at least a good Returner. Gallik is one of the betters Centers in his class and Doss has nice sleeper potential. Austin Shepherd was another great pick in the 7th, I think he will be at least an above average backup with the chance to start at some point in his career. I'm fairly indifferent to Hackett and Davison as players but the two picks that stood out to me Neiron Ball and Bo Wallace. I will again say that this is the 7th round and its hard to criticize 7th rounders but I think Ball and Wallace have glaring issues that won't get them past camp (Ball has serious medical red flags and Wallace had a hard time with consistency in college). But overall, I do like this draft class.

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  17. VanDolPhan

    VanDolPhan Club member Club Member

    Nov 26, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario Canada
    Whew. By the time your done were going to be ready for the draft..............of 2016 :tongue2:
  18. Bdogtitan11

    Bdogtitan11 New Member

    Jan 23, 2012
    I'm personally not a fan of grading drafts -- it's a silly practice in real life, so it's tenfold in the GML although I understand it's done for fun. I'm even more against it when the league is based on perception, so putting out grades could conceivably alter some opinions, even if it's on a minute scale.

    Plus what goes into grading a team? For instance, Bengals received a B and an A- from two different people. In one the Bengals are penalized for not having that many draft picks yet are given kudos for their top two picks. So drafting is about how many picks you have and not what you do with them? I think that's weighed too highly in this grading system.

    And the other -- which I like that there's some consistency to -- grades based on value from every pick. It's based on the GM's specific grades, but at least he was consistent. The issue there is that not every pick is equal (which is what the previous draft hit on, but I think took too far). I would personally like to see some kind of scale here; Getting a +10 in the first round is far more impressive then getting +10 in the fifth round, if that makes sense.

    Just food for thought if people are going grade drafts before the real thing even happens.
  19. GridIronKing34

    GridIronKing34 Silently Judging You Club Member

    Nov 22, 2007
    Denver, CO
    Everyone has a different grading scale for everything.

    If you gave your draft results to all 32 NFL GMs, you would probably get a bunch of varying grades.
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  20. Bdogtitan11

    Bdogtitan11 New Member

    Jan 23, 2012
    That's why I'm not a fan of the practice in general. Takes 3 years or so to accurately "grade" a draft. Again, get that it makes for fun, just not a fan of doing so especially when the winner of this thing is determined by voting.
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  21. GridIronKing34

    GridIronKing34 Silently Judging You Club Member

    Nov 22, 2007
    Denver, CO
    Personally I don't even really want to do voting because I don't want to set everything up. :lol:
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  22. Paul 13

    Paul 13 Chaotic Neutral & Unstable Genius Staff Member

    Dec 3, 2007
    I like the way this is being graded here, the only thing I'd change is a sliding scale to value each round. A simple way would be to divide the +/- by the round number.
  23. NYGallday521

    NYGallday521 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    That's a good idea I probably should've thought of lol

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