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J Porter next on Rome is burning

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by 54Fins, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. 54Fins

    54Fins "In Gase we trust"

    Nov 29, 2007
    over there
    Sorry Just found out....
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  2. Crappy Tipper

    Crappy Tipper AKA Hero13

    Aug 23, 2008
    Give me a recap as Jim Rome makes my ears bleed. I still chuckle when I see that video of Everett knocking him on his ***.

    clones my ***....
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  3. padre31

    padre31 Premium Member Luxury Box

    Nov 22, 2007
    inching to 100k posts
    Peezy must have hurt his throat or something.
  4. unluckyluciano

    unluckyluciano For My Hero JetsSuck

    Dec 7, 2007
    anything good?
  5. anlgp

    anlgp ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

    he talked about how he thinks JT being back will create matchup problems for other teams offensive lines and players. says that can't just double one and leave the other one with a one on one situation.
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  6. 54Fins

    54Fins "In Gase we trust"

    Nov 29, 2007
    over there
    Rome asked how he felt about N.E already being annointed East Champs.Joey questioned why would anyone say that when "we" won the Division last year.The road had to go through Miami.
    They asked Peezy to anwere that question and he said he hated the Pats and when they line up on Sunday then they can do the talking.The Crowder incident was also brought up by Peezy and the team hasn't forgotten that.
    He asked about JT and what he brings.JP likes the idea that the won't throw an extra blocker his way and the other teams won't know where the pressure will be on given plays.The Fins will play to the oppents weakness.
    Rome asked about his relationship with Parcell's JP said that they needed a while to understand each other but they get along fine.JP was told before Parcaells arrived that he was alraedy a Parcells type of guy.
    The rest was nothing much..............

    I can't type and spell at the same time...Forgive me LOL
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  7. PhinsRock

    PhinsRock Premium Member Luxury Box

    Thanks guys for filling us in, appreciate it!
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