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Houston Texans welcome Ken Whisenhunt

Discussion in '2015 GM League Forum' started by RPG Giants, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. RPG Giants

    RPG Giants New Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    Ottawa, On, Canada
    Newly appointed General Manager “RPG” has hired Ken Whisenhunt as the Texans new OC.

    Whisenhunt is a 2 time former NFL head coach and offensive coordinator was brought in to help HC Bill O’Brien on the offensive side of the ball allowing O’Brien to focus more on the overall needs of the team, he will be tasked to further develop and increase the involvement and production of the TE position as he did during his early years in Pittsburgh, the Texans will also look to Whisenhunt to work with the QB’s a position that RPG feels needs to be addressed in order for continued growth and success of the franchise, in 2013 Whisenhunt was credited with the resurgence of Phillip Rivers in San Diego, the hope is he can create stability at the position in 2015.

    O’Brien still looks to play a major role in the play calling and overall game plan, Whisenhunt will be asked to help install the weekly game plan and work with the specific positions on a closer basis. He brings vast coaching experience to the organization and is someone O’Brien can lean on in only his second year as head coach of the Texans.
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