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Final Mock and Thoughts ...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by PHINANALYST, Apr 22, 2010.


    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    Just as much as i believed that we would trade for Marshall (because it just made too much sense and the cost was reasonable); i believe that we will trade down - possibly even out of the rd 1. I see several teams moving up to near top 10, then i also see several teams trying to jump back into the latter part of rd 1 -- and we could help both situations. Additionally, i see us trading Smiley on draft day for a 4-5th rd pick. And of course, there is always the prospect of trading Brown and either Pennington or Thigpen. i'm very happy with the way round 1 went ... we got Odrick, our replacement 2d round pick, and a likely backup ILB (Dobbins). Oh, and the PATSIES, JESTS and JILLS did not make themselves appreciably better in rd 1.

    Rd 1 targets: Berry, Morgan, Hughes, McClain, Odrick (surprise pick would be Pouncey)
    IF we pick, as much as i like Hughes as a WOLB, i stick with Morgan as a much needed SOLB, Odrick to help DE/NT a la Starks, or McClain to shore up ILB for the long haul and trade Crowder. It is also very possible that we go against the grain and trade up for Berry ... but i see this as a very long shot. Odrick was a solid pick and was still there with the trade down as predicted. He will be a nice addition at DE (yes, DE for this year) ... think he will be a solid player for us, and most likely an upgrade at DE with the potential to move to NT in a year or two. He may see some spot NT time this year ... but see him mostly as a DE.

    Rd 2 targets (yes, i do believe we will acquire a 2d rd pick): Jones, Allen, Burnett, Lane, Carrington, Alualu, Joseph. There are several good players here and the pick clearly is dictated by whom we choose - if anyone in rd 1. Since we 'seem' to like Wright, i will go against me previous belief of Burnett at S here and go with Joseph, Lane, Carrington or Alualu. To me THIS pick is the table setter for the rest of the draft (and one we don't even have - YET). Well, we DO have the 2d round pick now .... BUT, guess what -- we'll probably trade down a bit further in the round and pick up another 3d round pick !! We took Odrick, so i don't see a need for Carrington and Alualu is gone ... so the likely candidates are Allen, Burnett, Jones and Joseph ... i know most believe we really like Wright in rd 3 ... and its too early to take Joseph (but it wouldn't be too surprising), so i will revert back to Burnett or a slight reach for Lane as our target after we trade down -- again. I think this regime really likes Lane and his likeness to Ware and we should be able to trade down in the round and still get him.

    Rd 3 targets (we have 1 pick right now, but believe we will end up with 2): any of the above listed and add Lang, Butler, Thomas, Troup, Cook and Ansa. As stated above, i would go with Wright. Additionally, IF for some strange reason we don't have a SOLB by this pick - then Lane / Lang for the 2d 3d rd pick. IF we already have a SOLB: Morgan / Lane, then go NT with Joseph /Thomas / Troup. as above, believe we end up with 2 X 3d rd picks tonight: IF we don't go with Burnett in rd 2, then it pretty much makes Wright a certain 3d rd pick; IF we do go Burnett then Lane; with Joseph / Thomas as the 2d 3d rd pick.

    Rd 4 targets: (we have 1 pick right now, but believe if we can't come up with a 2d 3d rd pick in the trade down, we settle for a 2d 4th rd pick -- in addition, Smiley will be traded for a 4th/5th rd pick): any of the above add Dillard and Cooper. Pick 1 will complete the SOLB, NT, S, DE (ILB) requirements for this draft. Pick 2 would be a 2d OLB or venture down the TE road with Graham or Pitta. Pick 3 would be same as above but add in Dixon, Hardesty or Gerhart.

    Rd 5 targets: (we have 1 pick right now, but believe Smiley will be traded for either a 4th or 5th rd pick): any of the above and add in Chaney, Quarless, Hardy, Jefferson, Johnson, Wilson, Young, Edds, Tracy and Owens. This is the second opportunity for RB /TE and a chance to double up on OLB and S.

    Rd 6 targets: the collection basket for free fall players or projects: add in Eskridge, Vaughn, Phillips, Easley, Barnes, McGaha, Cook, Tepper, Smith, Peek to the mix. i thought we'd venture into a WR project earlier - but the addition of Marshall pushes it down in priority. Of these 3 picks, would believe we may use at least 1 to move up in rds 3-5 to get some targeted players. Of the 2 remaining picks: would go with S and WR.

    Rd 7 targets: the project box: add in Linkenbach, Barker, Young, Sheffield, Galetter. Same as above, believe we'll use at least 1 of these picks to move up in rds 3-5.

    Looking forward to the best draft to date under this regime !!
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  2. Bumrush

    Bumrush Stable Genius Club Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Great work!!
  3. gunn34

    gunn34 I miss Don & Dan

    Jan 5, 2008
    Oviedo FL
    This proves there are some really scouts on this site.

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