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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by GISH, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. GISH


    Nov 23, 2007
    Over Yonder
    Before the season we all questioned Favres motives for returning.

    After a very great start, we all laid that to rest because he obviously has something left in the tank. But through this season, Favre has shown it was a surprise to even him. The continues to mention how much more important winning is than records. But how stupid would he have to be to say any otherwise?

    I saw reason to doubt the motives once again on Thursday night. From a guy that claims to put the team ahead of himself, he didn't show it in Dallas. He was forced to leave the game, and was replaced by Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers drove down on his first drive and scored a touchdown. When the cameras hit Favre, he looked almost angry. I figured it was just bad timing, maybe he had just been given bad news about his arm. But later after halftime, the Packers were on the doorstep once again. They show Favre on the sideline and he looks like he's in a completely different universe. Not even paying attention to the game. This is the biggest game of the season for the Packers. Yet after he was removed from the game, he seemed to not even care at all what was happening on the field anymore. I never saw him high-fiving anyone after any of their scores. Just seemed very odd.

    To me, that shows his true colors. This team has carried him this season. He owes them for every win they have. If it was really about the team for Favre, he would have showed it. But he didn't, he showed that the biggest thing on his mind after getting hurt was himself. Anyone who puts themselves ahead of the team and claims otherwise is a two faced liar. It is very clear to me now that our doubts were valid. It's all about Favre, all Favre, all the time. Who are the only two QBs that hold their own press conferences after every game? Favre and Brady. Favre is even worse. With Favre, his dogs could get a stomach ache and he would hold a press conference to let everyone know. I'm glad his stupid record is in jeopardy, because thats all that matters to him. I hope the Packers win next week without him. Then we will get to see how enthusiastic he is for the team when he wasn't the main attraction.

    You may think I'm connecting too many dots. I dont. It been pretty obvious to me for awhile now that Favre is his own biggest fan.

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