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Dolphins just spinning their wheels

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Roman529, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Roman529

    Roman529 Senior Member

    Dec 16, 2007
    Colorado Springs, CO
    I don't post too many threads but after tonight I just feel the need to vent. I was hopeful this team would win between seven and nine games this year but I think five or six wins is more realistic. I was hopeful Philbin, Sherman and the new staff would help move the team in a new direction but the offense is really sputtering. The play calling reminds me of what we tried under Cam Cameron.....it has been horrendous. I like Tannehill but Ireland did nothing to improve our receivers. So now everyone is taking it out on Tannehill. I think Tannehill has made some mistakes but people forget he is a rookie and has no receivers...... and a crappy O-line. I hope we dump Jake Long, Carroll, Sean Smith, Jimmy Wilson, Carpenter and Ireland. It is time to bring in a real GM and better talent. Ohhhhh and is it just me or do the refs seem to screw us over about 90% of the time? Maybe one of these days our luck will improve.....but after 40 years of being a phin's fan you just kind of expect things to stay the same.
  2. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent Fighter of the Nightman

    May 9, 2008
    It sucks to be let down by this team time and time again. I think that's what frustrates me the most. After pre-season, I didn't think this team would win more than the 4 games we already won. Even at 1-3, we kept it close and were competitive. Then we went on a 3 game win streak and I wanted to believe...

    Truth is, we have a rookie QB. It's easy to look at Luck, RGIII, and Wilson and get down on Tanny. However, rookie success is not a guarantee of the future. Especially when the Rookie QB has a year and a half worth of starting experience in college. And 1/2 season of NFL experience. He's also got no talent around him. The offensive line can't pass block, and they can't run block, our RB can't find a good hole to run through (ever notice when they do, it's a holding call on us?) and a bunch Average-below average receiving threats.

    Fact is, we should be in complete rebuild mode. We have too many issues to overcome. This is what happens to teams who don't draft well. 2008-2010 drafts were a complete joke. 2011 isn't looking too good either. Get used to sucking. We're not a serious competitor for at least the next 2-3 seasons. And that's if everything goes very, very well.

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