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Day 1 Draft Options

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by PHINANALYST, Apr 16, 2009.


    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    After reading through Boomer's column and their associated web site ... i offer some additional thoughts about our day 1 picks,
    From Simon's 'Draft Winds' ... i tried to look for some keys to Parcells signature signs, based off of only those players who are known to have visited:

    LBs: he picks them high and low ...
    OLBs keyed in on 6'4''-6'5'' resulting in:
    Johnson (1/2), Barwin (2), Kruger (2/3), Walters (7-)
    ILBs keyed in on 6'1''-6'2'' resulting in:
    Maualuga (1), Laurinaitis (1/2), Beckwith (2/3), Brinkley (4/5), Joseph (4/5)

    DBs: he picks them throughout the draft ....
    CBs keyed in on 5'10''-5'11'' resulting in:
    Davis (1), Butler (1), Byrd (2/3), Hughes (4/5), Smith (5), Carey (6)
    Ss keyed in on 6'0''-6'1'' resulting in:
    Delmas (2), Moore (2/3)

    DEs: he usually picks them early, keyed in on 6'4''-6'5'' ...
    Jackson (2), Moore (4)

    DTs: usually picks them mid to late, keyed in on ???
    Taylor (5)

    RBs: usually picks them mid to late, keyed in on 5'11'' ....
    Sutton (7)

    TEs: usually picks them mid to late, keyed in on 6'4''-6'5'' ...
    Pettigrew (2), Cook (2/3), Ingram (3/4), Gronkowski (6)

    WRs: usually picks them mid to late, keyed in on 5'11'' ...
    Harvin (1/2), Tate (3), Byrd (6/7)

    Cs: usually picks them as needed, mid, keyed on 6'5'' ....
    Unger (2), Luigs (3/4)

    Gs: usually picks them mid to late, keyed in on 6'5'' ...
    Robinson (2), Vasquez (5)

    Ts: usually picks them mid to late, keyed in on 6'7'' ...
    Loadholt (2/3), Vollmer (3), Murtha (4/5)

    There are exceptions, but these bring out those that stick out as 'Parcells' type guys. Equally, i did not go to far into the weight factor as well .... but now we can look closer at day 1:

    Ts: Loadholt (2/3), Vollmer (3) ... not a 'need' and don't see us using a day 1 pick on these 2

    Gs: Robinson (2) ... 'could' be a need, and wouldn't be shocking to see this, but again doubtful

    Cs: Unger (2), Luigs (3/4) ... not a need with Grove

    WRs: Harvin (1/2), Tate (3) ... could be a need, especially if Harvin falls to rd 2 -- but Tate is more likely in 3 or 4.

    TEs: Pettigrew (2), Cook (2/3), Ingram (3/4) ... we know that Parcells is not afraid to carry 2 good TEs .... Cook or Ingram is a solid possibility in rd 3

    RBs: Sutton (7) is a likely pick, but clearly not day 1

    DTs: Taylor (5) is a likely pick, but clearly not day 1

    DEs: Jackson (2), Moore (4), i like Jackson here - if he is on the board ... we know how much Parcells treasures DEs

    CBs: Davis (1), Butler (1), Byrd (2/3), i like whichever one of these is still available in rd 2 .... we will not get thru rd 2 without a CB

    Ss: Delmas (2), Moore (2/3) ... not a need, but is possible in rd 3

    ILB: Maualuga (1), Laurinaitis (1/2), Beckwith (2/3), if Maualuga is still on the board at 25, he might be the pick -- otherwise we hope for Beckwith in rd 3

    OLB: Johnson (1/2), Barwin (2), Kruger (2/3), if Johnson is still there at 25, then he is it .... i think Parcells is druling over his 6'7'' frame ... if not, then either Barwin and Kruger in rd 2 ....


    #1 - Johnson (OLB)
    #2a- Butler / Byrd (CB)
    #2b- Jackson (DE)
    #3 - Beckwith (ILB)
  2. alen1

    alen1 New Member

    Dec 16, 2007
    I'd be very surprised to see Tyson Jackson at 2B, especially considering I have him in the top ten right now lol.

    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    no argument, i have seen the Broncos projected to take him early .... just positive thinking !

    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    honestly, i believe there are only 4 players that Parcells is willing to spend #25 on:

    Johnson (OLB), Maualuga (ILB), Jackson (DE), Davis (CB) ... and all are likely to be gone -- so he will 'try' to trade down. If not, then that's where Barwin, Robinson, Laurinaitis, Pettigrew, Kruger, Harris, Cook and Tate enter the equation in addition to Butler and Beckwith ....
  5. SCall13

    SCall13 ThePhins QB

    Tate? You must mean Hicks. Tate will last until at LEAST the 5th round.

    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    i did mean Tate ... i have him going 3-5, so he sneaks in there as a potential 3d rd pick -- doubt it, but still a possibility. Knox and Byrd will still be available later on day 2 as well.

    as popular as Hicks is on these boards - i don't see him as a PHIN, since i can't see us using any of our top 3 (1, 2a, 2b) or even the 3, on a WR. They will be all defensive picks (OLB, CB, DE, ILB) -- with the only exceptions being Pettigrew or Robinson still being on the board in the 2d, which is very unlikely.

    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    last part after looking over the players weights ...

    round 1 possibilities:

    OLB: Johnson
    ILB: Maualuga
    DE: Jackson
    CB: Davis
    TE: Pettigrew
    WR: Harvin (possible, but very much doubt)

    winner -- Johnson (OLB)

    round 2:

    OLB: Barwin, Sintim, Sidbury, Kruger (Sidbury and Kruger are pretty heavy)
    ILB: Beckwith, Brinkley (not sold that the FO likes Laurinaitis as much)
    DE: Moore
    CB: Byrd, Butler
    S: Vaughn, Delmas, Moore
    TE: Casey, Cook
    G: Robinson, Levitre
    RB: McCoy
    WR: Dillard

    winners: Byrd (CB), Moore (DE) (with Pettigrew, Casey possibilities instead of Moore)

    round 3:

    ILB: Beckwith, Brinkley
    DE: Melton
    CB: Harris, Martin
    S: Moore
    TE: Cook, Ingram
    G: Levitre

    winner: Brinkley (ILB)

    still giving us an OLB, DE, CB & ILB .... if they go with Pettigrew, Casey in rd 2 -- i see them picking up Melton (DE) in rd 4 to make up for it.

    i think the only other outside shots are Vaughn (S), Dillard (WR), Robinson (G), McCoy (RB); i don't see this as S is not a priority need for us, WR is nice, G would solidify our line for several years, and although McCoy might be the next coming of Curtis Martin - i don't think the FO spends a 2d on a RB this year.
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  8. ATVZ400

    ATVZ400 Senior Member

    Mar 22, 2008
    parts unknown, NJ
    What are your thoughts on Laurinaitis at 25? does he fit are defense

    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    Laurinaitis does fit as an ILB for us ... i just haven't read about any considerable interest in him, so i don't see him as a potential 25 pick. Maybe its a backlash from Carpenter (you could throw Gholston in there as well - but not the same ... ). i do believe it is Maualuga, Beckwith, Brinkley for day 1 ILB options.
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    PHINANALYST Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    North Carolina
    here is the last piece to this thread .... relooking the roster for both FAs, starters and depth for potential needs going into '10.

    Ts: we are good here with Long, Carey, and developmental players Garner and Frye -- we will bring another UDFA in i am sure

    Gs: Smiley and Thomas are coming back from injury ... i have more confidence in Thomas at this point due to Smiley's history. Allenman is there and we'll see what happens with Murphy .... which leads me to believe that we will draft a G or G/C and bring in a UDFA as well.

    Cs: good with Grove, Berger as a back-up leads me to believe the same as above -- draft a G capable of doing both G/C

    WRs: we are not set here -- but not incapable with Ginn, Camarillo, Bess and London ... would guess we would sign a mid to late draft pick and bring in a UDFA to camp.

    TEs: Fasano and Martin are a good team, with Martin being most expendable. will we pay Fasano next year ... i think so, but will Haynos be ready for #2 -- if not, we most certainly draft a TE .... if we don't want to pay Fasano, then it will be a 2d rounder.

    RBs: Ronnie and Ricky are a good duo, but we are getting it on the cheap. i think we will resign Ricky for another year or 2 if he wants to play based on this year. we will not break the bank for Ronnie - no matter how much he means to the WC. Cobbs can't replace either. we won't draft a RB early, but anywhere in rds 4-6 we will, and bring in a UDFA.

    NT: most see this one as a dire need with Fergie getting near life support. Solai has not been ready yet ... McDaniel is a question mark, as is Dotson. i believe we will move one of the other DEs to NT from Starks, Merling, Lanford or Wright and draft another low round pick (5-7), and bring in a UDFA.

    DEs: solid group with Starks, Merling, Langford - but they aren't generating any pass rush ... so i believe we will draft a pass rushing DE in rds 2-4.

    CBs: another perceived great area of need with Allen and ???? with Allen, Green, Babers and Billingsley in the wings ... no real talent to develop -- so clear rd 1-2 pick, as we NEED a starter opposite Allen this year. i also believe we will draft at least 1 more CB in rds 4-6 and add a UDFA.

    Ss: most believe that we will have a good tandem this year in Bell and Wilson ... we better because the depth is lacking in Bryan and Culver. still not sure it is enough to make us draft a S, but we will surely bring in a UDFA.

    ILB: lots of talk about Crowder - and for good reason .... he is at best slightly better than average. but we had to sign him .... so, now we have no choice but to upgrade Ayodele -- that will be a rd 2-4 pick, and sorely needed. Torbor is just depth. we will also bring in at least 1 UDFA

    OLB: ahhhh, the best for last .... Porter is good and has 2 years left on his contract -- that doesn't mean he'll be here for them ... Roth did ok as a 1st year transition player -- but how much better can he get. Anderson is depth, and Wake is still an unkown until they put on the pads in TC. Parcells still covets his OLB threat ... and Porter is not it. right next to T and DE, this is his most precious position. he will use his #1 if it is the right guy ... otherwise it will be a 2d.

    QBs: if haven't discussed these to date, as there wasn't much need with Pennington and Henne, and Beck still as a developmental - trade bait player. the FO has made its intentions known to Pennington, but decisions won't be made until next year. not worth a draft pick at this point, but believe we will bring in a UDFA or FA arm for camp without a doubt.

    all this leads me right back to ..... biggest needs: OLB, CB, TE, ILB, DE, for picks 1-5:

    1- Johnson
    2- Casey (could be Byrd here)
    2- Byrd (could be Casey here)
    3- Brinkley (could be Moore (DE) here)
    4- Melton (could be Brinkley here)

    will talk day 2 in a later thread ... but we've already outlined the 'needs' .....
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