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Baltimore Ravens Team Page

Discussion in 'Team Pages' started by Boik14, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Joe Flacco $14,550,000
    Derek Anderson$510,000
    QB Total: $15,060,000

    Christine Michael $920,299
    Zac Stacy $629,125
    Kyle Juszczyk $660,146
    Isaiah Crowell $510,000
    Jeremy Langford $570,880
    RB Total: $3,290,450

    Mike Wallace $12,100,000
    Ted Ginn $4,000,000
    Jace Amaro $975,681
    Cody Latimer $842,875
    Maxx Williams $1,531,091
    Brian Hartline $950,000
    Nelson Agholor $713,818
    Crockett Gilmore $636,504
    Mike Campanaro $526,875
    Luke Wilson $629,633
    WR/TE Total: $22,906,477

    Stefan Wisniewski $10,000,000
    Mike Iupati $8,000,000
    Larry Warford $849,250
    Andrus Peat $1,260,364
    Eric Winston $710,000
    Daryn Colledge $510,000
    Ricky Wagner $621,140
    John Urschel $546,140
    OL Total: $22,496,894

    Haloti Ngata $16,000,000
    Randy Starks $3,250,000
    Timmy Jernigan $996,114
    Mike DeVito $1,750,000
    Brandon Williams $713,750
    Kenrick Ellis $850,000
    DeAngelo Tyson $671,898
    Kevin Vickerson $510,000
    DL Total: $24,741,762

    DeMarcus Ware $8,666,666
    Terrell Suggs $6,200,000
    Daryl Smith $3,875,000
    Karlos Dansby $5,500,000
    Courtney Upshaw $1,685,313
    Jon Beason $1,250,000
    Arthur Brown $969,336
    Geneo Grissom $481,685
    LB Total: $28,628,000

    Michael Griffin $8,100,000
    Jimmy Smith $6,898,000
    Cary Williams $3,250,000
    Will Hill $3,270,000
    Darius Slay $1,442,537
    Darian Stewart $850,000
    Terrence Newman $510,000
    Terrence Brooks $676,594
    Rashaan Melvin $585,000
    Antonio Allen $510,000
    DB's Total: $26,092,131

    Special Teams
    Sam Koch $510,000
    Mike Nugent $510,000
    Special Teams Totals: $1,020,000

    Payroll: $144,235,714
    Dead Money: $424,007
    Total: $144,659,721
    O/Under: $5,340,279
  2. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    021. Baltimore from Oakland (trade 14) $1,531,091 Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota
    032. Baltimore from Arizona (trade 13) $1,260,364 Andrus Peat, LT, Stanford
    036. Baltimore from Jacksonville (Trade 15) $713,818 Nelson Agholor, WR, USC
    090. Baltimore $570,880. Jeremy Langford, RB, Michigan State
    148. Baltimore from Jacksonville (Trade 15) $481,685 Geneo Grissom, OLB, Oklahoma
    Total: $4,557,838
  3. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    1) CLEVELAND sends Isaiah Crowell, RB, $510,000 ($0) and 5.139 to BALTIMORE for Jacoby Jones, WR, $3,375,000 (-$2,625,000)
    2) BALTIMORE sends Chris Canty, DE, $3,326,668 (-$666,668) to ST. LOUIS for Zac Stacy, RB, $629,125 (-$88,250)
    3) BALTIMORE sends Kelechi Osemele, OT, $1,064,595 ($218,340) to NEW YORK (AFC) for Jace Amaro, TE, $975,681 (-$1,081,635)
    4) DETROIT sends Darius Slay, CB, $1,442,537 (-$1,113,382), Larry Warford, OG, $849,250 (-$348,500), and 2.054 to BALTIMORE for Elvis Dumervil, DE, $6,375,000 (-$7,125,000), CJ Mosley, LB, $1,997,273 (-$7,190,184), and 7.206
    5) SEATTLE sends Christine Michael, RB, $920,299 ($417,066) and 5. 159 to BALTIMORE Steve Smith, WR, $4,166,666 ($2,333,334) and Lorenzo Taliaferro, RB, $585,146 ($225,438)
    6) BALTIMORE sends Jeremy Zuttah, C, $3,700,000 (-$4,800,000) and 5.139 to DENVER for DeMarcus Ware, LB, $8,666,666 (-$6,833,334) and 6.181
    7) CHICAGO sends 1.103 to BALTIMORE for Ladarius Webb, CB, $12,000,000 (-$10,000,000)
    8) BALTIMORE sends Matt Elam, S, $1,845,546 (-$2,670,910) to DENVER for Cody Latimer, WR, $842,875 (-$1,351,475)
    9) BALTIMORE sends Marshall Yanda, OG, $8,450,000 (-$3,540,328) to DALLAS for 3.074 and 3.091
    10) JACKSONVILLE sends Mike Wallace, WR, $12,100,000 (-$9,600,000)* to BALTIMORE for Sam Koch, P, $3,100,000 (-$600,000), 3.074, and 5.159
    11) CLEVELAND agrees to trade Karlos Dansby $5,500,000 ($6,500,000) to BALTIMORE for picks 181, 188 and Albert McClellan 1.2M ($200,000)
    12) BALTIMORE sends Dennis Pitta, TE, $6,200,000 (-$12,800,000), Bernard Pierce, RB, $798,986 (-$138,986), and 4.122 to CLEVELAND for Michael Griffin, S, $8,100,000 (-$3,600,000)* and 6.188
    13) BALTIMORE sends Eugene Monroe, LT, $7,700,000 ($14,300,000) and 2.58 to Arizona 1.32, 4.120 and 6.191
    14) Baltimore sends 1.26, 4.120, and 6.191 for 1.21
    15) BALTIMORE sends 2.054, 3.091, and 4.103 to JACKSONVILLE for 2.036 and 5.148
    16) BALTIMORE sends Bryan Bennett, QB and Zach Zenner, RB to Jacksonville for Luke Wilson $629,633
  4. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Ravens Free Agents
    Ravens Darian Stewart S UFA
    Ravens Owen Daniels TE UFA
    Ravens Aaron Ross CB UFA
    Ravens Torrey Smith WR UFA
    Ravens Morgan Cox LS UFA
    Ravens Jeromy Miles S UFA
    Ravens Danny Gorrer CB UFA
    Ravens Terrence Cody 34DT UFA
    Ravens Justin Forsett RB UFA
    Ravens Antoine Cason CB UFA
    Ravens Jah Reid G UFA
    Ravens Will Hill S RFA
    Ravens Will Rackley G UFA
    Ravens Pernell McPhee 34OLB UFA
    Ravens Tyrod Taylor QB UFA
    Ravens Christo Bilukidi 43DE RFA
    Ravens Lawrence Guy 43DE UFA
    Ravens Kamar Aiken WR ERFA
    Ravens Brynden Trawick S ERFA
    Ravens Rashaan Melvin CB ERFA
    Ravens Steven Means 43OLB ERFA
    Ravens Anthony Levine S ERFA
    Ravens Justin Tucker K RFA
    Ravens Casey Walker TE ERFA
    Ravens Kevin McDermott LS ERFA
    Ravens Patrick Scales LS ERFA
    Ravens Fitzgerald Toussaint RB ERFA
    Ravens Tramain Jacobs CB ERFA
    Ravens Phillip Supernaw TE ERFA

    Players Tendered
    Ravens Will Hill S RFA ROFR & First Round Compensation $3,270,000.00
    Ravens Rashaan Melvin CB ERFA $585,000
  5. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Cuts (Feb. 13)
    QB Bryn Renner $435,000 $0
    QB Keith Wenning $435,000 $0
    RB Kiero Small $510,000 $0
    WR Allen Reisner $660,000 $0
    WR Aldrick Robinson$660,000 $0
    WR Konrad Reuland $585,000 $0
    WR Marlon Brown $586,668 $1,668
    WR Jeremy Butler $511,333 $2,667
    OL Ryan Jensen $510,000 $0
    OL Marcel Jones $435,000 $0
    OL James Hurst $510,000 $0
    LB Zachary Orr $510,000 $0
    LB Zach Thompson $435,000 $0
    DB Quinton Pointer $585,000 $0
    DB Victor Hampton $435,000 $0
    Total Saved: $7,803,001
    Dead Money: $4,335

    Additional Cuts:
    OL Gino Gradkowski $781,106 ($121,106)
    DL Brent Urban $510,146 ($225,438)
    CB Asa Jackson $694,012 ($34,012)
    DL Kapron Lewis-Moore $607,058 ($44,116)
    Total Saved: $2,592,322
    Dead Money: $424,672

    JD Walton $510,000
  6. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    Free Agent Signings
    JD Walton C/G $510,000
    Sam Koch P $510,000
    Brian Hartline WR $950,000
    Randy Starks DT/DE $3,250,000
    Derek Anderson QB $510,000
    Jon Beason ILB $1,250,000
    Cary Williams CB $3,250,000
    Mike DeVito DE 1,750,0000
    Stefan Wisniewski OC $10,000,000
    Antonio Allen S/CB $510,000
    Mike Nugent K $510,000
    Darian Stewart S $850,000
    Mike Iupati OG $8,000,000
    Kenrick Ellis DE/NT $850,000
    Eric Winston OT $710,000
    Daryn Colledge OG $510,000
    Kevin Vickerson DE/DT $510,000
    Terrence Newman CB $510,000
  7. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    With the 21st pick in the GM League draft, the Baltimore Ravens select: Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota


    [video]https://video.search.yahoo.com/video/play;_ylt=A2KLqIOx0RBVzHIAzyksnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByND V2czA1BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDOQ--?p=maxx+williams+highlights&vid=bbcf4f50f2d9a4b2f81f232d5d831329&l=2%3A12&turl=http%3A%2F%2Fts4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DVN.6 08037511285639307%26pid%3D15.1&rurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Ds dSF-jUzQTc&tit=Maxx+Williams+against+Indiana%2C+Penn+State%2C +Wisconsin+%282013%29&c=8&sigr=11b0l62ke&sigt=11r002abn&sigi=11ribemlm&age=1405988668&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Av&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=mozilla&tt=b[/video]

    With the 32nd pick in the GM League draft the Baltimore Ravens select: Andrus Peat, LT, Stanford

  8. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York
    We have a trade...

    With the 36th pick of the GM League draft the Baltimore Ravens select: Nelson Agholor, WR, USC


  9. Boik14

    Boik14 Admin Club Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    New York


    Bold = Starter

    1. Joe Flacco $14,550,000
    2. Derek Anderson $510,000
    QB Total: $15,060,000
    Analysis:Clearly Joe Flacco is our starter. Derek Anderson is a reliable backup with a similar style of play to Flacco (pocket passer, decent deep ball, not very mobile, etc). The offense was built around Flacco's strengths which is deep and intermediate routes. This was not a position of need, aside from a reliable backup QB.

    1. Isaiah Crowell $510,000
    2. Jeremy Langford $570,880
    3. Christine Michael $920,299
    4. Zac Stacy $629,125
    1. Kyle Juszczyk $660,146
    RB Total: $3,290,450
    Analysis: This was a position the Ravens were looking to completely revamp and Fullback Kyle Juszczyk is the only player left in the backfield from the inherited roster. Unfortunately, Fullback will not be a staple of the offense. What we wanted was a contrasting style of backs. Crowell will bring a more elusive back while Langford and Michael will bring a more physical style with above average speed. Langford is the guy we thinkcould eventually take the role but until hes ready Crowell and Michael will be placeholders with the ability to give the Ravens a thunder and lightning type backfield.

    1. Mike Wallace $12,100,000
    2. Nelson Agholor $713,818
    3. Brian Hartline $950,000
    4. Cody Latimer $842,875
    5. Ted Ginn $4,000,000
    6. Mike Campanaro $526,875
    1. Jace Amaro $975,681
    2. Maxx Williams $1,531,091
    3. Crockett Gilmore $636,504
    4. Luke Wilson $629,633
    WR/TE Total: $22,906,477
    AnalysisAs we mentioned earlier, the offense is going to play vertically but we're going to incorporate 2 seam stretching TE's in the starting line up and 2 reserves who can supply similar skills. 1st round draft pick, Maxx Williams, was a major priority because of the offensive philosophy of the team. A young group that features 2 second year guys and a top rookie at his position, the nuances of the position will have to be worked out but the pass catching skills are top of the line. The loss of Dennis Pitta and Owen Daniels may hurt the run game a bit but it will be made up for with players that can get downfield and supply more speed and athleticism. A similar philosophy will take our receivers up another level. Losing Steve Smith's work ethic and competitive nature and leadership isnt something we wanted to do but we did need to get younger at the position. Wallace and Ginn will stretch the field vertically when theyre on the field giving the Ravens an element of scary deep speed. Ahgolor, Hartline and Latimer will work the middle of the field while Hartline tried to avoid the turf monster. Ginn will also handle KR/PR duties

    LT. Andrus Peat $1,260,364
    LG. Mike Iupati $8,000,000
    C. Stefan Wisniewski$10,000,000
    RG. Larry Warford $849,250
    RT. Ricky Wagner $621,140
    OT. Eric Winston $710,000
    OG. Daryn Colledge $510,000
    C. John Urschel $546,140
    OL Total: $22,496,894
    AnalysisThe OL was a good unit last year but this Ravens staff values the interior OL as much as the tackles hence the heavy investment at the Center and Guards. We picked up a young all pro at RG in Larry Warford who will give the Ravens a great right side next to young stud Ricky Wagner. At Center Steve Wisniewski is a very strong option who can anchor well vs the pass and get out to the second level in the run game. The left side feature multi time pro bowl Left Guard Mike Iupati and rookie mammoth tackle Andrus Peat who was stolen in the late first round. A tall line with great length and reach, the major advantage this Ravens group will have is split by side. The right side is run blockers who are powerful while the left side is more of a pass blocking line while the center is a solid two way player

    DE1. Haloti Ngata $16,000,000
    NT1. Brandon Williams $713,750
    DE2. Timmy Jernigan $996,114
    DE3. Mike DeVito $1,750,000
    DE4. Randy Starks $3,250,000
    NT2. Kenrick Ellis $850,000
    NT3. DeAngelo Tyson $671,898
    DE5. Kevin Vickerson $510,000
    DL Total: $24,741,762
    Analysis:The Ravens defensive line is a dominant unit that offers versatile players who can fit different roles and even scheme versatility if we ever wanted to migrate to a 4-3 look in speed rush sets or a 5-2 look in jumbo sets. Closed End 5 technique Haloti Ngata is a dominant run stuffer who has lost a little pass rush over the years and youngsters Brandon Williams and Timmy Jernigan show great promise. Jernigan had a handful of sacks in a reserve role as a rookie and will play as an Open End 3 technique while Williams will play directly over the offensive center as a true nose tackle in a 0 technique. Kenrick Ellis will be a direct sub for Williams with Starks as the emergency spare nose tackle. Devito is the direct sub for Ngata and while hes about 50 pounds lighter, hes still an excellent run defender. Starks will be the direct sub for Jernigan and we believe in a reduced role he can still be a highly effective player. The rest will compete for spare snaps.

    OLB1. DeMarcus Ware $8,666,666
    OLB2. Terrell Suggs $6,200,000
    ILB1. Daryl Smith $3,875,000
    ILB2. Karlos Dansby $5,500,000
    ILB3. Courtney Upshaw $1,685,313
    ILB4. Jon Beason $1,250,000
    OLB3. Arthur Brown $969,336
    OLB4. Geneo Grissom $481,685
    LB Total: $28,628,000
    Analysis: Suggs and Ware are as formidable a pass rushing duo as you can find anywhere in the GM League. Dansby and Smith provide a contrasting finesse (Dansby) and thumper (Smith) mentality inside as this unit loves to hit offensive players and punish them in the middle of the field. Arthur Brown and rookie Geneo Grissom who are developmental players who will see backup snaps and special teams work.

    CB1. Jimmy Smith $6,898,000
    CB2. Darius Slay $1,442,537
    CB3. Cary Williams $3,250,000
    CB4. Terrence Newman $510,000
    CB5. Rashaan Melvin $585,000
    FS1. Will Hill $3,270,000
    SS1. Michael Griffin $8,100,000
    SS2. Darian Stewart $850,000
    FS2. Terrence Brooks $676,594
    SS3. Antonio Allen $510,000
    DB's Total: $26,092,131
    Analysis: This might be the deepest unit in the entire GM League on any team at any position. 5 deep at CB with a 6th guy, the versatile Antonio Allen who can play CB, FS or SS. Slay and Smith are the physical starters with Cary Williams in the slot giving the Ravens a physical trio that will see the bulk of the playing time. Vet Terrence Newman is still effective and can play inside or outside. Rashaan Melvin has talent but is still developing but was tendered as an ERFA. Will Hill and Michael Griffin are the starting safeties with Darian Stewart and Terrence Brooks as the reserves. Brooks can start for a lot of teams as he flashed his potential as a rookie in 2014. Stewart can take over whenever Griffin has a down year which seems to be every other year which means this one should be an all pro year for Griffin. Its primarily a cover 2 man scheme that will mix in some cover 3 Zone and cover 2 off man.

    Special Teams
    Sam Koch $510,000
    Mike Nugent $510,000
    Special Teams Totals: $1,020,000
    Analysis: Losing Justin Tucker hurt, no lie, but that was a couple of million for a kicker which just doesnt happen in the GM League. Mike Nugent is adequate for a video game offense that will have real life results. Sam Koch was trade, released and brought back for the minimum which is 1/6th of his original salary.

    Payroll: $144,235,714
    Dead Money: $424,007
    Total: $144,659,721
    O/Under: $5,340,279

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