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2008 Salary Cap Explanations & Footnotes (updated 3/1/08)

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Salary Cap' started by Clumpy, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Clumpy

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    Dec 10, 2007
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    DISCLAIMER: Much time and energy has been put into producing this cap page. Yes, its accuracy is contingent upon the many public resources available, thus, the information is NOT 100% correct and there is no attempt to portray it as such. The discrepancies are most likely directly proportional to the accuracy of the bonuses, the amount and how they are applied to the cap.

    References and links will be added to help explain the basics of the cap and to give credence to the numbers presented for each and every player. Some links cover a number of players because they are members of the same draft class.

    The salary cap page remains a work in progress. The content and style will be evaluated so as to produce the best page possible. Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions about the cap page to Muck, AJ, or myself via PM. General cap questions can be addressed by simply asking a question in the salary cap forum. Aqua, Merman, or myself will be able to take a stab at answering it for you.

    Thanks for your interest and I thank Muck (among others) for the opportunity to provide this information for y'all



    2008 Cap Page Last update 2/21/08

    Some of the columns are self explanatory, however, I will still briefly described the information in each column.

    Player: Players presently under contract will be included on the cap page. If a player's name is not seen, it means that the player is in one of the free agent categories or within the dead cap number. Players are listed by position.

    Signed Thru: This columns denotes how long the player is under contract to the Fins

    Salary: Player's salaries per NFLPA Website

    Salary(Cap): Player's salary that is applied to the salary cap. This is also used to identify veterans who have 1 yr veteran minimum deals or players who are not within the top 51 cap charges.

    Amortized Bonuses: Signing bonuses can be "amortized" over a number of years. This practice allows for a player to receive large upfront money but spread out or "amortize" the cap hit over many cap years. In 2008, signing bonuses can be amortized for 6 yrs (thru 2013). See LINK

    Other Bonuses: 'Other Bonuses' consists of roster, reporting, workout, and option

    LTBELikely-to-be-earned bonuses (LTBE) will be listed if I have this information. LTBE's count on the cap and if not earned by the player become a credit on the following year's salary cap.

    NLTBENot-likely-to-be-earned (NLTBE) will be listed if I have this information. NLTBE's do not count on the cap and if earned can either be covered by remaining cap space in year earned or become a debit on the following year's salary cap.

    Cap Hit: This number is what I believe to be the cap charge for each player. It sums the salary(cap), amortized bonuses, and other bonsues columns.

    Summary: This section gives an overall accounting of the above columns. The total cell sums the cap hit and dead cap cells. Adj. Salary Cap cell is the "adjusted" salary cap. Right now, it's $120,673,997"Dead Cap" cell is amount of cap space devoted to players no longer with the Dolphins. As of 2/21/08, I have it at $15,968,792

    **More to follow CLUMPY 3/2/08 **
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    Thanks Clumpy, I know I speak for myself, but probably every body else on here also.
    We have faith in you and appreciate everything you do for us.
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    Dec 10, 2007
    Can see The Ralph!!
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