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Jun 19, 2018 at 12:51 PM
Mar 22, 2008
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Jun 19, 2018 at 12:51 PM
    1. Mach
      you're up
    2. Mach
      Cool, any questions hit me up here or at SR.
    3. Mach
      I don't think he does though, so, whatever! You never played before or looked into it?
    4. Mach
      Would you mind letting HollywoodLeo co-gm with you if he wants? He wanted SD and let me know late and he's a Chargers fan, which could be useful.
    5. Mach
      it's okay, you got SD anyway.
    6. Mach
      can you change your list in the thread to

      1. SD
      2. PHI
      3. DET
      4. HOU
      5. ATL
    7. Mach
      Check SR.
    8. Mach
    9. Mach
      Sweet, you up for another league? I'm getting a lot of the old POW's together for it. You have a software/site preference?
    10. Mach
      You play fantasy football at all?
    11. DevilFin13
      I can see it all going down the way you describe. I haven't really paid attention to many polls. Most of the political scientists I read say they don't matter that much right now. And even in the last two election years I haven't paid much attention because things have been so one sided both times that we all basically knew what was going to happen.

      But I have followed fivethirtyeight on and off, obviously more closely during election years. He does a good job with polls and sorting out what is important and what isn't. When I want polling I usually go to him and then let the other bloggers I read check his work.
    12. Mach
      And the second part, because I'm long winded:

      This time, Perry already is viewed as a legit challenge and Bachmann has already seized that New Candidate momentum, I can't see the field drastically changing, perhaps only if Palin does actually run (I don't think she will unless things are really muddled that it's clear she can capitalize), It is, perhaps a bit dangerous to make assumptions like I am, then again it's only freaking August '11, so there's that, but I just can't see this lasting longer than Super Tuesday, unless, Perry wins Illinois AND California, assuming that he shoves Bachmann out pretty early (I'm thinking she becomes non-viable after a poor showing in South Carolina and Florida, and that Perry wins both, in this scenario. If Romney sweeps everything save Iowa up till Super Tuesday, that'll just be his crowning ceremony essentially)

      So, a two part question I may have asked A) How do you feel about polls and B) have you ever checked out Fivethirtyeight?
    13. Mach
      Ah, righto, and I did! I'll try to pop in a bit, life's a little nuts currently.

      It's possible it won't be decided until late, but Obama didn't really have any weight at first, and the field was pretty closed, with only Edwards a threat to Hillary. Hillary was widely assumed to win the nomination, but Obama winning Iowa then winning South Carolina, factor in Michigan and Florida nonsense, factor in the timing and the placement of the Super Tuesday states and the mood of the country, that confluence of all those factors set that up. This time, there is no sneaky Obama type candidate, the field is pretty set, and the GOP voters are usually, as a whole, less inclined to be swept up in something like that (Tea Party notwithstanding).
    14. Mach
      Feedback in general or something specific?

      So looking over the calender, even if Perry wins SC and FLA (I'm assuming Bachmann wins IA, Romney NH) can he make enough of a stand? Romney will win NY and NJ, and CA is a tossup and IL is of sorts too, but leaning to him. I guess something similar to 2000 could happen where Bush just dominated, but with a larger and split field (with respect to Alan Keys and Steve Forbes) I can't see it happening.
    15. Mach
      of course I could have checked your sig, ha. Let me know if you plan on incorporating a bit more baseball. I can't talk out of my *** even on politics (though I thoroughly enjoy reading them) but baseball I'll almost always have something to say, if you haven't noticed yet.
    16. Mach
      Dude, where's your blog?
    17. Mach
      Nate McLouth's 122 OPS+ says hello!
    18. Kanye West
      Kanye West
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