A lot of us were surprised we didnt draft some higher profile WRs .One of the reasons is described as follows
So Philbin and his Dolphins offensive staff have been charged with extracting more from the young players, including three that Ireland coveted in last year’s draft and are key to his vision for the offense: Daniel Thomas, Clyde Gates and Charles Clay. Thomas and Gates exited their rookie seasons with more questions than answers.

Regarding Clay Philbin thinks he can be molded .
Clay, who split his 405 snaps last year between tight end, H-back and fullback, said this offense “suits me well” partly because it exploits mismatches, such as Clay on a slower linebacker.

“We love his versatility,” Philbin said after watching tape of the sixth-rounder’s rookie season (16 receptions, 233 yards, three touchdowns). “If you can keep him in the game and line him up as a tight end, [then] line him up next to the tight end, and [then] line him up as a receiver, you’re helping yourself offensively.” At times, the Dolphins will use Anthony Fasano, Clay and rookie Michael Egnew together.
There is more about Gates ,Thomas and some glowing praise about David Gerrard