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Thread: Kevin Na at the Players Championship, unreal

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    Default Kevin Na at the Players Championship, unreal

    I'll post a video of just an example of what he's doing below. I've never seen anything like it. And as it stands right now... HE'S IN THE LEAD going into tomorrow's final round. I actually feel for him. I mean you try putting yourself in his shoes, or any pro golfer's shoes for that matter. He just can't pull the trigger. It's almost like he wants there to be extra pressure on himself. He's one wacked out guy I also feel bad for Zach Johnson, his playing partner today. Funny, one of the commentators said, if he'd been paired with Bubba Watson, Bubba would have had to go "in". You mean hit him in the face with his pink driver?

    And now a moment with Cameron Wake...

    It takes about five seconds. First, a get off. Then a bend and a dip. And lastly, an explosion right into the quarterback.

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    Yea it's very strange. He's crazy talented but if he doesn't get his head out of his way he won't be playing for long.

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    Hit the ball, Sergio.

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