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Thread: Jeff Ireland ,Philbin assess their Day 2 picks

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    Default Jeff Ireland ,Philbin assess their Day 2 picks

    (On Olivier Vernon) – “Obviously we took Olivier Vernon from the University of Miami, a junior, who came out early. We feel real good about him we call him a pressure player, were going to see him play kind of a hybrid position potentially both end positions and we see him having a role in nickel situations as a pass rusher. We had him over here a couple of weeks ago and got the chance to really get to know the kid at one of our Miami workouts, and he really impressed our coaching staff, and myself in particular, as an athlete and a person. (He’s) really strong handed and very athletic. From a personal character standpoint he was very upfront about some of his past and I felt really good about having him join our team.”
    (On Michael Egnew) – “Michael Egnew, the tight end out of Missouri, was a three or four year starter and team captain who caught 147 balls I think. He is very athletic and a very good pass-catching tight end. I saw him at the Senior Bowl and had some time to visit with him there, and he really impressed us at the Senior Bowl because he started playing a tight end position. At Missouri he was really detached most of the time, and I got to see him put his hand in the dirt and come off and hit someone as a tight end, so he has some versatility we fell like and he’s someone who we are very interested in working with.”
    There is more about philosophy and their analysis.Good read

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    Good read
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