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Thread: Why the Tebow hate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpdogs View Post
    Dude elway is a hall fame qb and knows the postion.He wanted tebow out of there before manning was even in the equation.Why do you think that is?
    Yeah right, check Elway's stats for the same amount of starts as Tebow...

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    I can't believe people still think Pandarilla is being serious.
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    What I'm about to say is going to cause problems and get me into trouble.

    I don't like Tebow fans.

    I don't like that white Christians have ordained him as the savior or as proof their religion is right. They act as if his success is proof positive their view of god is correct. I don't like the fact he is some symbol for piety even though all he does is play a violent game for a living. I don't like the fact that people who didn't give two ****s about football started watching it because the great Christian warrior is winning when everyone said he couldn't.

    And he's a virgin.

    Before I get blasted, I want you to know that many people in my family are Tebow fans, including my mother. She hated football, until Tebow.
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