I as UD alum, I know there's not a ton of really famous alumni. The Flyers can boast Dan Patrick, formerly of ESPN, Chuck Noll, the former Steelers Coach, and a guy many here on the board wanted to coach our Dolphins this year, Jon Gruden.

I'm guessing not too many are familiar with Dayton Basketball, the school's money-maker, but they're having a pretty good year despite losing their top two players from last year's team. Chris Wright graduated and made the Golden State Warriors roster, and Juwan State transferred out after Brian Gregory inexplicably got the job at Georgia Tech.

Enter Archie Miller. He's the younger brother of Sean Miller, the former Xavier Coach and current coach at Arizona. While the Dayton vs. Xavier rivalry certainly isn't on par with Dolphins vs. Jets, or Cincinnati vs. Xavier for that matter (the campuses are like 2.1 miles apart), it's still Dayton's biggest rivalry. So what does Archie do this morning? He pulled in UD alum Jon Gruden to speak to the team, and I thought it was pretty cool that he got as fired up as he did about a college basketball game as he seemingly does when he's getting ready for Monday Nigh Football.

Just thought I'd share, as it's not too often the Flyers are on national TV, as they will be today. If you're really interested, here's a history of UD Athletics...also narrated by Jon Gruden.