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Thread: Ship buried in 1700s found at World Trade Center site

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    Default Ship buried in 1700s found at World Trade Center site

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    Workers excavating at the World Trade Center site have unearthed the 32-foot-long hull of a ship likely buried in the 18th century.

    The vessel probably was used along with other debris to fill in land to extend lower Manhattan into the Hudson River, archeologists said.

    The two archeologists work for AKRF, a firm hired to document artifacts discovered at the site. They called Tuesday's find significant but said more study was needed to determine the age of the ship.

    "We're going to send timber samples to a laboratory to do endocrinology that will help us to get a sense of when the boat was constructed," said McDonald, who added that a boat specialist was going to the site Thursday to take a look at the ship.

    The workers and archeologists also found a 100-pound anchor in the same area on Wednesday, but they're not sure if it belongs to the ship.

    The archeologists are racing to record and analyze the vessel before the delicate wood, now exposed to air, begins to deteriorate.
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    Pretty badass

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    That's awesome.

    Speaking of deteriorating old ships, Robert Ballard (found Titanic & some US submarines for the gov't) is now exploring old ships in the Black Sea. Apparently the conditions of the water preserve ancient ships (think B.C.) largely intact. The water of the Black Sea is cooler & less saline than the Mediterranean, so when the two waters mix it creates an anoxic layer which doesn't sustain life. This means the Black Sea doesn't have the underwater life that eats away at wood & ships, and thus has preserved some excellent examples!

    Cool stuff, and I love it! Curious to see what they out about the find at the WTC site.

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