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Thread: Cap room as of 8/25/08 for all teams...

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    Default Cap room as of 8/25/08 for all teams...

    I'll post the entire list, per PFT:

    Kansas City Chiefs $31.9 million

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers $27.8 million

    Green Bay Packers $24.7 million

    Buffalo Bills $20.9 million

    Philadelphia Eagles $19.0 million

    New Orleans Saints $17.7 million

    Miami Dolphins $16.2 million

    Jacksonville Jaguars $13.3 million

    New York Giants $12.3 million

    Tennessee Titans $11.8 million

    Dallas Cowboys $9.6 million

    Cleveland Browns $9.4 million

    Chicago Bears $9.2 million

    San Diego Chargers $9.2 million

    Seattle Seahawks $8.8 million

    Atlanta Falcons $8.2 million

    St. Louis Rams, $8.1 million

    Carolina Panthers $8.0 million

    Indianapolis Colts $7.5 million

    Baltimore Ravens $7.0 million

    San Francisco 49ers $7.0 million

    New England Patriots $6.9 million

    Cincinnati Bengals $6.4 million

    Denver Broncos $5.9 million

    Minnesota Vikings $5.0 million

    Houston Texans $4.9 million

    Oakland Raiders $4.2 million

    Detroit Lions $4.0 million

    Arizona Cardinals $3.5 million

    New York Jets $1.9 million

    Washington Redskins $1.8 million

    Pittsburgh Steelers $1.7 million
    And now a moment with Cameron Wake...

    It takes about five seconds. First, a get off. Then a bend and a dip. And lastly, an explosion right into the quarterback.

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    Seems about right

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