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  1. 2012-13 CFL to NFL prospects thread

    I've been somewhat fortunate with this the last 3 yrs



    (Note on that one, Yonus Davis was abeast, and also a major SoCal drug importer..oops)

    So for the 2012-13 version:

    Johnothon Hefney:

  2. 2012 CFL to NFL Top 10 prospect thread

    Time for my annual kick in the crotch!

    CFL to NFL prospect thread!

    The rules of the game have changed with the new CFL&NFL collective bargaining agreements:

    -NFL now considers CFLer UDFA's for the purposes of offering signing bonuses, now to me, that is a antitrust violation lawsuit waiting to happen, these players have no agreements with either the NFL or CFL, to limit their bonuses is a restraint of trade of a person who is no party to ...
  3. Why did the Dolphins go so Conservative on Offense?

    Well, it's rather late (or Early) and a question is stuck in my head concerning the Dolphins.

    How could the Dolphins Franchise go from a high flying, point scoring aerial attacking offense to a succession of plodding, three yards and a cloud of dust 15 yr stretch?

    I do not believe it is a function of "well we had Marino" what it boils down to is this:

    It is far easier to have initial success with a New Coach who decides that a slow, methodical ...
  4. CFL to NFL, the class of 2011

    Last spring and summer there were some 21 CFLers who tried to make the jump to the NFL, along with a couple of Canadian CIS players, the Dolphins had 3 of them, Lumbala, Mullen, Tsoumpas, none stuck, though they tried to finesse Lumbala into sticking around Miami for a possible practice squad slot.

    Lumbala headed back north and signed a two yr deal in BC.

    Here is the foundation of the Dolphins interest in the CFL:

    The Dolphins pride themselves
  5. The Big Slow now loves the Jets starters

    So a funny thing happened today when Ethan Skolnick called into the Big Slow's show.

    Basically, Skolnick put forward the question "how many staters on the dolphins could start for the Jets"?

    Which of course Mr. Slow then agreed with, giving credit only to..Jake Long for being good enough to be a Starter for the Jest.

    Never mind Randy Starks or Cam Wake or Vern Carey..the Big Slow knows all, sees all, can predict all..

    Just ask ...
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