Choke ArtistaThey did it, Dolphins fans.

With today’s season-ending 20-7 home loss to the New York Jets, our team managed to defy the odds, blow a giftwrapped shot at the playoffs and return any faith you had in them.

And with that, I’d like to say a few words to anyone in the Dolphins organization who may be reading. I’ll keep it short.

You’re a franchise that can’t handle a little success. You beat New England and everyone loves you. The playoffs are at your feet with two games left and you’re HOT. You respond by getting annihilated at Buffalo, a 19-0 shellacking in which you came out completely unprepared and utterly dominated. But Baltimore also loses and you get another shot at playoffs with some help. Somehow you’re in the driver’s seat.

Do or die time, you once again play down to competition, getting handled at home by the Geno Smith-led New York Jets. Meanwhile your ‘help’ came thru, as BALT loses and KC sits everyone vs SD. Everything broke your way and you STILL blew it.  You absolutely CHOKED.

Ultimately, you needed one win to get in. You respond by getting pushed around a combined 39-7 by two bad teams in the final two games.

Everyone is responsible. The coaching staff for poor preparation being outcoached in both games. The offense for repeatedly missing opportunities. And the defense for its impersonation of a sieve.

They got everything they wanted. Every break, every bit of help these final two games.  And they responded with their absolute worst performances with EVERYTHING on the line.

Dolphins fans want to believe. They desperately want a reason to have hope.  Yet every time the fans start believing and giving this team a little support, they have the rug pulled out from under them. The media just loves to give the fanbase crap for not packing the stadium every week, as if the team is on scholarship. The problem is their team is rarely playing for anything meaningful.

And when they do? This is what happens. The New England game was the exception, not the rule. Phins fans know the team rarely wins that type of game.

The Dolphins finish 8-8, exactly one game better than last season. 2-4 in AFC East, including two ass whoopins by division’s worst to close the season.

Fans will want to see changes. You don’t get to pull this kind of stunt without blood being shed. Will Stephen Ross oblige?



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